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Zomei Z888C Review

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Zomei has struggled hard to carve one of the best tripod stands while considering people’s economic range and not compromising the material, condition, and performance. It grants the majority of the aspects with an impressive quality and offering the quick-release element as well.

The budget-friendly tripods have helped many individuals work on their photography skills without considering it as a burden. Zomei Z888C is a professional portable carbon fiber tripod stand with a ball head compact travel for Canon, Sony, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, Fuji, Cameras, and Video Camcorder Blue.

The range available has helped build a good reputation within the community because of the excellent build and best quality of the tripod.

Zomei Z888C Tripod Review

Zomei Z888C is made up of carbon fiber and loads up to 16 kg. It makes it easy to carry and gives a steady balance. It also comes with a portable pocket. It is made up of the superior carbon that increases its durability of use.

The tripod is great for those who consider the slow motions and panoramic photography. The pull-out button angling adjustment is present to ensure the single alignment of each leg. The tripod is a Typical regulating design of the elevator. It also offers different damping effects depends on the weight of your camera.

The availability of the 4-section center column helps to realize the lowest angle shooting to the photographers. It has a universal ball head handle with a secured clip that provides double security to the camera from accident dropping or any other case scenario.

Zomei Z888C carbon fibre tripod details

Product details:

  • Lightweight-  The 100 % carbon fiber of Zomei Z888C made the legs guaranteed the great lightness. Along with that, it also ensures rigidity and transportability. There is a considerable aspect as well that the travel photography tripod is now even lighter and more compact than ever.
  • In terms of rigidity, lightness, and stability, an original composite tube derived from Zomei’s professional support experience is present. It is also optimized with the fiber angles that provide consistent advantages over aluminum tubing.
  • It has a unique mechanism to function correctly and effectively. And also, the quick release adaptor of its ball head is fantastic. The foldable legs pack very tightly that reach a folded length of 46 cm (18.12 in).
  • Z888C tripod legs use a 5-section construction with larger diameter carbon composite tubing. It makes it a perfect candidate to support all sorts of heavy cameras and lenses.
  • It can support a digital SLR with a 300 zoom lens.
  • The Zomei Z888C tripod handles a Canon DSR camera with a 300 zoom lens without causing any problem of any kind.
  • It is rated to support 30 lbs, and this is way more than anybody will ever need.
  • The carbon material of the tripod of Z888C weighs up 20% less than its aluminum version. You can easily carry it around for traveling and outdoor shootings.
  • It allows the Z888C more rigid so that it can provide the maximum camera stability. It also minimizes the vibration. So it’s ideal for zoom lenses that amplify any camera shake. While using it with a zoom lens, you won’t face a common shakes problem at all.
  • The Zomei Carbon provides sharp images by keeping the camera steadily locked, in a specific, fixed, and the desired position of the photographer.
  • Durable tension-adjustable carbon fiber leg locks can be tightened up to suit one’s preference, keep the tripod fully functional throughout its long life, and also to counteract any effects of wear and aging coming in the way of tripod functioning.
  • The two-position leg angle settings of Zomei Z888C also make low-angle shooting possible. In contrast, the one with the rapid center column adds flexibility and extends the height range from maximum to minimum.
  • The four legs support is highly accepted, and it has the legs that are adjusted with the locks. They are also straightforward to grip and move and shoot.
  • The opening legs slide out efficiently, so you don’t have to work adjusting them.
  • The tripod is adapted to change the material, transforming them from rubber or metal.
  • The adjustable legs could be adjusted at three different angles, 23°, 68°, and 88°, and so you can adjust the height according to your demand.

