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K&F-Concept 62

The best travel tripods

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When you purchase a camera, the next essential thing you buy to complement it should be a tripod. It is handy equipment that supplements your shooting and is perhaps the most beneficial tool in any photographer’s arsenal.

So it is necessary to think wisely before buying a tripod and look at the best travel tripods first. You should buy that tripod that suits your camera correctly. That is why, before making the purchase, look at the specifications carefully.

Now, if you are planning to travel, you cannot go with just any tripod. Every tripod is different and is built for a specific use. So what kind of tripod should you purchase for your travels becomes a difficult choice.

Different photographers have different needs, so they will look for specific travel tripods that will appeal to them and fulfill their needs.

For example, those who want to carry out a Mirrorless shoot looking for something portable yet inexpensive should go for a Manfrotto BeFree.

Thus, tripod selection becomes confusing, and you can easily make a wrong choice; therefore, we have made a list of 6 of the best traveling tripods, together with their specifications and what they do best!

Mark my words, you will find your perfect tripod on this list as there is a travel tripod out there that suits the needs of anyone and everyone.

Benro TSL08CN00 Slim Carbon-Fiber Tripod

When Benro announced its Slim TSL08CN00, I couldn’t be more excited because I knew it would turn out to be the best lightweight Carbon Fiber tripod in the market. As the name suggests, this kit has a slim profile shoulder, allowing the tripod legs to b0 folded more compactly.

It is ultra-light as it weighs 2.2 lbs. Only yet can it carry a maximum load of 8.8 lbs. They are making it ideal for both compact DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.


Let’s have a closer looks at what it offers:


The Slim tripod by Benro features legs that have been made with anodized aluminum twist locks, which require only half a turn to unlock and lock and are also very fast.

It also sports a grooved center column, which prevents twisting and reverses it to capture low angled ground shots.

A weight hook is located right underneath the center column, enabling it to be used in windy conditions.

Then this tripod also features rubber feet fixed and comprises a lightweight magnesium shoulder having three leg positions. The good news is that each leg can be placed individually to provide support on uneven terrain.

The staying level has been made easier due to included bubble levels on the quick release clamp and the tripod shoulder.

Benro-TSL08CN00 head

While it weighs only 1.01 kg, it has a maximum capacity of carrying 4 kg. It is so compact that this beauty with a Maximum Height of 57.6 in/146.3 cm can be folded to get a Minimum Height of 15.7 in/40 cm.

It also consists of an efficient Twist leg lock mechanism, which makes it even more travel-friendly

The best thing about Benro Slim is that it is straightforward to use. You can set it up with all its three legs extended with the camera ready on top within 30 seconds.

Not only is it quick to set up and use, but it is equally functional. The camera feels secure and stable, even when the settings are uneven. So basically, now you can even set up your camera on this tripod in a creek bed.

Not only is it light, but it is also rigid and sturdy. The manufacturers have not compromised quality for portability; that is why the joints on the three legs are robust and can last longer.

You will be able to get this tripod by Benro into any angle you want, and there will be no shot that you can’t capture.

Everything becomes possible with this exceptional piece of equipment. It opens up new vistas and horizons for you, and now you will no longer hate carrying it with you. You wouldn’t even feel the difference in your baggage.

What makes this Benro special is its size and weight. They add versatility to it as lightweight and compactness enables you to carry it with you everywhere. It can fit in any bag, be it a backpack or even your camera bag if it is deep enough.

The best things about it:

  • The Slim profile shoulder allows tripod legs to be folded more compactly.
  • It comes with Anodized aluminum twist locks, which just require a quick turn halfway to lock and unlock.
  • It features a quick-release plate made of anodized aluminum and is Arca-Swiss style.
  • The lightweight magnesium shoulder
  • Three leg positions
  • Single action ball head which can be removed
  • Easy to operate
  • Panoramic scale.

Who should go for the Benro TSL08CN00 Slim Carbon-Fiber Tripod?

