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Canon EOS Rebel T8i EF-S Digital Camera overview

Digital camera world – Tips on buying a digital camera

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When it comes to digital cameras, there are plenty of types for you to choose from. We have compact cameras, which are smaller and very easy to carry everywhere, and we have cameras with interchangeable lenses, which are bigger and require more than just a pocket to take on your trip.

You will need a bag for your lens, tripod, flashgun, batteries, cleaning tools, etc.

Digital camera world – Tips on buying a digital camera

In the digital camera world, there are so many options. The best way to do it is to think first about its final scope. Will you use it to simply shoot photos for your memories, for social networks – so everyone can see where you’re traveling, or do you want to shoot more professionally?

Understanding your goal will lead to having the right tool for the right price.

Standard compact camera

This is usually a small, light, and reasonably cheap camera known as Point and Shoot. It is a basic entry model into the digital photography world. Standard compact cameras usually are fully automatic. In rare cases, offer manual exposure options.

Usually, they have a small zoom lens that folds into the camera, a built-in flash, and an LCD screen – no eye viewfinder.

HD video recording, image stabilization, and Wi-Fi connectivity may be available with this type of camera. Usually, low-quality photos, but it is not a rule.

Some high-end standard cameras are expensive but offer excellent picture quality. These cameras are only limited by their unchangeable lens and sensor size when they are not full-frame.

compact camera example

Zoom compact camera

Like the standard camera with the only difference in their zoom capability, it can go to 30 x optical zoom or even more.

Super zoom camera example


Adventure compact camera

Almost the same as the standard camera, plus they are waterproof, shockproof, and even freeze-proof.

A sturdy build makes them very good for use in extreme conditions. On the other side, the limited zoom and exposure options and a small sensor lead to poor photo quality.

Go pro action camera view


Digital single-lens reflex (DSLR)

These are high-end digital cameras divided into two main categories – hobby and pro. The hobby models have an entry-level APS-C sensor, and the professional ones come with a full-frame sensor.

You can detach the lens and replace it with the needed one.

This is a considerable advantage, being able to use the right lens for the right task. These cameras are usually used by professionals or hobbyists who know what they are doing. Having a DSLR  does not mean that your pictures will be great.

You need knowledge and a lot of training to achieve the best results.

Canon EOS 4000D camera


Mirrorless interchangeable lens camera (MILC)

Great digital cameras are similar to DSLR ones, with some differences:

  • Size and weight – which is very important when traveling, handling for a long time
  • Mirrorless – As the term says, they don’t use a mirror system. The camera does not have an optical mirror or viewfinder but an electronic one that displays the camera sensor. The lack of a moving mirror reduces vibration, which may result in blurred pictures.
  • In the newest models, they don’t use a mechanical shutter anymore. They are using an electronic one which is quieter.
  • Lens are usually not compatible between DSLR and MILC, but they have dedicated ones. Anyway, there are adapters if you like some specific lens, so you’ll still be able to use them.

Sony A7R II mirrorless camera sensor open

Mirrorless cameras are my favorite ones. They suit my needs being a traveler with outstanding picture quality and better maneuverability than DSLR. Please do not take it as advice, this is only a personal opinion, and it is only according to my needs.


Buying a professional camera will not necessarily lead to taking great astonishing shots. If you have knowledge about photography and you’re looking to get better results, then that’s fine.

If you don’t, but you are studying photography, again, it is okay. But if you don’t and are not involved in photography, buy a camera model that suits your needs <– Affiliate Link 🙂

A compact camera or smartphone will do the job for most people looking to have lovely photos from holidays, celebrations, or only outdoor/indoor images.

I hope you found this general presentation satisfying. It helps you make the right choice. Please comment below if you need further advice or if you want to add or ask something.

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14 thoughts on “Digital camera world – Tips on buying a digital camera”

  1. Avatar of Dave O’Hara

    Hi Condruzmf, thanks for the excellent summary. I have several cameras you mention, an iphone for general day-to-day use, a rugged waterproof, a high end compact (concert photography) and a DSLR for when i’m feeling serious. As you say, they’re all great in their own way. However it’s the photographer that makes the photograph great.

  2. Avatar of tahani

    Great tips! So glad to read this. I take photos for products from time to time I use a professional camera for that, also use it for natural photos.
    I love photography so have bookmarked this site so I can revisit!

  3. Avatar of Ioannis

    Years ago, I bought a digital camera, one of the point and shoot types, as you mention. Digital cameras were relatively new back then and if I remember well, mine was of 7 megapixels which was very good at the time. I used that camera extensively, basically to take photos of products that I sold on my site but also for travel and family photos. At some point, I bought a smart phone which had more megapixels than the camera and it became obsolete. It was a nice Olympus camera though and I really made great use of it.

    Nowadays, I am thinking of acquiring a more professional model as I have since began to be interested in photography as a hobby. I am no great photographer but am interested in learning and as you say, I think it justifies looking for something more robust. Thank you for the information provided. Kudos!

  4. Avatar of Courtney Hunt

    Photography has always interested me. There are so many moments that can be captured in life. The problems I always have with digital cameras are all the settings. Will you be doing a tutorial or post on what they all means? That would be extremely helpful. at least to me it would.


  5. Avatar of Maurice Jackson

    Great advice. For many like myself, not having the understanding of what tangibles to look for when buying a camera can lead to over/under spending. The choices can be overwhelming. This post has made decision making a list t less stressful.

  6. Avatar of Dean Gunter

    Very informative and descriptive article, thank you for sharing.
    I have not any knowledge when it comes to digital products such as cameras, reading his article had giving me an insight and more in depth detail.

    Have a great day and all the success, happiness and health that you desire, take care.

    Kind regards.


  7. Avatar of Chas Guevara

    I enjoy photography as a hobby. I have often thought of taking some photography classes, but just haven’t had the time. I think I do fairly well without any classes though. I am the unofficial photographer of the family which is strange because my sister actually has a professional camera, has taken photography and takes awesome photos! She has never paid for school pictures of her kids. She does them all herself.

    But I am the one that every year I would get a new camera and film (back in the day lol) for Christmas and I’ve always documented all holidays and family events. I am the one everyone is always yelling at to get the camera out of their faces.

    I use my smartphone for pictures, but honestly I don’t like the quality of the photos. They are great for posting on social media and my website, but when you want to order larger prints like 8X10 up the photo quality just isn’t there. I do have a really nice digital, but I’ve been wanting to get a professional camera.

    Thanks for the info! I look forward to further posts.

    1. Avatar of condruzmf

      Just saying, take a look into Sony Alpha 7 or 9 series. When you’ll consider buying a new camera do not hurry, inform yourself. I bought for myself about two months ago the Sony A7RII and been never happier. Excepting the slow 5 / second continuous shooting ( which I don’t need anyway) it is really great full frame camera. I am not saying from where I bought it (not selling myself), but take care about the price. My Sony A7RII costs over 2000 GBP and I found it for about 1300… This is happening with all models. Please take care and inform yourself, need advise just ask. Good luck 😉

      1. Avatar of Chas Guevara

        Thanks, I’ll have to look into it. Maybe you do a review on that camera. Sounds like a great review idea to me. I know the professional cameras are pretty pricey but even the 2k doesn’t sound too bad.

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