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Sirui NT-1005X for low shooting

Sirui travel tripod review – SIRUI NT-1005X

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If you are looking for an all-around and compact tripod, you will be happy with this tripod by SIRUI. The NT-1005X offers a strong E-10 ball head and a removable monopod, and an extendable center column.

SIRUI NT-1005X has all the features that a photographer needs. It can be used anywhere, be it in a lively city, amongst the clouds, or in a new zone for exploring purposes. You can capture exciting landscapes or beautiful portraits with it.

It is so versatile that it can be used in a home studio and outside photography.

So this NT-1005X will be the right choice for all those photographers who want to invest in something flexible and durable.

Sirui NT-1005X tripod view


SIRUI NT-1005X Review

It is perfect for traveling as it can collapse to just 36cm and easily fit into any bag. It can also be used as a stand-alone monopod as one of its legs can be removed. This feature makes NT-1005X a multi-purpose 2-in-1 tripod. It has all the capabilities which ensure that its users are prepared for all types of situations.

To add to these features is the monopod’s ability to be extended to an incredible height of 153 cm by utilizing the center column. Despite its compactness, the makers have a hot compromised working height, which is a whopping 148.3 cm.

The NT-1005X tripod also boasts an amazingly durable extensible center column, which provides double extension and is the secret of its 31cm additional height.

Moreover, it can find low as to the ground and is perfect for those who prefer low down photography. The secret lies in the center column inserted upside down. So it is an all-in-one camera.

Sirui NT-1005X for low shooting


Let us look at the features of this tripod in detail so that you get to know each working of this sophisticated piece of equipment before you make the purchase.

Product Overview

It Comes with an E-10 panoramic head along with a TY-50E quick-release plate. The ball head can capture a breathtaking panorama as it has a base that can rotate by 360 degrees with a scale.

The head mount, which is Arca Swiss compatible, comes with a security pin. Therefore, it stops the TY-50E release plate from moving. The pin is a tricky mounting screw that is very secure. The quick-release plate is 50 x 39 mm, and the base is 43 mm.

Sirui NT-1005X provides a bubble level and a 90-degree facility for portrait modes, thus providing for ideal alignment. It Weighs only 280 g, and the Height is also only 88 mm.

It is extremely compact and lightweight, and easy to carry. It is very versatile because its collapsed height is only 36 cm, and it can be folded 180 degrees for packing purposes, making it perfect for normal use.

It suits every baggage size and is perfect for traveling, especially for long-distance transportation, as it’s collapsing mechanism is very swift. It can be used anywhere and for any purpose, as it is good for low and high shots. The extensible column can be reversed to enable shooting at ground level.

Double extension center column

The next best thing is its Double extension center column, which gives it additional height far more than its competitors of a whopping 154 cm. Then it also includes Sirui twist Ring locks, which have a rubber surface and provide security.


Sirui NT-1005X tripod

Moreover, it can be used as an integrated monopod, which is even more lightweight, making it multipurpose. The conversion can be done in no time and doesn’t require any tools. The monopod is fully-functional and also comes with a hand strap.

The leg angle locking mechanism is top-notch as the legs automatically lock, making these Sirui trips extremely durable and ideal for traveling. It hasn’t comprised of quality for compactness, and you will surely be impressed with its quality.

There is something extra about the Sirui tripod’s quality, which you wouldn’t find in other brands. The aluminum used to create it seems durable and sturdy, and the design is also classic. The fit and finish are also superior and are better than some of the long-established brands out in the market.

Suitable for heavy equipment

Sirui might be relatively new in the market, but it knows what its consumers want and has successfully provided it. The outlay is just on point, and you cannot go wrong. It is sturdy in its way and will last longer if you use it well.

I was extremely impressed with both its stability and flexibility. It is a safe tripod that can be used to shoot anything from macros to panoramas. It leaves nothing to be desired. This NT-1005X blasts a leg stop of 22°, 52°, or 86°, which makes it best in terms of versatility as it can meet the needs of every situation and occurrence.

Summing it up, I will recommend this tripod to all as I am thrilled with it. I seem to find nothing that displeases me as the shortcomings are minute. The price is also very reasonable, thus making the offer irresistible as the benefits outweigh the cost.

SIRUI NT-1005X specifications:

  • Tube ø: 13 – 25 mm.
  • Height: 26 – 148.3 cm.
  • Sections: 5.
  • Collapsed size: 36 cm.
  • Weight: 1.44 kg.
  • Maximum load: 8 kg.
  • Leg angles: 22°, 52°, 86°.
  • Material: aluminum.

What’s in the box?

  • SIRUI NT-1005X Tripod
  • SIRUI E-10 Ball Head
  • TY-50E Release Plate
  • Bag


Photo gear Sirui


  • It is extremely light and compact.
  • Multi-purpose as it has an Integrated monopod.
  • It can be efficiently converted.
  • Its legs can fold up by 180°
  • The leg angle-locking mechanism is great.
  • It has a Centre column, which can be extended by two sections.
  • Comes with a Reversible head-mounting screw.
  • It includes a Stabilizing hook.
  • Has foam leg wraps.
  • It includes Practical twist locks that provide secure support.


  • The locking mechanism doesn’t inspire confidence.
  • The spread seems very narrow at height.
  • It is not compatible with heavy lenses.


So if you want to make a great investment, <- Affiliate Link 🙂 then go for SIRUI NT-1005X. Trust Sirui, and it won’t disappoint you. It is a brand that you can trust as it put its consumers’ needs above all. You will find this tripod easy to use, and the instructions that come with it are also understandable.

Overall I found this tripod equipment worthy of being in my kit, and I haven’t parted with it since the purchase. I hope you find this review helpful, and that this tripod turns out to be a blessing for you as it did for me.

Have a great time on your photography journey, and don’t forget to make this tripod your traveling companion.

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