For all those who are averse to using tripods just because they don’t want to be weighed down, Benro TSL08CN00 <-Affiliate Link 🙂 a tripod will change their minds for all those who want a branded tripod with impeccable quality and design, which is priced reasonably.

Summing it up, you can carry this tripod anywhere you go and won’t feel its weight. It is lighter than a bag of groceries and is excellent for traveling. That is why I ensured that you get to know about it.

It is so compact that there is always room for it. I believe that this tripod by Benro will soon become very famous as its features justify it.

One word that describes this tripod is Perfect as this small and lightweight tripod has is built with quality that is sure to last.

ZoMei Z818 65 Inch Heavy Duty Tripod

Do you want to know why this fantastic tripod is a screaming deal? Well, let me tell you, it is one of the most affordable tripods with loads of features and a robust built.

You will not find any other travel tripods with these many useful features at the same price. Therefore, its features justify it to be the most popular and sought-after tripod in the market.


Let’s have a closer looks at what it offers:


When you look at this beauty, all that you can see is an array of features. From flexibility to convenience, it has it all. It sports a three-leg angle position, enabling it to be used anywhere, even on irregular surface areas.

Then it also boasts a Column hook, which has been added to provide maximum stability. Secondly, it is also easy to adjust, as it has a separate head and pan lock.

The best thing about this beauty is that multifunctional. It is a 2-in-1 tripod that can be turned into a monopod, thus making it more appealing.

It has been specifically designed for the digital photographer and is perfect for both professionals and beginners alike. It is compatible with most camera types, whether heavy or light, or any brand, including Nikon, Canon, and Sony.

Other supplementary features include a ball head, which can come off the tripod and is adjustable, thus enabling it to fit your camera.

It also comes with a quick-release plate, which is there to ensure that no time is wasted and no fumbling occurs when trying to release your camera from the tripod.

Moreover, its built-in level, a type of bubble level, lets you set the tripod and help you to adjust the legs to reach the top level.

You will also find an extra center column included, which can be used as a tool to make further adjustments. It also comes with a carrying case which keeps it safe from moisture and protects it from damage.

Additionally, it is designed so that it can provide maximum convenience and ease of use to photographers. It is easy set-up, but it also allows for easy adjustment, specifically the legs, a beneficial beginner’s.

It’s sturdy enough to support even large cameras, which are usually used for outdoor photography. With its lightweight and space-saving construction, it is easier to carry around and use outdoors.

ZoMei-Z818 65 Inch

It is made of durable and top-quality materials that last longer and make it sturdy enough to carry even heavy cameras. The magnesium and aluminum alloy used to construct it also gives it anti-corrosion features.

It has a sleek and stylish appearance and is also light and easy to carry, making it ideal for outdoor photography. Its compact construction allows 180° fold, helping space-saving and providing maximum portability, making it perfect for traveling.

Lastly, it comes at a very reasonable price. Therefore there is no reason why you shouldn’t add this tripod to your photography kit.

The best things about it:

  • Cheaper than the rest of the similar tripods in the market
  • It is very reliable
  • Can convert in a monopod
  • Space saver and very convenient to carry around
  • Tough and durable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to setup
  • Easy to remove the camera

Who should go for the Zomei Z818?

Those photographers looking for a fantastic tripod at a reasonable and affordable price should give ZoMei Z818 <-Affiliate Link 🙂 a chance! It gets the award for the best budget tripod for traveling amongst other competitors in the market.

And it is also for those people for whom the functionality is a top priority. So if you are looking at both the price tag and quality, this tripod is for you!

Long story short, it is one of the best travel tripods I have come across, and that is why it is on my list. It deserves to be in your collection as well as it has all the merits.

The most alluring factor that made me include it here is that it provides value for every cent invested.

Those searching for a budget-friendly tripod for traveling should consider the Zomei Z818, and I am sure that it won’t disappoint.

You will not regret your purchase of this tripod, as it will take your photography adventures to a whole new level!

