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walimex tripod

Lightweight camera tripod – Walimex WT-3530 review

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I was looking on eBay for a lightweight camera tripod to replace my damaged one. As I’m always looking for a reasonable price/quality ratio, I started my search with a low price slowly rising until I find quality. Like this, I discovered the Walimex WT-3530.

Due to my work line and the constant recordings I make, I need a good tripod for my camera, which is durable but not so expensive for my pocket. So after a lot of searching and compare several different models with each other, I found this one, which represents a good investment at a reasonable price for me.

Having a tripod you can trust, for professional photographers or amateurs who only have photography as a hobby, is essential. Also, at a price accessible to everyone and a good quality brand, it is the main thing, and the Walimex WT-3530 does it surprisingly.

This is the right product, lightweight, referring to the built material, which is aluminum.

For those who are starting in photography and want a product manufactured with suitable materials, an excellent price and quality ratio, a good option would be the WT3560.

Walimex WT-3530 Review

walimex tripod

Product: Walimex WT-3530

My rating: 4 out of 5

Strong and sturdy, this lightweight camera tripod will serve you well in your photography journey. With a weight of 1.33 kg only and a carry length of about 57 cm, it makes it easy to pack and transport everywhere.

The angle adjustment rocker allows you to configure the camera’s rotational movement, making it possible to rotate the camera faster and more fluidly or more slowly in its 360-degree angle movement.

Also, it comes with a bubble level on the tripod shoulder and a spirit level on the head, which guarantees the level adjustment for your camera.

The fact that the three feet of the tripod can be lengthened and shortened at our convenience, being able to lock them with a “plier” method is very convenient, added to the three-level bubbles, which are very useful if the place in which we are going to rest our camera is a flat level, or not.

walimex tripod head

With adjustable center column can be precisely set to the required shooting height, which goes to a maximum of 146 cm and a minimum height of 56 cm.

Good grip to the ground

The rubber bases on the legs, which are adjustable, allow better sustainability on uneven and slippery floors, thus achieving greater security to take photographs at any time and circumstance. So this tripod considers stability as the main thing for you.

The tripod’s three legs are connected at the top of them by a plastic support that contains a support arm so that the aluminum neck where the tripod base is located can be extended, where the camera will be placed at consumer choice.

A convenient quick-release plate with a 1/4 inch connection thread makes it perfect for a smooth operation. This tripod is suitable for both photo and video recordings.

Each leg of the tripod has a triple extension, and this is what allows the product to reach its maximum size of 146cm when it is fully deployed. These legs are attached at the bottom to a central aluminum tube, thanks to a loose plastic grip. It can be adjusted to extend the legs according to the needs of the consumer.

The tripod support base in which the camera is placed has a lock that allows you to separate the bottom’s grip area. So, this way, you can adjust the camera externally and re-adjust everything on the tripod base.

Great camera mobility

It has a lock, which allows you to move the camera in 360-degree turns horizontally and allows you to raise it and position the camera at a perfect 90 degrees vertical.

The 3 D Panhead allows you to pan your camera 360° and tilt it 90° for sky shooting. The individual fixing screws located on the tripod head help lock your camera in the desired angle position securely.

Besides, its rotating 3D head has a quick release system, in addition to its bubble leveling system. This will easily allow you to adjust your photographic equipment quickly and comfortably to work, and in turn, be able to remove it from the tripod promptly.

It will not take more than two seconds to remove the camera from the tripod, so you can take it wherever you want. Also, the bubble leveling system of the Walimex tripod allows you to obtain perfectly level images without the risk that they are slightly tilted. You will always know the exact moment to be able to take that photographic shot.

There are three leg sections (with generously dimensioned rubber feet) for better height adjustment, strengthened by a central connection. The hook will help you in windy weather conditions by hanging some weight for better stability.

Level your photography

At the top of the tripod, there are two spirit levels: one that works as a support for the head’s tilt, and the other works to keep the camera stable and quiet if needed.

There is a plastic handle in the central area, which is removable, which manages to facilitate its transport without a carrying case. Despite this, the case is included in the price and has proven to be a pleasant surprise for the zipper’s quality and the resistance of the material with which it is made.

There is a small plastic hook at the bottom of the tripod, on which a small weight can be hung. This is very useful to compensate for the tripod’s lightness and make it more stable, suitable for difficult floors, and maintain the stand even in strong winds conditions.

walimex tripod legs

With the capability to support a maximum weight of 3 kg, it will do the job from the smaller compact digital cameras to the much bigger DSLRs.

Weighing just 1.2 kg, it turns out to be very light and easy to carry, so one might not expect exceptional stability, but overall it does its job well.

The Walimex WT-3530 tripod is compatible with different kinds of cameras, which have a ¼” connection thread, such as the Nikon Coolpix cameras or the Canon EOS700D. You have a lot of options with this equipment.

Walimex WT-3530 specifications

  • Dimensions (WxDxH): 560 x 600 x 560 mm
  • Height (max): 146 cm
  • Height (min): 57 cm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Maximum weight capacity: 3 kg
  • Weight: 1.33 kg
  • Model year: 2010
  • Warranty: 1 Year


I rated this tripod with 4 out of 5, but I feel it deserves a bit more regarding the price. I mean, my previous tripod, which I paid about £30 a few years ago, got no level adjustment and not stabilizing hook. One above the other, the Walimex WT-3530 is easy to set, comfortable to carry, durable, and sturdy … an excellent companion for your photo trips.

This tripod can be considered a good investment since the materials are of good quality; the legs are stable and adjustable; the safety hook does its job entirely. The clamping measure is perfectly adapted to different types of cameras, binoculars, and even phones. Honestly, the Walimex WT-3530 <-Affiliate link 🙂 turns out to be a great purchase that gets a lot out of it without much hassle or effort.

I wrote more tripod reviews, which you can read in case you feel that this is not the one that fits with your needs. Please feel free to comment below, asking for more details if needed or simply if you want to add something to the topic.

The product is excellent in its relation to quality and price. I am not a photography professional, but the product is ideal if you start in this field. Recommendable.


Despite costing less than $30, the product seems to promise quality and durability. At the time of receipt, it came in closed and well-protected packaging. Its carry bag is comfortable, and the tripod fits precisely inside the bag, and when closed, it ends up completely sealed and comfortable. Light and easy to transport, which makes it an excellent addition to my tools.

It turns out to be stable, even when all its legs are stretched to the maximum, on smooth floors. Although it can wobble a little in strong winds, the central base’s weight hook does an excellent job of giving the necessary base to withstand rain and wind climates. Its adjustable bases on the legs make it possible to find stability even on the most uneven terrain.

Thanks for reading through my Walimex WT-3530 review!

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