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ZOMEI Q222 tripod overview

The best cheap travel tripods

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Traveling is the best way to explore the world, while photography is the best way to capture it forever. But traveling can be expensive, and then an added cost will be of your camera gear. You cannot even leave the equipment behind because you don’t want to lose incredible photo opportunities.

Backpacking with only a camera and no tripod is not such a good idea as it is like donning a great pair of hiking boots without comfortable socks. That is why you must find yourself a tripod that ensures that you can capture whatever you want and whenever you want with stability and without bankrupting you.

The best cheap travel tripods

This is where we have come to help you. We have highlighted the best tripods that are not only travel-friendly but also budget-friendly. They are small, compact, and lightweight to fit in your backpack and also cost very less. This way, you can carry them around everywhere without weighing you or your pocket down.

Here are our best cheap travel tripods that ensure quality with affordability!


A mid-professional grade tripod designed to be compact, lightweight, and portable at a reasonable price.

Product Specification:

  • Model: B690A
  • Material: Aluminum Alloy
  • Head Type: 360 degrees Ball Head
  • Maximum height: 53.5″ / 136cm
  • Minimum Height: 20.5″ / 51cm
  • Folded Length: 14.5″ / 37cm
  • Leg Sections: 4
  • Standard National Screw: 1/4″
  • Tripod Net Weight: 1.18kg / 2.6lbs
  • Loading capacity: 8kg / 17.6lbs

Product overview:

This BONFOTO tripod <- Affiliate Link 🙂 is a heavy-duty one that is constructed to feel light. It comes in a secure nylon canvas bag and a folded compact size of 14.5” to make it convenient to carry. It is made from a lightweight yet durable aluminum alloy to make it rough and tough within a weight of only 3 lbs.

BONFOTO B690A tripod view

It has four separate telescoping sections in each leg with snap locks to make them easier to fold and unfold. There is a 6” neoprene foam handle grip on top of one of the legs. Moreover, there are three different locking angles, and every leg can be adjusted independently. But the leg joints are made of plastic and do not have removable caps.

The ball head mount, this tripod, sports a pre-fitted with a ball head mount, protected with a velvet drawstring bag. There is a mount on this ball head where the camera is attached via a screw-down plate.

This quick-release plate is a 1-3/4” square with a standard ¼” screw for secure attachment of the camera or other accessories. Then below this plate, there are two knobs; the larger one is for ball locking, which sets the camera’s angle and pitch, while the smaller one is panning lock for camera rotation.

There are markers with ticks of 10 degrees at the bottom edge of the ball head. And the ball head’s panning motion is also very smooth, allowing users to create cinematic pans and capture panorama photos. The only drawback of this ball head is that it is a bit weak.

Next, this tripod has a center column that can be reversed to make a macro and ground-level photography possible. This tripod also has considerable height because it can “fully” open to 41 inches without the center column and a maximum extended height of 53.5 inches with the center column. It also features a retractable counterweight hook on its underside to give it stability, thus preventing it from tipping over. Lastly, it friendly on your pockets as well. It costs way less than other tripods in the market.


  • Lightweight
  • Built-in monopod
  • Hook for weight gives extra stability.
  • The compact size of 14.5
  • Quick-release locks
  • Double center column for extra height


  • No removable caps on the feet
  • Plastic leg joints
  • The ball head is weak.

2. ZOMEI Q222

An excellent value tripod with loads of features such as durability, stability, and lightweight, for a budget-friendly traveling expedition.

Product specifications:

  • Material: Aluminum alloy tube + ABS environmental plastic
  • Max Tube Diameter: 25mm / 0.8in
  • Head Type: 3-way Pan Head
  • Folded Length: 47cm / 18.5in(with pan head)
  • Max Working Height: 143cm / 56.3inch
  • Leg Sections: 4 sections
  • Load Capacity: 5kg / 11.02Lb:
  • Tripod Mode: 4
  • Monopod Mode: 6

Product overview:

Q222 tripod <- Affiliate Link 🙂 is one of the best models produced by the Zomei brand. Not only does it performs well, but the quality of this Aluminum tripod also outclass. It is made of sturdy aluminum and plastic, which gives it durability. Thus, you can take it for travel shooting without any worries.