Manfrotto Befree Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod

If you’re looking for a modern tripod that is docent sacrifices its durability for portability, then this tripod is for you. It’s reliable but has a spectacular design and building, making it capable of shooting in any condition.

Not only is it great for wilderness backpacking, but it is equally suitable for demanding professional shoots.

It comes with premium design and graphics, which are eye-catching and appealing. Thus, I recommend it to those who want a great-looking but superbly designed photographic tool with excellent functionality!

Manfrotto Befree Carbon Fiber Tripod

Let’s have a closer looks at what it offers:


From its functionality to its price, everything is on point. Just look at its weight of 1.1kg. It’s scarcely believable. This 40cm of packed beauty is impressive, not only because of its design but also its durability.

The carbon fiber in it has revolutionized the world of travel tripods and has made travel tripods more lightweight than ever before.

The Manfrotto Befree tripod is a very clear-cut travel tripod that is no0 very easy to use. Not overly complex processes like most competitors in the market.

Using rather than twist locks that other tripods use, together with the weight of only 1.1kg and length of 40cm, the Manfrotto BeFree is undoubtedly one of the smallest and lightest travel tripods you will find all around the globe.

The Manfrotto has a primary head with just one adjustment knob without a panning release or a friction damper. There are also no spirit levels or retractable spikes, and it also has only two lockable leg angles to select from.

This basic design is outstanding; it makes it easy to set, use, carry, and fold back, perfect for travel without hassle. It lets you capture without wasting too much time and energy.

Manfrotto-Befree Carbon Fiber

It sports brand new, innovative, and beneficial carbon fiber legs, making it more rigid and transportable than any other tripod and reduces its weight by 20% compared to the aluminum version.

It also boasts a unique mechanism and even a quick release adapter, leading to its foldable legs getting paced very tightly, resulting in a folded length of only 40 cm. It also comes with a personal padded bag to carry it in so that you can carry it comfortably everywhere.

The extra padding also protects your luggage from any accidental damage.

The BeFree is exceptionally light because it is made of carbon fiber, so ultralight photographers can use this model to fulfill their shooting needs without carrying baggage. This feature makes it ideal, especially for mirrorless shooters who want less on their backs when traveling.

This tripod is excellent for visiting videographers because it can be turned into a fantastic travel video tripod through a particular video head that can be purchased separately.

Therefore, if you have the video head, this tripod can become multifunctional, useful, and practical in your next videography adventure!

Summing it up, the Befree series’s new entry has taken the Befree range to the next level.

Now professionals and advanced photographers will be able to use this newly innovated beauty in their travels, making their trips more exotics and fill them up with their passion for photography.

This Manfrotto has changed the travel photography game by making tripods more portable, compact, and lighter than ever.

Not only has it become easier to set it, but the usage has also become surprisingly stable; thus, now you can capture stunningly precise images without a hitch or a fumble!

The best things about it:

  • Quick and easy to set up and use
  • Small in size and portable
  • Lightweight
  • Not overly complex
  • Stable

Who should go for the Manfrotto BeFree?

For those photographers who are looking for a lightweight travel tripod but don’t want to sacrifice a lot of stability along with a reasonable price tag, then the Manfrotto BeFree Travel Tripod <-Affiliate Link 🙂 is for them!

If you want a tripod that you can carry in your backpack without breaking your back and is easy to pack and use, you should check it out.

It is also budget-friendly, so those of you who don’t want a dent in your pockets should go for it too. Lastly, it is for those who wish for a tripod that can last long and survive any weather and condition.

Summing it up, this tripod has been with me for years and is my go-to. It never ceases to amaze me, and I will gladly recommend it to everyone.

I have nothing to say about it and for this is the best of the best backpacking and travel tripods out in the market! Not only it deserved the spot on this list, but it also deserves a place in your adventures and your hearts!

