variable ND camera lens filter
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Digital camera lens filters explained

People who know about photography are well aware of the importance of camera lens filters in digital photography. There is…

action camera energy and adventure
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What is an action camera?

Action cameras look like regular cameras but unlike them, they shoot differently. They are not for capturing still subjects, rather…

Hammerhead flash
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Camera flash types

When shooting pictures, sometimes natural light is not enough. In which case we need to use an artificial light source…

Macro flash
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Macro flash systems – Why is the light important?

When it comes about macro photography, one very important thing beside camera and lens is the lighting unit. Taking a…

old camera
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Digital camera world – Tips on buying a digital camera

When it comes to digital cameras there are plenty of types for you to choose. We have compact cameras, which…

sirui t2205x
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Heavy duty camera tripod – gear you want to last

We do spend money anyway, so I am writing this hoping that everyone agrees with the fact that we want…

remote nikon
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Remote control for digital camera – Why is it important?

Just bought a camera, now what? The first impulse is to shoot everything – everywhere. The enthusiasm goes down day…

travel tripod
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Digital camera tripod – Why is it needed?

A tripod is used and needed to keep your camera still, your flash gun or other equipment motionless. When taking…

58mm macro reverse adapter ring
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Reverse ring macro photography – why this method?

Macro photography is fascinating, it is something that any photographer at least tried. From taking close up pictures with flowers,…