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Montjuic Barcelona

This was our second time when me and my wife went to Spain. It was a short few days trip to Barcelona, since my wife was putting pressure on me for a while to visit this great city. She was right, it is really a must visit location for everyone who’s enjoying traveling, architecture, good foods and amazing traditions.

In all may trips before September 2018, I used my previous camera Sony A6000 with Sony SEL 18200 E 18-200mm F3.5-6.3 OSS lens to take pictures. If you like the quality of the pictures shown below and want to find out more about these amazing photo gear, you can read the review I wrote for the camera here and for the lens here.

Okay … now let’s go back to the trip.

Tips for saving money

We booked plane tickets and accommodation few weeks before traveling to get the best price possible. Accommodation as usually with, but through a cashback site – like Bonusway – so we never spend too much in a trip for hotel and travel. These are only examples, you can choose what fits you best in your area. My point is that the difference from booking travel tickets and hotel few weeks before and booking them few days before or on location, can be over $100. Which I am sure you can spend on something else for your pleasure.

We also booked tickets for locations to visit online (in advance), so in this way you can reduce to the half your expenses for visiting the touristic attractions too. And for Barcelona, please believe me – it will save you a lot.

About driving in Barcelona, I will never advise to rent a car. The traffic is terrible so better just use the local transport by buying all day tickets or subscription for a few days.

About Barcelona

It is the capital of Catalonia and largest city in the area, as well as the second most populated city of Spain. With a population of over 1.6 million, has a Mediterranean port, is also hosting for Olympics, a multicultural meeting place and a culinary haven.

Barcelona is about all this and more. A unique inspiring destination for your senses, an eye-catching city with unique architectural views, a home for artists, musicians and fashion designers. It is very enjoyable to walk around its different neighborhoods, everyone of them offering a special taste that makes Barcelona a unique dish for the visitor.

Tourist attractions in Barcelona

There is an enormous number of attractions to visit in Barcelona. The most famous are:

The most visited monument of Barcelona – Sagrada Familia, which is the Gaudi‘s unachieved cathedral. Still under construction when we arrived at the location, and I suppose it will be for many more years. Here are some photos I’ve shot in that day:

sagrada familia

sagrada familia details

sagrada familia artistic

Another impressive Gaudi building at the Passeig de Gracia – La Pedrera. It is an unusual facade for this last civil work. Also named La Casa Mila, this amazing building does not have a single straight line, as the facade is designed in a way that makes it impossible to draw a vertical line from the ground to the roof.

La Pedrera Barcelona

A XIV century gothic church located at the seaside, which is ornate with the famous stained-glass windows – Santa Maria Del Mar

The Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona – It is a work by Richard Meier. It is dedicated to works from the second part of the 20th century and there are several works in the permanent collection and from time to time some interesting exhibitions.

The Picasso Museum – is the most visited museum in Barcelona, both for the artist work as well as for the architectural design

Las Ramblas and the Gothic Quarter – Las Ramblas was the place where flowers are sold and where locals from Barcelona used to meet. It is a great place to admire the street artists and to look at the alive statues. The Gothic Quarter is a place to walk around the streets near the Cathedral. There are lots of old antique dealers, feathers and umbrellas merchants. Lot of historical events took place there.

Barceloneta and Port Olimpic – It is the traditional area for fishermen and sailors. It is a passage before reaching to the beach with Mediterranean colors and restaurants with delicious foods.

Poble Espanyol – ​​an open-air village museum with buildings and crafts from all over the Spain

Poble Espanyol Barcelona

House view at Poble Espany

Church at Poble Espanyol

Parc de Montjuic – 590 feet high above sea level, it served as a defense hub in the past protecting the city against possible invasion. It is a place of rare beauty with plenty of things to do and places to visit – like museums, the  Miró FoundationOlympic Stadium and Montjuïc Palace.

Montjuic Palace Barcelona

Montjuic Barcelona

We were wondering on Barcelona streets for three amazing days, visiting as many attractions as we could and stopping each there for the delicious foods and drinks. It is really a great place to visit and we are thinking to give it a second try, just because three days are simply not enough for this one.

Want to visit Barcelona? Please plan at least a week as you’ll have plenty to do with your time.

I hope you enjoyed my general presentation and have now a better idea about what you can visit and what you can do in the great city of Barcelona. Please comment below if you have any questions or if you want to add something from your experiences.

Thanks for reading through the end about my visit in Barcelona!

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  1. Hello – loved the article, and loved the pictures. I was just in Barcelona last year and can appreciate everything you posted. It looks like you hit the top highlights and places to visit.
    Nice Job,

  2. I always dream about traveling to Barcelona and I hope I can visit in the near future. Obviously, the pictures indicate that it is a beautiful place. I’ll definitely have it at the top of my list for my next European trip. Where would you recommend I stay for a week?

  3. Great post on one of my favorite cities of all time! I’d have to say the I love visiting anything of Gaudí’s; such as La Sagrada Familia, and Casa Battló. There is something special about the city and the beach there that I just can’t get enough of! Thanks for the reminder!

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