SIRUI T-005X Ultralight Travel Tripod

This tripod by Sirui weighs only 1.8 pounds, which is less than even a quart of milk and 20% less than its competitors! Can you believe it?

It can also fold to 11.8 inches, which is under a foot length-wise. That is why this beauty is perfect for traveling. When this 11.8 inches of equipment is unfolded, it reaches an extended length of whopping 51.4 inches.

So there is always space for this tiny wonder in a backpack! It made my list because it has a lot to offer and beats its competition with its amazing features and affordable price!


Let’s have a closer looks at what it offers:


The T-005 sports a C-10 ball head with one knob for pan and tilt, enabling the photographer to do tasks like panoramic photography while the inclination is locked. It comprises a quick-to-mount and release plate, which is Arca-compatible.

It has a head mount thread, and two of its legs contain “leg-warmers,” also called foam grips, which provide a nice touch and good grip when using the tripod in cold weather.

Its legs can twist-lock into place and also comprise rubber feet, which gives it stability. It can angle its legs to 80, 52, and 23 degrees to deal with uneven ground.

Moreover, its body is made from aluminum with an anodized coating that protects it from dings and corrosion. The Aluminum alloy parts also have maximum strength as they are high-temperature forged.

It also comes with a Well-designed and padded carrying bag with a strap so that you can carry it quickly, and it remains protected in your luggage. The best thing about it, Tripod Kits, is that it can be converted into a monopod by raising the center column.

It is not only compact but also ultra-lightweight and stylish. Their appearance is classic, which makes them look like works of art themselves! The eight-layer carbon fiber not only makes it super lightweight but also gives it stability and minimizes vibration.

It also consists of three solid ratchet steps placed on the legs, which lead to flexible usage. It also comes with a Stabilizing carabineer.

Additionally, the SIRUI T-005X comes with a removable center column, letting you directly place the ball head onto the spider.

The center column’s attachment point is made of corrosion-resistant brass, which leads to a long life. Secondly, if you set the legs widest apart, you can get approximately 4.1″ close to the ground and carry out the low-angle shooting.

When you do this, the SIRUI T-005X <-Affiliate Link 🙂 converts into a table-top tripod.

It also features a twist-lock mechanism, which makes it easy to set up, and also, every leg contains an automatic leg-angle lock system, which gives it speed and convenience when folding down.

Precision manufacturing lets you use the tripod effortlessly and also leads to impressive stability.

SIRUI T 005X tripod

To end it up will say that this tripod-like all the SIRUI tripods also doesn’t compromise quality. All the features work perfectly well, giving you no reason to complain. It is one of the best releases of the year and a significant step forward in the world of travel tripods.

It will add colors to your photography with its compact yet excellent design built for your next traveling expedition.

The best things about it:

  • It comes with a removable Center Column to shoot at Low-Angles
  • It can be used on uneven terrain.
  • Extra compactness as Legs can fold up 180º
  • Speedy and convenient as every leg has a mechanism for the automatic leg-angle lock

Who should go for the SIRUI T-005X?

So Sirui is perfect for users looking for a lightweight tripod, especially for mirrorless shooting and placing compact cameras on it. It can even support DSLRs with huge lenses, as it is rated to handle a maximum of 8.8 pounds.

It provides a stable platform, which is the main objective and is ideal for camcorders and mirrorless cameras. This tripod kit by SIRUI is specially designed for those who want to conduct compact points and shoot digital photography.

I simply love this tripod and won’t hesitate to purchase it. Together with extraordinarily secure and safe support, the compact construction makes it one of the most popular tripods in the market. With the size of a water bottle, who wouldn’t want to carry it in their backpack?

It has made photography more comfortable than ever, as you will hardly notice it in your luggage. Thus, it will become your faithful companion in all your travels.

K&F Concept 62″

I tend not to write reviews on new brands, especially regarding my beloved camera equipment, but when I got this tripod to support my camera, I was astonished by its features.

The quality was top-notch, and it compelled me to add it to this list. I was amazed by its smoothness and functionality.