Zomei Z888C heights

  • Additional short center column, make the max, height up to 174.5cm (165cm without the extra column)
  • The jacket covering the legs is isolated and insulates the hands of the individual in the cold temperatures. And the fiber used is less cold than metal.
  • The tripod’s ball head with the quick release camera plate allows you to place your camera freely and quickly at any random angle. After fixing its camera, it then blocks it solidly by using the convenient single locking knob. It makes it ready to shoot in an instant and quick take.
  • The thickness of the ball head is 5mm.
  • The ball head can be rotated 360 degrees that help the photographer to expand the camera activity range.  It is the best feature as for panoramic shooting is a concern. It comes with a screw at the bottom that can be widely used for various other professional cameras.
  • As the ball head is so compact, it is also ideally suited for traveling photographers. Making the whole kit of Zomei Z888C is more comfortable to pack into luggage or even your photography bag.
  • Arca-Swiss style compatibility quick release plate is also present. To balance the uneven pans and head movements, there is also an integral bubble level.
  • Another factor is that it is both lightweight and versatile as it switches from monopod to tripod.
  • At the bottom of the tripod, there is a hook present to handle the weights on it. But this hook part could be unscrewed so that the central column could come out. It creates a monopod of 20 – 68” when combined with the detachable leg of the tripod Zomei Z888C.
  • The nylon zipper also comes with the tripod. The zippers are thick. The bag has a contemplative strip for showing up in headlights at night. Along with it, there is a detachable shoulder strap as well. It is overall really well designed.
  • It can also be an alpenstock only, with no ball head attached. It also depends on your need.

Zomei Z888C monopod

  • It offers more colors: blue, orange, golden, silver, and black are available.

Zomei Z888C Specs:

  • Product type: ZOMEI Z888C
  • The maximum diameter: 25MM
  • Product material: carbon fiber
  • Product process: Casting
  • Maximum Load: 16kg
  • Ball Head Weight:408g
  • Ball Head Height:11CM
  • Max Height with Additional Column: 174.5cm
  • Max Height: 165cm
  • Min height: 56cm
  • Monopod Min Height:42CM
  • Monopod Max Height :130CM
  • Folded Length: 46cm
  • Number of Leg Sections: 4
  • Head Type: Ball Head
  • Leg Lock Type: Twist Lock
  • Panning Range: 360°
  • Separate Panning Lock: Yes
  • Quick Release Plate: Yes
  • Bubble Level: Yes
  • Tripod weight: 1.5kg
  • Weight with package: 2.3kg
  • Package Size:52*13*13CM

Package including:

  • Zomei Z888C Tripod x 1
  • Ballhead with quick release plate x 1
  • Additional short center column x 1
  • Carry Bag x 1
  • Allen key


  • The 100% carbon fiber legs provide the softness to the tripod.
  • It also guarantees the unbending nature of the tripod along with the transportability.
  • It is the lightest and more minimized than any of the other tripods present.
  • It offers a strong built because of the composite tube with upgraded fiber edges from Zomei.
  • The Quick Release Adaptor of its ball head is another fantastic feature, along with the foldable legs pack that with a collapsed length of only 46 cm (18.12 in).
  • There are four sections instead of 5 sections – the bottom part is thicker than the others. And has only nine instead of 12 locks to tighten.
  • You can increase the stability by putting some extra weight (photo bag) onto the center column.
  • It offers the ability to reverse the center column or replace it with a shorter extension whenever there comes any disassembly procedure.
  • It also comes with a convey case for transport as well as assurance.


  • It may not support a more massive camera or overpowering focal point.
  • It is an unsteady tripod, no wonder when you should place an SLR + medium lens on top of skinny legs to support the tripod.
  • There is a risk of over-tightening of the tripod’s legs, as the durability of the leg’s locking mechanism is in doubt.
  • The time taken to set this up and fold it back together is longer than the other traditional tripod stands.


The tripod is extremely pleasant and has a lot of highlighted points that would catch your interest. The tripod fits all the photography necessities and is best for air travel with a small or maybe medium lens.

For other occasions, you may consider any other tripod. Considering the price on which it is available, this one will do the job, as it is more challenging than the expensive tripods available in the market.

It offers some excellent performance while being half of the price from other tripods covering the same features. It’s a fantastic tool for beginners in the training class or are working on their photography skills.

Zomei Z888C can also be used as a professional tripod, in an if case. As it is carbon fiber constructed and light-weighted. Along with this feature, it is also being managed quickly and very easy to be packed up.

Zomei Z888C carbon fibre tripod folded

It also allows the photographer to pick it up and take it anywhere he wants because of its easy management. The low weight and small size are the deciding factors of this tripod.

Make it yours today <-Affiliate link 🙂 and add stability to your digital camera!

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