micro photography nerve cells
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What is micro photography about?

One of the photography styles that amazes is the micro photography, where you can appreciate details that you never thought…

soldiers silhouettes
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What is war photography?

War photography is all about photographing conflict in its reality. Not only does it cover arms and weaponry used and…

conceptual photography underwater portrait
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Conceptual and fine art photography

Since the invention of cameras, photographers have explored many genres. But the genre that relates close to art is conceptual…

aerial photo football ground
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What is aerial photography?

You might be familiar with all sorts of photography taken with regular cameras. You come across these photographs all the…

old man carrying two women in a vintage wheel chair
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What is photojournalism photography?

Photojournalism plays a significant role in media and news. The importance of photojournalists is unquestionable in this world where news…

documentary photography fishing
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Guide about documentary photography – mastering documentary photography

In this guide about documentary photography, I have proposed to describe as clear as possible what is it, how to…

working woman street photo
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About street photography

The essence of street photography is photography of humanity in its natural pose. A street photograph works on being real…

Travel photography
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What is travel photography?

Travel photography is a genre of photography which is the source of images used in the $1 trillion tourism industry….

Night shadow
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Night photography tips and camera settings

Night photography is a genre of photography that requires a lot of skills and patience. It can be exceptionally frustrating…

still life
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What is still life photography?

Still life photography like a genre of photography, is an art in itself. It is mostly used for depicting inanimate…