The appearance is also on point, and it is so light and compact that I carry it on all my journeys as it can fit almost anywhere!

K&F-Concept 62 tripod

Let’s have a closer looks at what it offers:


The K&F tripod comes with a ball head made from Die-casting metal, durable and rigid, and can be rotated 360 degrees, allowing for an enlarged view area via panoramic shoot.

It helps it last longer and enables it to be used in harsh weather.

The ball head is sturdy and quick, and convenient to use as it locks securely into place. It works well and includes a bubble level and a standard release plate, which is also very efficient.

The rest of the body is made from magnesium-aluminum alloy, which not only makes it rigid but allows it to be portable and foldable.

The materials used to construct it ensure that it remains lightweight at only 1.58 kilograms/3.48 pounds, inclusive of the ball head, and can be folded into a compact and portable tripod perfectly fit for traveling.

It sports a Locking knob mechanism and comes with a Hexagon-shaped transverse central column, moving from 0 to 180 degrees.

It is multifunctional as this tripod can easily be turned into a full-size monopod by combining the tripod legs and the removable center column using screws.

Moreover, this all-in-one tripod boasts a two sections center column. It also contains a pull-out type button made of plastic abrasion-resistant to protect it from damage.

It also features an Automatic stability suspension system. It comes with a sturdy and padded zip-up case that includes handles as well as a shoulder strap, allowing you to carry it in any way you like and protecting it from damage.

It has a very sturdy lock and can take the weight of the majority of the cameras. So it is compatible with many cameras.

K&F-Concept 62

This K&F tripod also can get very close to the ground so that you can conduct low-angle shots. It can also be inverted by using its center post, enabling you to place the camera right down on the ground and capture images at maximum closeness.

Furthermore, you can effectively conduct the lowest angle shooting, but macro shooting, along with exclusive photography, can be done using an inverted central axis.

Additionally, this tripod by K&F tripod has two unusual features that will appeal to any photographer. First, the boom and then the removable leg. Both of these features are very useful and are very cool to use.

You can easily detach the leg and use it as a monopod. Lastly, one of the most valuable features I came across was the boom. This feature was not only beneficial, but it was fun to use. It helped me shoot in a harsh and restricted spot where there was less space.

Instead of frustrating me out, this handy-dandy K&F tripod turned out to be a blessing in disguise. This time I just give a whirl to the 90-degree column trick, and the shoot went smoothly and perfectly.

So this tripod has it all. With its reasonable price and an array of features, it is the best thing you can get your hands on before your next traveling journey.

There is a reason it is on this list, and it will be the best thing you purchase this year!

The best things about it:

  • Protective carrying bag.
  • Solid construction made of metal.
  • Compact and portable design.
  • Easy and fun to use; 90-degree tilt feature
  • Great value for money.

Who should go for the K&F Concept 62″?

This tripod is for all those looking for a solid piece of equipment that is a portable tripod and works exceptionally well and at a reasonable price.

Those photographers who use tripods frequently and in harsh weather should buy it as it lasts long and is durable and robust.

Summing it up, within no time, this tripod has taken over my heart. I think this is close to getting a perfect tripod for my travel, and it might have ended up becoming my all-time favorite because it works just so unexpectedly well.

Professional camera tripod, filter, adapter ring, photography backpack, UP TO 55% OFF, Join K&F 8th Birthday Party!

All in all, I am so pleased that I feel confident in recommending it to everyone who has a passion for travel photography.


The new T-X Series of tripods created by SIRUI is the most compact and full-sized tripods specifically designed for travelers in mind, and the best of them all is SIRUI T-1004XL.

It is made precisely for more accessible storage and portability together with strong built to last long. So this tripod, which is the size of a 2L water bottle and weighs even less than that, will be an ideal companion for your photography travels.


Let’s have a closer look at what it offers:


Don’t let the small size fool you! This tiny equipment is potent because it can handle heavyweights! It boasts a uniquely designed mechanism that allows you to flip its legs up to 180 degrees.