ZOMEI Q222 tripod overview

Moreover, it is lightweight, which also makes it tripod easy to carry. Then the legs can be folded smoothly as well so that you can easily switch them, which helps a lot during travel.

Coming on to the pan head, this Zomei Q222 has a 3-way pan head with Tilt & Swivel Motion. It provides a 360-degree rotation panorama, thus giving you multi-angle shooting. It also has built-in bubble view levels.

It has a Quick-Release Plate with a standard 1/4” screw mount, making it compatible for all, be it digital cameras, lenses, majority of camcorders, binocular, GoPro devices, and even telescopes. But a lacking of this tripod is that the neck sways a bit in the wind.

It is also very versatile as it is a 2 in 1 camera tripod. BY just screwing the knob and pulling out the center column, it can be turned into a monopod. Moreover, it has a considerable height, which ranges from 17.32 inches to 56.3 inches.

Coming on to the legs, this tripod has with the four-section lever-lock legs that feature three flip-up locks and have healthy rubber feet. These legs ensure stability on different surfaces and make this tripod capable of withstanding a Load Capacity of 11.02 lb.

The only drawback is that it can sometimes be challenging to set up. It also has foam grips on the base, along with a center column hook for extra weight for additional stabilization. If you see the bottom hook, it designs like you can hang any heavy DSLR or stabilizer because it is strong enough to handle it.


  • Lightweight and compact size
  • Legs are strong
  • Quick-lock and release
  • The ball head is firm and robust.
  • The knobs are easy to use
  • Inbuilt monopod
  • Sturdy


  • The neck sways a bit in the wind.
  • Difficult to set up

3. ZOMEi Q666

A tripod with lightweight, stable, and durable construction along with perfect stabilization to make your trips extraordinary within the budget!

Product specifications:

  • Maximum Load: 26.5lbs
  • Maximum height: 62 inches
  • Minimum Height: 14.5 inches
  • Leg Sections: 3
  • Material: Aluminum
  • QR Plate Supplied: Yes
  • Weight: 4lbs

Product overview:

Zomei Q666 Tripod <- Affiliate Link 🙂 is impeccable in terms of both design and performance. The sturdy aluminum-magnesium alloy leg tube reflects the top-notch quality and makes it lightweight with a weight of 4 pounds. Not only does the material makes it light, but it also provides it with high strength, making it virtually impervious to corrosion and give it a load capacity of 26.5 pounds. Its nonmetallic parts are durable as well because they are well-made too.

ZOMEi Q666 tripod

Be it twist-lock rings, ball and socket head, or legs, everything operates smoothly and deliver lasting performance. Additionally, it is placed in a sturdy package to keep it safe and included with a carrying case to make transport convenient and a high-quality “silk-like” bag to protect the ball head.

It has legs that have rubber at the bottom to give it more stability and provide it with a solid footing on any kind of floor. They are thick as well to give just the right grip. The legs also have three hinges made of environmental protection plastic. Two legs also have foam handles.

Moreover, each leg’s twist locking mechanism is also fascinating, but it does take more time than clips. Then the five sections provide super-precise management.

Moving on from physical attributes, this ZOMEi has also got the height. Its maximum height is 61 inches when fully extended, and this is quite useful. Then Zomei was created with not just durability in mind but also with precision. Everything works perfectly from reversible legs that can be folded back, making it compact to transformation to a monopod.

By just unscrewing the tripod head and unscrewing one of the tripod legs, and combining them, they can make a very capable monopod within seconds.

Then this Zomei also has impressive functionality as its ball head performs excellently and is very precise. The shifting is also buttery smooth, thus perfectly matching with the socket head given. Moreover, this tripod also has a fine-tuning adjustment for the height, which can be done by utilizing the two sections on the upper tube or the neck.

Then the quick-release plate also mounts in securely, and there is a hook underneath the upper tube for placement of extra weight for additional stability. This makes it perfect for more massive camera mainly used in action photography

Then it also has other various features such as knobs for adjustment purposes such as for locking and unlocking the movement of ball and socket, for allowing panning motion with the ball locked down, for adjusting the tension of the ball and socket movement, etc. the only lacking is that these knobs are a bit flimsy.

