Sirui AM-223 Review

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If you’re looking for a photography buddy in the form of a tripod, which is strong, compact, long-lasting, and that too at a very reasonable price, then SIRUI AM-223 is the answer for you. There’s a lot this tripod can do to provide you with the best results.

When it comes to capturing a perfect, shake-free image, what every professional recommends is a piece of a stand, the tripod. The three-legged stand designed to hold a camera steadily during photography is almost always necessary.

From their AM-2 series with five tripods, we will discuss Sirui’s AM-223. All the five tripods from this series are good enough, but this one is our personal favorite. Why? Let’s take a look.



SIRUI AM 223 tripod details


Upon first look, it is a stylish yet ergonomically designed accessory. The Sirui AM-223 is a carbon fiber mini tripod with a 00K ball head. Sirui AM-223 is designed and built for the ease of its users.


The main component used in the body is carbon fiber, known for its lightness and strength. The use of carbon in AM-223 makes it a luxury choice for photographers.

The carbon fiber tripod, including heads, weigh about 20% lighter than aluminum tripods. According to most photographers, the best tripods must have reliable support with a decent height. AM-223 can fold down to low-angle shots, making it suitable for insect and plant shots. Also, it can easily be adjusted to the desired tall height.

Another bonus with this tripod is that it is built with carbon fiber because it is better at soaking vibrations. Being unable to absorb vibrations can be a problem when shooting outdoors in breezy conditions. This bonus can help in attaining the desired shots while working next to a road with heavy traffic.


Nobody wants to lug more weight than they need. AM-223 is specifically designed small and light-weighted, which makes it easy to carry. It weighs around 0.75kg, including the head’s weight, making it the best candidate for outdoor photography. AM-223 is robust yet light enough for traveling and hiking.

Load bearing capacity:

Weighing only 0.75 kg but being capable of supporting a load of 15kg. Isn’t it brilliant? Well, this brilliance is one of the critical features of AM-223.

Maximum and minimum height:

The model AM-223 is short but can be extended to a height of approximately 350 millimeters (13.78 inches).


According to the company Sirui AM-223 is resistant to corrosion. This resistance will free you from the fear of damaging your tripod if you use it in the rain. Besides, this carbon fiber strength protects it from dents. Spend a few bucks once on this tripod, and you’re good for the next few years, at least.


Sirui offers these features for the best price when it comes to tripod ball heads. All the features of the best ball head at a reasonable price are all a professional photographer wants.

Construction of ball-head:

The B-OOK ball head of Sirui AM-223 is solidly constructed with anodized aluminum alloy. Aluminum is a little heavier than carbon fiber. This small weight makes it more stable than the carbon ball-head.

This ball head ensures a secure hold on your camera, as well as a quick-release plate. The quick-release allows you to quickly and easily change from tripod shooting to handheld shooting. AM-223’s quick release plate allows you to capture fast-moving objects without blurring the image.


SIRUI AM 223 head details

Supporting capabilities:

The book ball head can support up to 15kgs. This can be a huge plus point if you work with a big DSLR, big lens, etc. Even most professional cameras fall within the category of 15kg.

Fluid pan adjustment:

Along with being suitable for heavy cameras, the AM-223 also offers fluid pan adjustment. This can be handy while photographing or shooting a moving subject like a flying bird.

Position Lock:

You want to lock the ball in the place. For that mechanism, Sirui made it easy to lock the tripod’s ball head with a single twist of the knob. Locking ensures that your camera or lens stays steady at a place.


Legs built:

Sirui has come up with a suitable leg design for travelers. The AM-223 legs are constructed with carbon that makes them weigh lighter than usual tripod legs. Also, a simple twist can tighten the legs for you.

The legs of AM-223 are made anti-slip. This feature helps in its reliability for outdoor activities and assures shake-free images. Also, it doesn’t get cold, unlike usual tripods.


