Samyang lens review – Samyang 85mm f 1.4

samyang lens overview

Samyang lens review – Samyang 85mm f 1.4

Looking on what the lens world have to offer recently, I came on the great Samyang 85 mm f 1.4

This is a good speed portrait lens for Canon, Nikon, Pentax and Sony, both APS-C DSLRs and Samsung NX compact cameras. Samyang 85 mm f 1.4 is a manual focus lens built of 9 lenses arranged in 7 groups, with anti-reflexive UMC coatings multi-layered to help preventing ghosting and flare.

Product overview

samyang lens


ProductSamyang AE 85 mm F 1.4

My rating: 4 out of 5



With a length measuring 8 cm and weight about 500 g, is not so ballanced when using on a smaller APS-C body – it’s a better match for a professional full-frame camera.

Despite Samyang being a newcomer to the lens market, the build quality is really good. It feels solid in your hand, even if the outer barrel and the filter thread are made of plastic – but it is a very good quality one.

samyang lens view

The ring for focusing is generously wide and has a rubberized, ridged grip band. As being a manual focus lens only, there’s a distance scale that goes from the minimal distance of 1 m to infinity, with no depth of field scale. With a definite clicking action, at the base of the lens you will find an aperture ring which is adjustable in 1 stop (1 EV)

Samyang 85 mm f 1.4 provides a good level of resistance to chromatic aberration, being truly constant across the range of apertures.

The f/1.4 aperture allows a large amount of light in, and its focal length is great for capturing not distorted facial features. The internal focusing system provides soft, easy manual focusing and the iris diaphragm design helps to generate excellent bokeh, which is the aesthetic quality of the blur generated in the out-of-focus sections of a picture.

samyang lens connection

This lens shows no distortion. Illumination is great even from corner to corner at f2 and smaller apertures. But at f/1.4 we found some dimming at the edges (-1 EV) and at the corners (-1.5 EV). This is not a big issue as it can be solved with image processing software.

The quality in center of the image is a little soft and exhibits some fringing with the aperture wide open. However improves a good deal at f4 and at f8 it looks very crisp. Meantime within the corners, the standard appearance is nice even with the aperture wide open, though surprisingly chromatic aberrations become a lot more visible when the aperture closes.

Product specifications

Model – AE 85 mm f/1.4 Aspherical IF

Lens style – Telephoto

Focal length – 85 mm

Maximum aperture – f/1.4

Angle of view – 28.3

Minimum focusing distance – 1 m

Minimum aperture – 22

Number of diaphragm blades – 8

Auto focus type – MF

Lens Construction – 9 elements / 7 groups / 1 aspherical lens

Filter diameter – 72 mm

Dimensions – 78 x 72.2 mm

Weight ~ 516 g

What’s in the box

  1. Samyang AE Aspherical Lens Ultra Multi-Coating 85 mm F 1.4
  2. Front Lens Cap
  3. Rear Lens Cap
  4. Lens Hood
  5. Soft Lens Case


Not the best out there, but for the price this is one of the best choices – if you are looking for a 85 mm lens. For a very strong built and great image quality, this can be your next trusted companion in your photography journey for less than £250 on eBay.

This is something I recommend, always keeping in mind the price-quality ratio.

I hope you found this general description satisfactory, and please ask in the comments section below if you want more details. Also, please ask if you want a specific product review, and it will be done in few days.

Thank you for reading to the end!

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