Portrait retouching black and white

Photo Editing and Retouching Services – Free Sample

I have been providing Photo Editing and Retouching Services since 2015 when I seriously started with photo manipulation. After completing several Photoshop courses, I started perfecting my techniques through hard work over the years.

I am based in Liverpool UK, a real person you can talk to via email or phone and I aim to get most photo editing jobs back to you within 48 hours.

Photo Editing and Retouching Services

I am providing the following four Professional Services:

Portrait Retouching

We can make the edited image look close to natural, or we can cross the line and get aggressive with this retouching service. It is all about your needs, and we are here to satisfy everyone.

Nice girl enhanced photo

Background Removal

We can remove that unwanted noisy background to showcase your product perfectly.

Digital camera with background removed

Item Removal

Removing one or more items from an image can be easy enough, or it can take work hours.
For this service, we can give you a price after we see what the requirements are.
Here’s an example of an easy job – having a lamp removed:

Lamp removed photo edit

Image Enhancement

This service is for all categories of images. Be it portraits, landscapes, real estate, etc… All photos can look better, or much better in case your pics don’t look professional.

We can do that!

House image enhancement

Block of flats enhanced pic

Street view in the evening retouched

Girl in red enhanced photo

We are offering a two-image free sample. Please upload them, and you’ll be getting the edited pics back ASAP to the email address used below.

If you like our work, please contact us to discuss further.

How much can you expect to pay?

Referring to portrait retouching and image enhancements, my price is:

  • For less than 50 pics is £2.5/image
  • Between 50 – 100 pics is £2.3/image
  • 100 and up it will be £2/image
  • For more than 150 pics we can negotiate 🙂

Regarding background removal:

  • Easy –  like in the upper example £3/image
  • Hard – people, motorcycles, etc… £10/image

I need to see the images I need to work on for object removal before giving a price.

Thank you so much for considering working with us!

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