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Best travel photography tips & techniques

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Traveling is something that most people love to do. The majority of them are travel enthusiasts, while some of them have a newborn desire. Some people can smoothly go to the places where they want to go while the others save through their lives, and even some people spend their whole lives wishing or desiring to travel.

Lucky are those people who have enough resources to see the world in their lifetime. Traveling has many advantages, other than spending leisure time and impacts a lot in our lives.

In today’s hectic routine and strict working hours, we often get depressed or have extreme anxiety levels, which is quite dangerous. People do work a lot day and night and don’t even have time to rest even eat properly.

This is the reason that the mental health of people nowadays is at its worst. Doctors and psychiatrists recommend that you must rest or properly have some holidays. Traveling is something that is an answer to all of these and has a lot of positive effects. Besides, traveling teaches us many lessons, and upon return, we can have a deep insight into our lives.

Traveling shows us what life is, its purpose, and how we should spend it? Are we born for this routine that we grind in our office all day, come home, sleep, and the next day repeat? Is this what we called life? Is this the routine we were meant for?

Best travel photography tips & techniques

Actually, no, and our aim is quite different. We were born to be happy, to enjoy, and to pray to our god. Traveling teaches us all of this and overall changes our life. Here are some of the traveling advantages:


There is a famous sentence on the internet nowadays, “money fills your pockets, while adventure fills your souls.” There is no doubt about this as you will be a changed person after having some adventure. Also, according to my experience, due to the same hectic routine, I often get depressed, and after visiting some hill station or doing hiking in the mountains, I feel fresh and happy.

travel photography island

Moreover, adventure is quite essential for us as these are the activities that make our memories. In the last, we won’t remember how much money we earned, but how much we enjoyed our life.

Explore new places, people, and food

Once you are out on an adventure or exploration, you will have the experience of meeting new people everywhere. All of them will have their language, religion, or culture, and you will be quite amazed to see them. Similarly, each continent has its taste of food, which you will quite love. And for the places, they are infinite, and every place or city we visit will have its unique characteristics like architecture and traditions. In short, traveling is a must; all of us must have to take out the time for it.

The excitement and joy of photography enthusiasts get double while traveling. There are a lot of opportunities for taking shots everywhere you go. For each country or place, you will visit, there will be new landscapes, cities, people, sea views and much more and hence you will have a good opportunity to practice or showcase your skills.

Like simple traveling, most people wish to travel worldwide and capture photos but have certain budget limitations and can’t fulfill their desires. This situation could be tackled by becoming a professional travel photographer by obtaining a license. You can sell your photos to various tourism industries, online photo stores, and much more. This will ensure that you will fulfill your wish to travel around the world, take photographs, and earn simultaneously.

Before packing your bags for traveling and most notably the photography traveling, many things are needed to be kept in your mind so that your trip and money won’t go wasted. You have to make the right choices and take the right things. This may sound simple, and most people neglect it, but it has a direct effect on your performance.

We will represent some of the best travel photography tips & techniques to watch out for before your traveling photography trip.

Choose the right destination

Before choosing your trip, whether it is a country or someplace within your country, make sure that it is suitable and is according to your interest. If you have a love for a suitable place, it won’t make you bored, and you will happily roam around and take hundreds of photos. For instance, I have a lot of interest in landscape photography, and 90% of my trips are either to hill stations or mountainous regions.

Each visit gives me a lot of opportunities to take some new sort of photographs. Similarly, some people desire wildlife photography, while others love to click photos of cityscapes, churches, etc. So, whatever your choice is, think wisely and choose the right spot.

travel photography city

Choose the correct lens

Professional and experienced photographers know that the overall and most of the picture quality of your camera depends on your lenses. And if you use the right lenses in the right place, it will greatly impact your photos, and they will be of quite good quality. There are different types of lenses for each place like landscape, close range, zoom, etc. So, now it’s up to you where you are going and what your plans are.

Let’s take the example of wildlife photography. In this case, you will need a zoom lens to take photos of animals from the right place, and correct distance as some of the animals run away, while others are dangerous if they get near them. So, a zoom or telescope lens will work great there. Otherwise, if you have another type of lens like portrait, etc., it will be of no use.


It is quite easy for normal photographers to take photographs of anyplace they want regarding what type of quality it has. But in the professionals’ case, they have to maintain the quality of their photos as it is their profession.

So, they roam and explore a lot, and after precise investigation, they only take photos. If you want to take accurate and quality shots, search for the correct view, angle, height, etc. and then only take the photos. Other than that, if you are a beginner, you can click whatever you want for practice.

Wait for the right time

A few months ago, there was an awesome picture on the internet, and it was written that a certain photographer waited for 15 days and took over 10,000 photos for this perfect picture. These facts may be inaccurate, but quite similar things do happen.

You have to wait a lot for the perfect moment like the perfect sunset or sunrise and may need to take several photos. Then only will you be able to select some of the best shots for your showcase?

travel photography venice

Travel light

Many people take a lot of stuff with them while traveling, which results in great difficulties and hassle. Especially for long-distance traveling, you must be aware that you will be walking, hiking, etc., a lot, and less is the stuff, the better it is. Similar is the case with the camera accessories.

Photographers carry many lenses, memory cards, etc., with them, which is unnecessary. You should know where you are going and which components you will need. This will make your journey a lot easier and also, you will be quite safe in terms of theft or lost equipment. Also, don’t forget to take a light tripod along with you.

Do ask the locals for help

If you visit a new place or a new country, you may be confused about choosing the correct spot for your photography. You will be roaming everywhere to find a perfect place or view. The best thing to tackle this is to ask any local of that particular area. As they have spent their whole lives at that place, they have a better idea from which place there will be a perfect view of some other places worth visiting.

I did the same several times, even in my own country, and the places or spots recommended by the locals were amazing. Other than that, you will have a chance to get friendly with them, know about their way of life, their culture, and much more. More often, people are thrilled if you are visiting their area and will readily help you.


Well, patience is a key factor that will help you in the photography field and any other life aspect. Similar to other real-life situations, photography also requires a high level of patience. There will be many situations in which you may get burst with anger or think to give up.

But if you remain to stick to your goals, have some patience, and never give up, you will reach your destination.

travel photography city italy

Stay safe

The safety of every country varies according to the people or the situation. Some countries are quite safe, while others have some hostilities. For instance, in my country, I am visiting different locations since my childhood and haven’t faced a single theft, robbery, etc.

So, before visiting any country, research precisely about it, and if there are any chances of hostilities, you should practice extra care and be alert all the time.

Develop your photos correctly

After our trip is finished, we all select some of the best photos to save them as memory, show them to our friends, and upload them on social media. But other than all that, we develop some of our best photos via lightroom, photoshop, etc.

It is recommended that you should edit them correctly as it enhances your photos a lot. So, if you don’t have any editing experience, you can ask an experienced friend or hire someone.


So, these were some of the tips that you must keep in mind before traveling. Besides, if there is a certain danger in any country, don’t visit that country even if you can cancel the trip. There is nothing more important than your life or your family. Choose the countries that are 100% safe, friendly, and with a lot of opportunities.

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