SIRUI AM 223 leg

Centre column:

The center column of the AM-223 can be removed and adjusted. The removable middle leg can help in capturing desired low-angle photographs. You can easily remove the center column for the low-angle, macro shots. The low angle feature is much suitable for macro-photography.

Height adjustments:

The 3 column legs can be twisted, enabling you to instantly adjust the height from a minimum of 2.3 inches to a maximum of 13.8 inches. The legs of AM-223 are easily adjustable. These can be adjusted into three different angles. It helps in setting the tripod for multi-angle shooting and other scenario shootings.


The legs can be folded for a compact fit to store or carry around while traveling.

Feet and their spikes:

Sirui AM-223’s rubber feet make it trouble-free for the users to carry it around slippery places. The spikes and rubber feet are interchangeable and assure maximum stability. You can easily change the rubber feet to spikes wherever necessary.

The rubber feet can be loosened or removed to be replaced by stainless steel spikes. This feature makes the tripod able to stand firm on different terrains for indoor and outdoor shoots.

The spikes make it perfectly stable for outdoor use. But if you do not set the spikes correctly, it may cause severe damage.

Semi-automatic button:

AM-223 makes you adjust the legs to your desired angle with the help of a semi-automatic button. It makes it user-friendly as compared to usual tripods.


This tripod can easily be converted into a monopod. All you have to do is to remove the removable center column. Get a tripod and enjoy all the perks of a monopod with it!!!

Though AM-223 doesn’t weigh much, manufacturers intended to provide more ease to users to carry it around. A pouch with a shoulder strap comes with the package. Keep the tripod in this bag and move it around quickly.


SIRUI AM 223 folded

Accessory connection, snap hook, and Co.

The practical and helpful accessory connection allows the mounting of equipment with 1/4″ threads. And the snap hook serves for loading when it is a little windy.


  • Manufacturer: SIRUI
  • Product Dimensions: 11.54 x 2.95 x 2.95 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.62 pounds
  • Item model number: AM-223+B-00K
  • Material: carbon fiber and ionized aluminum
  • Carbon Legs: three. ø 16 – 22 mm
  • Max. Height with head: 42.3cm
  • Max. Height without head: 35cm
  • Weight with head: 0.75 kilos
  • Weight without Head: o.53 kilos
  • Max load capacity: up to 15 kg
  • Head and quick release plate color: Aluminium black
  • Head type: B-00K
  • Head height: 73 mm
  • Head weight: 215 grams
  • Quick-release plate type: TY-C10
  • QRP Dimensions: 30×38 mm
  • QRP Weight: 15 g
  • Head Clamping System: Arca Swiss Compatible
  • Optional accessories: center column Sirui SL-200


Sirui tripods and lens


  • Ten layers of carbon fiber legs. Resistant to dents
  • Easily fits everywhere
  • Light-weight. Easy to carry around
  • Vibration resistant.
  • Weight supporting capability is more than any other available tripod in the same price range.
  • Value for money.


  • Its maximum height is not very impressive. Not the right choice for landscape photography.
  • Being very lightweight, strong blows of winds can quickly shake it.


If photography is an essential part of your life, then Sirui AM-223 may be the best choice for you.  AM-223 is built to entice travelers. It is precise as you expect a mini tripod to be. The small size of this tripod makes it easy to pack and carry.

The extensions range from a height of 2.3 inches to a maximum height of 13.8 inches, making them tall enough as a table. Many users are not satisfied with its maximum height, but that is not the purpose of a mini tripod. The sturdiness and stability it provides make up for the lack of height.

The fact that you can quickly fix your camera to it makes it reliable. Simultaneously, it is easy to use as you can move your camera up and down, back and forth. The mechanism is exceptionally smooth, and the knobs are easy to work with.

The overall construction is excellent. This might be a smart choice if you are seriously looking for a better, easy to carry, durable, sturdy, and affordable tripod.

Make it yours today, <-Affiliate link 🙂 as the Sirui AM-223 can be a keeper for all your needs.

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