Zomei M5 Review

Zomei M5 camera tripod
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Even a beginner photographer knows what a little shake can do to ruin your image despite all perfect manual settings and excellent illumination and other factors. The most obvious and reasonable option to eliminate camera shakes is the tripod.

The problem of shakes can be caused by some camera settings too, for example, in a case on using long focal length. The longer the focal of your lens, the exposure also increases with it. This elongates the time of capturing the image leading to the double chances of shakes.

Using a tripod assists the photographer to capture a super clear picture image at long exposure by using a slower shutter speed of up to several seconds. Using a tripod with long exposures also allows more light to reach the lens: more the light, the more reasonable the image is.

Holding a camera for a while with a long exposure for this purpose without any wobble isn’t possible.

Zomei M5 Camera Tripod Review

Got an idea about the importance of tripod?! Perfect. Now the big question is which tripod suits you best for your photography needs. You don’t need to own several tripods for different circumstances.

There are many all-rounders available in the market, such as Zomei M5 Travel Tripod. It does say “travel tripod,” but it doesn’t mean that it is not a good performer in other situations. In this review, we will try to cover all aspects of Zomei M5, including pros, cons, and our opinion about this accessory.

Zomei M5 tripod details

Key features and details of Zomei M5:

Zomei M5 Camera Tripod is a lightweight traveling tripod built with aluminum to protect your camera from shakes, especially in the outdoor photography. Not only is it compact and portable, but it can also be converted into a monopod.

It stands with 360 Degree Ball Head with a strong phone clip to hold DSLR cameras and smartphones. Well, features of this travel tripod don’t end here. There’s much more in the box. It is suitable for mainstream SLR cameras, micro-single-camera motion cameras, and some external accessories. Let’s proceed with these features one by one.

Built and design

M5 is designed elegantly. No extra handles or knobs so they can easily use it. The built material of this accessory is aluminum alloy. The good thing about aluminum is that it is strong and heavy metal. Yes, you read it right about the massive part.

The same tripod made up of carbon fiber can weigh half or two times less than this tripod, but problems kick-in where you have to use it in windy conditions. Little blow of breeze can shake the whole tripod. A little more massive body made up of aluminum gives it more stability.

This doesn’t mean at all that M5 is heavier. Being a traveling tripod, its weight was especially considered, and it only 1.25 kg getting all of its stability from aluminum alloy.

This 1.25kg of weighing can support up to 8kg load. All beginner DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, some advanced camera, and few telelens fall in-between the category of 8kg. Owning this one tripod can be enough to fulfill all your needs.

It is very travel friendly and comes with a collapsing design. There is a push-button on the top of the legs. Pushing this one button, the tripod legs can be inverted and folded back 180 degrees. It made it very tiny and is easily stackable into your backpack.

Zomei M5 tripod folded and monopod

Folding M5 at 180 degrees reversely leaves it with a compact size of 14.1”.

It is available in two colors – black and red.


Head is also made up of aluminum. It is a 360° rotatable ball head. This head is strong enough to support weight 8x than the tripod’s weight. It has easy adjustments and ergonomic design, which even makes use of a zoom lens easier and faster. 360° ball-head allows you to shoot from all angles. Several angles will help you to bring out more creativity.

One thing we found disappointing is that there isn’t any panning or tilt lock in the head. This tripod is supposed to support heavyweight cameras too. These locks could’ve assured more stability and security for your camera. There are no locking knobs, but there are two independent control knobs to control the panoramic rotations.


It comes with four adjustable and one removable leg. These 4-section column legs have quick-release flip-locks. This lock helps you to lock the legs at the desired height and allow you to adjust the working size from 15.7″ to 54.3″ in seconds.


Zomei M5 tripod height


This lock is very flip-lock and can be switched smoothly. Tripod legs can be adjusted in three levels of the opening angle. This stabilizes the tripod’s body, and also these multiple heights can quickly meet demands on different angles of the shoot.

Upon full extension of these legs, the maximum height M5 can reach up to 1380mm, whereas folded length is 14.1 inches. The center column beside the four legs of M5 can be inverted. This inversion works best when you have to do with low angle shoots or macro-photography.