All in all, this Zomei Q666 is a versatile and robust enough for a piece for everyone.


  • Legs are firm
  • The ball head is firm.
  • The knobs are easy to use
  • Built-in monopod
  • Sturdy and Durable
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-lock and release


  • Knobs bit flimsy
  • The twist locks on the legs take a lot longer than the clips.

4. MACTREM 62.5″

An ideal travel-friendly tripod that gets the job done by being a perfect companion for all sorts of cameras, be it a full-size DSLRs or smaller ones.

Product specifications:

  • Tripod head: Ball shaped
  • Material: Magnesium Alloy
  • Tripod Head Type: Ball Head
  • Leg Sections: 4
  • Max height: 162 cm
  • Minimum Height: 55 cm
  • Max Load: 10-15kg
  • Folded Length: 43 cm

Product overview:

A very professional Tripod <- Affiliate Link 🙂 with the Highest-Quality Ball Head and a Stronger Corrosion and Wear Resistance body so that it can survive bad weather. The ball head it features is also easy to set and locks down tight. Two exclusive knobs lead to quick adjustments for safer placement of the camera so that it doesn’t accidentally knockdown from the central column. The corrosion resistance and wear resistance, the tripod is.

MACTREM 62.5 tripod

Its body also features sand prevention and is super lightweight yet sturdy, making it perfect for travel. As it weighs only 2.9lbs, it can be carried anywhere. It can carry up to 33 pounds but is not suitable for heavier DSLRs.

Other aspects of this tripod also reflect durability even though the legs feel flimsy. This tripod has four sections and three quick-release locks. Moreover, its height can also be adjusted can be adjusted from 21.5 inched To 62.5 inches. Another perk is that it can be folded easily into a 16.9-inch package so that you can carry it conveniently.

For travel purposes, there is also a carrying bag included.

It can also be converted into a monopod or Alpenstock with Soft Foam Grip by detaching it, making it perfect for macro and ground-level photography. Then, an Extra Phone Mount and regular quick release plate provide it with more extensive compatibility and versatility.

Thus, it can be used with various equipment such as DSLR camera, digital card camera, micro-single camera, contour camera, GoPro sports camera, etc.

Another amazing feature is 360̊ Horizontal Panorama rotation, which creates professional shots and amazing panorama very easily. This leads to accurate realizing of precise image alignment, thus allowing users to get perfect shots. Last but not least, its design allows it to be moved freely anywhere.

This perfectly aligns it with all the requirements of a perfect angle so that your camera can take all sorts of destined photos beautifully.


  • Firm legs
  • The ball head is of excellent quality
  • Knobs are user-friendly
  • Can transform into a monopod
  • Very Durable
  • 360° panorama photography


  • Not for heavy camera
  • Legs feel flimsy

5. Sirui T-005X

A tripod for both beginners and professionals alike who are looking for something that can handle serious usage but at a reasonable price

Product specifications:

  • Head Type: Ball Head
  • Load Capacity: 11 lb. / 4.99 kg
  • Maximum Working Height: 53.8″ / 136.7 cm
  • Minimum Working Height: 3.1″ / 7.9 cm
  • Folded Length: 12.2″ / 30.99 cm
  • Materials: Aluminum Alloy
  • Weight: 2 lb. / 0.9 kg
  • Leg Lock Type: Twist Lock
  • Leg Diameter: 0.87″ / 22.10 mm
  • Bubble Level: Yes
  • Feet Features: Rubber
  • Center Column Features: Removable

Product overview:

The T-005X tripod <- Affiliate Link 🙂 costs less than its counterparts but is no less in quality. With a sturdy aluminum alloy construction, it is quite durable and stables. It can support an Arca Swiss compatible C-10X ball head, which mounts your camera securely.

Sirui T-005X tripod

The best thing about Sirui T-005X is that it makes a great travel companion, especially on longer hiking trips, as its build quality is designed to last through harsh weather.

