Sirui tripod review – SIRUI T-2204X

Sirui T-2204X low level

A tripod is very useful to keep your digital camera sturdy, especially when taking long exposure or time laps shoots. It is very important how and where you want to use this, before to decide what product to buy.

If you only need one for indoor use, than a pretty cheap one who is capable to hold the weight of your camera, should do the job. But if you need one for outdoors where you may face windy weather or uneven ground, then you will need a strong and steady one.

Today I will write about a strong and sturdy product who can face both the weather interferences and uneven terrains. I hope you’ll enjoy my Sirui tripod review:

Sirui T-2204X


Product: SIRUI T-2204X

My rating: 5 out of 5







Product overview

SIRUI T-2204X with Bag – This travel tripod combines extremely low weight with a very compact design. It is easy to deal with in any situation and ensures your camera with a secure support. The legs can be folded up by 180° which means that the tripod goes to the height of just 41.5 cm when totally collapsed.

Sirui tripod low position


Legs are made of 4 sections with 3 sealed twist locks. The rubber feet ensure the tripod is sturdy on any surfaces. The stabilizer hook on the center column is a SIRUI standard same with the two cold weather grips and the carry bag. The bag strap can be used also as a tripod strap.

SIRUI T-2204X comes with a reversible 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch screw for easily adapting the tripod heads or cameras.

With a low weight of 1.26 kg it is a very easy tool to carry in the most difficult situations, like hiking mountains in which case any extra kilogram  means a lot. Light but strong, it can hold up to  15 kg

It can be extended to a height of  142.5 cm, which is more than enough in any situation.

Sirui tripod extended

Product full specifications

  • Minimum height: 41.5 cm
  • Maximum height: 142.5 cm
  • Maximum load: 15 kg
  • Legs sections: 8-layer carbon fiber in 4 sections
  • Legs tube diameter: 28 mm, 25 mm, 22 mm, 19 mm
  • Item dimensions: 10 cm x 10 cm x 42.2 cm
  • Length (closed): 42.2 cm
  • Weight: 1.26 kg
  • Boxed-product Weight: 2.2 Kg
  • Material: Carbon fiber
  • Head: Removable, not supplied. Locking screw for head, sealed twist locks for secure support, stabilizing hook and cold weather grips
  • Adapter: Reversible 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch screw for tripod heads or cameras
  • Box contents: Sirui T-2204X tripod carbon, short center column 9.5 cm and a transport case                                                                         

What is missing?

The only thing I would like for this tripod to have and is missing is the center axis inverted function so it can shoot much closer to the ground.

In the end…

It is a great asset for your digital camera, easy to carry everywhere, strong and steady with good ground stability. It is a product capable to endure most difficult weather conditions and to last in time, which is a must when investing in your gear.

I hope you found this Sirui tripod review enjoyable and if you need more details, I will gladly answer your questions in the comments bellow. Thanks for reading!


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  1. This one is about $410 and yes, you can use it with any camera. You may want to buy a head, which is not provided. The adapter is a reversible 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch screw

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