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sirui t2205x

We do spend money anyway, so I am writing this hoping that everyone agrees with the fact that we want the things we acquire to last. Of course, I would not want my food to last, but if I simply buy a hammer, I want this tool to fulfill its scope for as long as possible.

As a photographer I want my gear I am paying for to be as good as possible for a reasonable price. Being a photographer is not the cheapest hobby. There is a lot of gear involved and when I buy a tripod I want to be a heavy duty camera tripod, I need it to endure in time.

Me personally, I am going for branded staff. I am not trustful about ”professional” equipment not branded I can buy ten times cheaper that a branded one. In the same time I will not buy a branded tool which is very expensive to the detriment of a much cheaper one who does the same thing.

As a very quick example, I searched for some heavy duty camera tripod and I come out with this:

  1. Professional camera tripod unbranded from China – 12$
  2. Professional camera tripod K&F with 33 five stars rating out of 37 ratings – about 55$
  3. X carbon fiber tripod – more than 6000$

My point is, if you are not a millionaire just go with something similar to second option. I am sure X is better, but so much better, 6000$ + ?

Branded tabletop tripods


Manfrotto PIXI Mini Table Top Tripod


Manfrotto tripod

This little one will do the job for small cameras.The plastic legs are extending to one position for a length of 13.5 cm and it also has smaller rubberised pads for a good grip.

The ball is operating with a small push-button gear, which allows you to rotate the camera 360° and provides a tilt range to a maximum 35°


Once you reach the desired position the small push-button can be released, locking back the head. Though it is not high performance, the PIXI is a solid product which will successfully face challenges and will resist in time. You can read the full review I wrote about this product here.

Zomei CK-30 Tabletop Mini Tripod

zomei ck-30

This one is more sophisticated and almost double as price. Everyone knows his needs and it is good to understand which they are. For example I never buy the last released smart phone which is for sure expensive, as long as mine is very good and fast, really over my needs.

Enough of me though, you get it – I’m a chatty …

This Zomei CK-30   is easy set up – extend the legs, adjust the angle of legs and attach the camera to the plate and lock it down. It is compact when folded -20 cm and comes with a professional head which can quick release the plate. Arca Swiss compatible… Read my full review here for more information.

Branded travel


ZOMEI Q111 PRO Aluminum Portable


zomei Q111

Another one from Zomei, the Q111 tripod is really sophisticated for the price. Believe or not, it is cheaper than CK-30 the upper tabletop.

Made of high quality aluminum, it is very steady. Arca Swiss compatible, will work for most of cameras. Four-section column leg (non-slip rubber feet) with quick release is easily satisfying the desired height when shooting.

It goes from a minimum height of 47 cm to a maximum of 140 cm, is one of the best choices for SLR camera to travel with. For more information, read my review here, thank you!

Branded professional tripods

SIRUI -T2205X Professional


sirui t2205x

This magnificent tripod ca hold up to 12 kg which is great, it is very steady and strong. T2205X is very versatile, allowing the photographer to work in most unusual positions.

It goes from 13.5 cm to 152.7 cm which is great, but as shown in the image it can go below the lowest limit.

It comes with 1/4 to 3/8 standard screw, foot 3 degrees adjust knob, anti flip warm dense sponge, stretch hook stabilize tripod and rapid stable screw foot. This is a retractable spiked feet for outdoor photography, isn’t this useful?

It can fold to 38 cm which is also great for traveling and weights about 1.2 kg, build from carbon fiber.

BENRO IT25 Camera&DV


Benro IT25

Another great professional tripod, the IT25 from Benro which got his very nice advantages. He also has the inverted function so it can shoot close to the ground, but has an extra option – to disassemble into a monopod, which can be useful.

Got the option to adjust the angle independently for each leg, which is really great for outdoor shooting. Makes a great travel tripod, that’s for sure. It is built from aluminum alloy, the head is a 360 ° swivel fluid ball head, it folds to 41.5 cm and goes to a height of 154.5 cm. It has five column sections, anti coldness characteristics and anti high temperature powder paint.


Got the idea, those are just a few options to guide you through the thousands of options. Don’t buy cheapest, don’t buy the most expensive unless you can afford that. Go for the best quality – price ratio and it will do the job. Look on Amazon for more tripod examples if this is the place you like to buy from.

Good luck everyone, I hope you enjoyed and found my article helpful.


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3 thoughts on “Heavy duty camera tripod – gear you want to last

  1. Thanks so much for your insight into tripods. I’m no professional but lately I’ve found that keeping my camera still when photographing nature is quite tricky. I’d love to get the IT25 from Benro but I think it’s a little out of my price range. I might get one of the cheaper ones

  2. This blog was extremely informative. I brought a few tripods off of Amazon not knowing about quality and they fell apart. When I replace the one I have now, I will come to you to make sure I’m getting good quality.

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