One thing which can be problematic that upon full extension, the legs are fragile. At that point, these are more vulnerable to dents. For best performance, avoid using at full extension.

Monopod feature

Zomei M5 can easily be converted into a monopod. Spending a few bucks on this tripod will save your cost of buying a monopod. To use this feature, you have to remove the leg In the middle. These legs come with a foam grip. It can be used as an alpenstock while you are traveling around.

This monopod is nothing less than an actual monopod. It has high stability and portability, and form grip makes it easy to hold.

Zomei M5 monopod height


As it is a travel tripod, Zomei sends a unique complimentary bag with the product. This bag not only keeps it safe but makes it very easy to carry it around. A strap to have it on your shoulder is also added to the package.

Other features:

The above points covered the basics about this tripod, but there are some other features too.

The design is highly compatible with mobile phone devices too. You can also use your phone and tablet with this tripod. To do so, you will need a clip. This clip does not come with the package. Besides these devices, selfie ring light or video light for live streaming can also be mounted with it. Again, the clip for mounting these are also not included in the package.

There is a super long hook for hanging weight devices and keeping them stable.

This tripod is designed with double telescoping center columns, compact when folded and practical when extended. This compactness reduces the size to an excellent extent, making it easily fit anywhere.

Zomei M5 tripod reverse center column

The metallic ball head features a 1/4 screw. With the help of this screw, the tripod could connect with most DSLR, mirrorless cameras, projector, and DV. This screw has a good grip ensuring to hold the device at the place.

The feet have rubber grips which help it to stay at a place in different kind of situations.

Highly portable. Lightweight and easy to carry around. Ergonomic design and grips.

Very budget-friendly. It is one of the best tripods in its price range. Besides, that none of its competitors have all the features it has. Again, it will also save the cost of buying a monopod separately.

The manufacturers of Zomei M5 offer two years warranty for the accessory. In these two years, if anything happens to it, they will replace it or its parts with a new one. With two years warranty, you get lifetime friendly customer service. They are always there to help you with queries and problems regarding M5.

Zomei M5 Specs:

  • Manufacturer: Zomei
  • Material: Aluminum alloy
  • Storage height: 35cm
  • Maximum height: 140cm
  • Colour: black and red
  • Supports weight: up to 17.64 pounds
  • Package Dimensions: 14.6 x 4.2 x 4.1 inches
  • Type: Professional Tripod
  • Uses: Video Camera, Action Cameras, 360° Video Camera, Point & Shoot Cameras, Special Camera, DSLRs, Smartphones, Mirrorless System Camera, Digital Cine Cameras
  • Folded Length (mm): 360mm
  • Model Number: Zomei M5 Tripod & Monopod For Canon Nikon Sony Samsung Olympus DSLR
  • Max Extended Length (mm): 1380mm
  • Weight (g): 1250
  • Prominent features: Travel tripod, professional tripod, good quality built, foldable and portable
  • Loading Capacity: 8.0 KG
  • Number of Leg Sections: 4
  • Leg Lock Type: Flip Lock
  • Head Type: 360 Degrees Ball head
  • Head rotation: 360° panoramic
  • ASIN: B07TV3YYP2

What’s inside the package?

  • Tripod (With Ball Head).
  • Instruction Manual.
  • Tripod Carry Case. (A bag which can be hanged on the shoulder)
  • Wrench.


  • Weight supporting capability is much greater than other tripods available in the same price range.
  • Full panoramic rotatable head
  • Good built. Very compact
  • Lightweight but sturdy
  • Up to 1380mm extendable
  • Multi-angle shooting
  • Very compatible with traveling. It doesn’t add extra space or weight when you carry it around.


  • Can cause some troubles while dealing with heavy cameras
  • Not capable of holding a phone without any accessories.
  • As it supports heavy cameras too, lock camera position down feature is necessary. Manufacturers should consider this in their upcoming models.

Writer’s Opinion

The cons pointed out prior aren’t enough as compared to it’s other features not to recommend this compact tripod. It is one wise investment that will also fulfill your needs of the monopod—supporting multi-angle photography, compactness, up to 8 kg weight support and useful legs extension length.

All these features of Zomei M5 makes it an excellent choice as your traveling and outdoor shootings buddy!

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