underwater photography
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What is underwater photography?

Discover the wonders of Underwater Photography I am fortunate enough to pursue my two passions together: scuba diving and photography…

beautiful bride
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Wedding photography tips

Wedding photography – Tips for candid photographers Are you a rookie wedding photographer? Do you want to take nicer photos?…

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Newborn photography

Newborn photography comes with many challenges, let’s see why… As we all know that photographing a newborn could be tough…

chicken dinner
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Food photography tips

Food photography tips from expert photographers Have you ever tried shooting your favorite dish or salad or even ice cream?…

wedding portrait
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Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography Is A Genre of Photography That Demands Attention Fashion photography is somewhat critical but it is still in…

Metropolitan Cathedral of Christ the King Liverpool
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Architecture photography

Architecture photography Architectural photography is gaining prominence all across the world. Our image-obsessed culture has made us devour an expansive…

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Candid photography meaning – about candid photography

Candid photography meaning – about candid photography According to experts, a candid photograph is captured without creating a posed appearance….

Girl portrait
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What about portrait shooting?

What about portrait shooting? As a photographer I am mostly passionate about landscape and macro photography. Nothing wrong with that,…

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About landscape photography – good to know

About landscape photography – good to know I feel the need to start this topic with an explanation about the…

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Photography types

Photography types It starts simple, you buy a camera and start taking pictures: scenery, people, animals, insects, nature etc… There…