Next, its center column can be removed to reduce height while a hook is placed for extra weights for additional stability that comes in handy during windy conditions. The finishing and look of this Sirui tripods are also nicely done, and it is made to look like high-end tripods.

It also feels and performs like one. It has a stable setup, which is easy to make or break, and its workings are too smooth. The legs lock done efficiently, and the knobs also work smoothly.

It’s both compact and light as it weighs only 1.76 lb. while it folds together to a size of only 11.80″. This makes the Sirui T-005X has on the most travel-friendly tripod as it becomes convenient to carry almost everywhere. Not only that, its minimum operating height of 4.13 inches, which is quite good, however, but the maximum working height is also quite short.

Summing it up, Sirui T-005X deserves a place on our list. It is a well-made piece of equipment that excels in every way. Sirui has successfully reduced both the size and weight while has kept up the quality. But like all travel tripods, it is recommended that it be used with smaller and more lightweight cameras.

Heavier cameras with bulky lens combinations will be too much for this Sirui T-005X, as it can support a maximum of 8.80 lbs.


  • Compact size
  • Quick-lock and release
  • The ball head is secure.
  • Firm legs
  • Intuitive setup
  • Inbuilt monopod
  • Durable


  • Not for heavier DSLRs
  • Low maximum height


This Manfrotto serves well as it adds so many features to your kit and does marvels to travel photography on a budget!

Product specifications:

  • Leg sections: 5 number
  • Material: aluminum legs and technopolymer
  • Maximum height: 61.02 in
  • Maximum height: (with center column down) 52.36 in
  • Minimum height: 17.32 in
  • Panoramic rotation: 360 degree
  • Plate type quick release: – with 1/4-20” screw
  • Safety payload: 3.31 lbs.
  • Weight: 2.56 lbs.

Product overview:

The Manfrotto 5-Section Compact Action Tripod <- Affiliate Link 🙂 has made its mark because it weighs less and comes with added features. With a robust aluminum body, sturdy legs, durable construction, and many features, it has become a part of our list.

mkcompactacn-bk tripod

It also has a considerable height range from 17.32-52.36, which can be extended even more to 61.02cm. Then it also features 360 rotation, which leads to incredible panoramas.

This tripod is also an ideal choice for owners of entry-level DSLRs who love to shoot loads of photos and movies outdoors. Its ergonomic joystick head with scroll-wheel locking mechanism makes it easy-to-use, and the comfortable grip allows smoother capturing.

It has an innovative circular quick release plate, which leads to effortless camera attachment within seconds by hands only without the need for tools.

Moving on, camera orientation will also never become an issue, thanks to its shape and perfect design. Users just have to close the lever that is placed above the joystick handle. It also features a Regulating Dial, together with the round quick release plate, to perfectly adjust every piece of equipment easily and enhance its stability.

Additionally, its photo-movie selector also results in maximum freedom in all circumstances. Users can switch to the desired mode within seconds and achieve smother movies and perfect shots anytime.

This Tripod is also designed to complement entry-level DSLRs perfectly with standard lenses, but the drawback here is that it cannot tolerate heavier equipment, which weighs more than 1.5kg / 3.3lbs. However, it is ideal for Compact System and Bridges Cameras. Then there is another lacking: if you are using a compact device with the tripod thread in an off-center position, then there are limitations on the closeness to the side of the camera the ¼” thread can be.

It should have a minimum distance of 13mm from your device’s lateral edge for excellent performance. All in all, it is perfect for a value tripod with max features and fantastic performance!


  • Lightweight
  • The ball head is of good quality.
  • Quick-lock and release
  • Very compact
  • Easy to set up
  • Secure locking mechanism


  • Cannot carry heavier cameras
  • Some limitations on the closeness of the ¼” thread

Our best cheap travel tripods conclusion

So this is our guide on not just selecting the right tripod but also a tripod that is best for travel as well as your pocket. The exact choice depends on your personal preference, but we assure you this list is comprehensive and contained a tripod for all uses.

They are our favorites because of a reason, and we assure you that they will become your favs too. Because all of them offer solid features with outstanding performance and the best part is they cost the least. Mark our words. They will outshine you on your photography journey!

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