This also enables the tripod to be folded into a significantly smaller packing than the market competitors.

Additionally, it has an advantage over other tripods because it lets you keep the ball head on the tripod, yet it will fit in its compact case.

Moreover, if you want to work in windy conditions, hang a heavy load on the spring-loaded hook, which is provided underneath the tripod. This gives additional stability to overcome its lightness.

Furthermore, you can even capture low and unusual angles. Just by removing the center column and replacing it with the shorter center column, which is included, and then adjusting the legs to get any of the 3 leg angle positions, you want you can shoot at any level you want.

You also have the option to shoot at ground level by inverting the center column and shooting from underneath the tripod.

It consists of an E-10 ball head that perfectly compliments the tripod and fits between the 180° legs. It also sports separate locks for both planning and ball movement.

It comes with a padded shoulder strap case that protects the tripod and its head from damage during transport and makes it easy to carry.

SIRUI T 1004XL head

It can take a maximum Load Capacity of 13.2 lbs, a whopping 5.99 kg, while its weight is not even half this amount.

It can reach an alarming Height of 58″/147.32 cm while it can be folded to give you a Folded Length of only 15.7″/39.88 cm so that it can easily fit in your suitcase and even your backpack.

So if you are a hiking or travel enthusiast, then you should give it a look. For me, this is one of the most useful aluminum tripods that I got the opportunity to use. I was at first doubtful whether this little tripod could hold a point steady.

But, after using it, I can say without a doubt that this tiny piece of equipment can do wonders, so don’t look at its size. I can surely say that Sirui has developed the best combination of portability and strength and created this T-004x.

The best things about it:

  • It’s tiny with minimum weight and folded size.
  • It has four-section legs which can be adjusted to three different angles,
  • The twist locks are easy and quick to use
  • It also has a reversible center column enabling you to set up macro photographs.

Who should go for the SIRUI T-1004XL?

The ideal photographer for this tripod by Sirui is someone who requires a lightweight travel tripod. But doesn’t want to compromise on quality. It is for someone who wants a sturdy tripod as they are frequent travelers who fly regularly and go on long hikes.

SIRUI T-1004 is a good option for those with rough usage who want to invest in something that can survive the abuse and harsh climate.

If you want something that can last both weddings, wildlife, portrait, and any other sessions, then this is for you. It is perfect for all situations as it provides maximum stability.

So this T-1004XL Aluminum Tripod by SIRUI with its amazing features from E-10 Ball Head to its reverse-folding legs, which allow it to fold down to 18.3 and a weight of only 2.9 lb. Along with a reversible center column for low-angle shooting and individually adjustable legs with a twist, locks are the travel tripod with the most features in the market.

You don’t want to miss this. That is why I have included it on my list to use the best equipment in the photography world.

So now it’s clear why you need the perfect travel tripod. Be it a weekend break or a foreign trip, and if you’re taking the camera, the tripod goes with it.

If you feel like you’d find useful a second opinion, please watch Ben Fewtrell’s video about travel tripods and his recommendations:

To capture the early sunrise or spectacular tourist point’s striking views, you need the reliable support a tripod provides.

You might wonder how some photographers can get a milky way in their picture or add such depth and dreaminess to a scenic view; well, the answer is that they make sure that they have the right tripods.


So, my friends, it is time you figure out your specifications and select a tripod accordingly.

This guide is for all those who are baffled by the numerous tripods available. It has it all.

Those are featuring ball heads, which offer quick adjustment and have a compact body to ensure that the least amount of space is taken from your luggage to carbon-fiber tripods that are lightweight and travel-friendly.

Make use of this list well, as it carries the best travel tripods you will find in the market, which are portable and provide more versatility and rigidity.

We hope this list is helpful and helps you pick the right tripods that fulfill your needs beautifully.

Have an excellent time on your next big shooting adventure with the perfect piece of equipment!

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