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Zomei Q555 review

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Zomei Q555 is more of a budget option that impressed me with its build quality and the sheer amount of functionality offered at such a low price.

It is a bargain for those with a limited amount to invest but need all the features. It is a versatile tripod perfect for both entry-level and professional photographers.

This tripod will be perfect for you if you want a lightweight and practical within a small budget. Its small dimensions make it easy to store and make it an ideal tripod for traveling purposes.

You wouldn’t find any similar competing products in the market at such a low entry-level price point. I feel that the Q555 has become the head of the pack of leading tripods. It is being used by many photographers and videographers around the world, including YouTubers as well.

So, let us provide you with a full and in-depth overview of the features this Zomei Q555 beholds so that you can understand the reason being its popularity.

Zomei Q555 – product overview:

Let us begin with the body made of Anodized Aluminum Alloy, which makes it durable and robust. The quality of the material is top-notch and reflects class. It is built to last and designed to provide maximum stability. You can carry it anywhere as it comes with a comfy carrying bag with a strap.

Moreover, its performance is also on point as this Zomei Q555 <- Affiliate Link 🙂 comes with a ball head system instead of a flat head. The vast majority of photographers prefer the ball head with three lock knobs and a 360-degree panoramic panning dial.

Zomei Q555 head overview

The head is smooth and is perfect for panoramic photographs and pan-based footage. The third dial on the head is adjustable to change its resistance level when rotating and customizing it as per your requirements.

The head also includes various compass bearings marked clearly to be seen easily even in low light conditions. They are not blocked even when the camera is mounted onto the tripod.

Unlike other tripods in the market, the Q555 leg system is of excellent quality, usually only restricted to tripods in the higher price ranges. Each of its three legs contains a ratchet system to help the legs lock-in.

This leg ratchet system keeps the camera rig secure when mounted and enhances stability. The ratchets can be locked in at various positions enabling users to develop unique setups to meet their needs with ease according to their conditions.

Easy to setup

The ratchet also gives an audible click when operating; thus, users can quickly know that it is triggering and that the legs are firmly secure. This is a protective measure done before adding the camera rig to the tripod. The ratchet system includes a quick press release system, which allows quick and easy setup requiring minimal effort.

Zomei Q555 details overview

The feet of this tripod are also built with maximum functionality in mind. They are made of rubber with slight points on them. This design offers a non-slip solution, and the idea behind them is to make it compatible with indoor and outdoor shooting.

The legs provide flexibility and enable it to be used anywhere – be it cramped quarters, irregular surfaces, damp areas, or soft ground. One of our favorite features about the Q555 legs is how quickly they can be opened and folded.

Another fantastic feature is that it can be inserted easily by rotating the center column, capturing low-angle photographs. Moreover, it is hugely lightweight as it weighs only 2.9 lbs.

You can take it everywhere and store it anywhere as its legs can be folded back 180 degrees giving it a collapsed size of 17.5″. It can give you perfect coverage in all your events, be it wildlife journeys, weddings, sports activities, and much more.

It has a Quick Release Mounting Plate, making it very easy to attach and detach the camera within seconds. Additionally, the 4-Section Aluminum Alloy Tubes boast Quick Flip Locks, which makes gliding in and out access.

Good working height

Also, the height range it offers is entirely satisfactory, from 22.7″ to 62.5″. Thus, all these features have made Q555 a go-to tripod of choice for many famous professionals as they’re impressed by its optimal mix of functionality and reliability.

Zomei Q555 height options

So it’s not only the price, which is the selling point. Since its release, this tripod’s reputation has spread far and wide amongst the photography community due to its quality and plethora of features. The hype is truly justified.

And if there is one thing that can describe this tripod is excellent. Everything reflects the quality. Indeed, variety is the reason why more and more photographers are turning towards the Zomei range. Therefore, go for this tripod if you prefer quality above all and at a reasonable price.

Zomei ensures that its range remains affordable without compromising on features. So hats off to its manufacturers. You won’t get any other tripod with similar characteristics in this price range. Do opt for it and let me know your views.

Zomei Q555 Specs:

  • Model: Q555
  • Head Type: Ball Head 360 degree
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Max Height: 160cm / 62.5″
  • Leg Sections: 4
  • Min Height: 58cm /22.7″
  • Folded Length: 45cm / 17.5″
  • Standard National Screw: 1/4″
  • Ball Head Weight: 0.57lbs / 0.26kg
  • Tripod Net Weight: 2.9lbs / 1.32kg
  • Loading capacity: 17.6lbs / 8kg

What’s in the box?

  • Q555 tripod
  • quick release plate
  • ball head bag
  • carrying case
  • Allen key
  • One year warranty


Drone with 1080P camera and gps


  • It is extremely lightweight as it weighs only 2.9lbs
  • It is very portable and will be an ideal travel companion.
  • It can fit into any luggage or backpack as it has a compact size of 17.5″.
  • It is versatile as it can be used for all events.
  • The legs can be inverted and folded back 180 degrees.
  • It has a universal ball head, which includes three lock knobs.
  • It comes with a 360-degree panoramic panning dial, which leads to the perfect horizontal panoramic shooting.
  • The quick-release mounting plate leads to efficient attaching and detaching within seconds.
  • It sports 4-Section Legs, which have quick and efficient flip leg locks:
  • The 4-section aluminum alloy tubes have quick flip locks that easily glide in and out.
  • It offers a height from 22.7″ to 62.5.”
  • The legs are adjustable individually to 25o, 50o, and 80o.
  • The center column can be inverted to capture perfect low-angle shots.


  • The quick release isn’t adequate for a long lens.
  • The feel of the leg is flimsy.

Summing it up, I enjoyed working with this tripod s it left nothing to be desired. From perfect height to stability and durability, it provides it all. I would gladly recommend it to fellow photographers who wish to invest in something that works as well as last.

The manufacturers of Zomei did indeed put a lot of thought before creating this superb piece and put their users’ needs insight when designing it.

So go for this supportive equipment if you wish to have more stability in your photography adventures!

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