nikon coolpixb500
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Nikon COOLPIX B500 Review

If you want to become a professional photographer or you have already succeeded in becoming one, then you need Nikon…

Sony a9
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Sony Alpha 9 review

Sony took a single game-changing leap and revolutionized the world of image sensors and high-speed processors by launching α9. The…

Manfrotto PIXI EVO 2 attached camera
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The best tabletop tripods

Tabletop photography is one of the most interesting genres of photography. It is can be conducted all year long unlike…

still life
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What is still life photography?

Still life photography like a genre of photography, is an art in itself. It is mostly used for depicting inanimate…

close up insect head
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Macro photography

This genre of photography has become a very broad form of art. This is due to new innovations in technology….

girl in action
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Motion Photography

All photographs capture a small slice of life, but it is motion photography that immortalizes it. It adds hues of…

Black and white portrait
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Black And White Photography

Black and white photography has its own appeal. If you haven’t tried it, you may wonder why not use colors,…

leopard portrait
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Wildlife photography

This genre of photography is all about documenting the plethora of wildlife within its natural habitat. Wildlife photography not only…

Sony a7III
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Sony Alpha A7 III review

When I used Sony’s Alpha A7 III camera, I was thrilled by its fantastic combination of a compact body and…

Sony a7 view
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Sony Alpha A7 review

The Sony Alpha A7 has it all. It is an amalgamation of features that make it an excellent camera. The…