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Trick Photography Book second edition

Trick Photography Book

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Trick photography book is an ultimate guide with all tricks and techniques that help a person capture a perfect image.

It offers training on several aspects of capturing excellent photos compelling for beginner photographers and people who cannot afford expensive photography equipment.

Learn a few tricks and techniques, and you can produce artistic pieces no matter at which level of photography you are on.

It is a common perception that photography is an expensive hobby. But if you are not aware of Do’s and Don’ts when capturing a photo, then even Leica 0-series no. 122 is of no use.

On the other hand, if you have a standard camera and are an expert with techniques and tricks, you can produce an excellent image.

Trick photography book program is built upon this simple idea. This guide tends to focus on the sides, which the usual digital photography course doesn’t consider.

For example, the secrets that Trick Photography Book reveals to capture artistic photographs using light and digital photography technology, you won’t find them in any other digital photography course.

What are the salient features of Trick Photography books? Is it worth all the hype? Let’s address all these questions separately.

What is the Trick Photography Book?

It is a trick book about creating pictures with special effects and optical illusion while playing with your camera.

Trick photography book is for advanced photographers and beginners, who can start to practice the tricks while shooting with their smartphones.

This course comes with 295 pages of instruction, 9 hours of how-to video tutorials, and contains over 300 creative photographs created by top-class photographers across the globe.

The trick photography book covers the cameras’ details, the body of the apertures, tripods, and white balance.

Very brief yet, this part compiled very efficiently that anyone can get a decent idea about the concepts discussed.

On the other hand, most of the book’s portion is occupied by the tricks and effects that people would love to learn.

Girl portrait by Evan Sharboneau

Sections of the Trick Photography Book

The trick photography book consists of the following parts:


The section is dedicated to beginners and consists of all the information about the cameras, apertures, bodies, lenses, tripods, and Photoshop.

This section of the trick photography book would be worth a read by beginners to understand the bogus used in photography.

But as an advanced photographer, you can go through it or skip the section.

Module 1 – Long exposure effects and light paintings

The second section of the Trick Photography Book contains information about the in-depth light paintings.

The sub-sections under this heading consist of the details about how to operate the camera settings, what kind of light source should be used.

Everything is explained with examples. There is a discussion about the motion blur, star trails, and other effects with proper section guidelines.

Long exposure image - playing with laser

Module 2 – Trick photography and special effects

This section of the trick photography book occupies the largest of the area. In this section, there are methods of creating the illusionary effects of the factors present within your camera.

Also, the insight of some tricky effects. Most of these effects would need some computer-based processing.

The descriptions show that anyone can take advantage of one’s environment and create some awe-inspiring photographs.

Along with such tricks, there are other topics discussed as well, i.e., Droste effect, HDR photography, smoke effect, and 3D effects.

Module 3 – Photoshop

The last section of the trick photography book includes details about the use of Photoshop. The knowledge about the skills and features of this software has been discussed.

Image by Evan Sharboneau

Do all these modules work?

Keeping the answer one-worded and straightforward: YES! If it is saying tricks, you will learn skills and how you can apply them.

For example, when you will learn about special effects in Module 2, it is not only limited to telling you about using special effects.

Which effects are suitable for a specific condition, how these effects will work, and how their output can be maximized, you will learn it all.

Topics covered in Trick Photography Book:

Trick photography book is not limited to tricks and techniques only. Besides the core of photography, filters, plug-ins, and a lot more are covered in it.

Going through this course, we were surprised that most of the course information is even taught in professional photography classes.

Though you cannot learn all you can learn in an actual photography school, it is more than enough.

Everything you need to know as a beginner and an advanced level photographer is covered in it.

Following are some of the topics that the trick photography book covers:

Core photography fundamentals

This topic is for those who are the beginner and starting photography as a hobby but with passion.

If you are at the advanced level, you can skip this trick photography book and move down to the next topic.

Introduction to external flash

This topic covers a detailed overview of the core points for on-camera flash, external flash, and reflectors. Again, if you are new to such details, you should properly read this section. Once you know to utilize them properly, you can bring a massive improvement in your shots.

Filters for lenses

A smaller portion is dedicated to this topic as compared to others. Precise yet, it contains an enormous amount of details about the lenses’ filters and how one can be creative with them.

Plug-Ins for Photoshop

This one seems the favorite part of the instructor/developer. It discusses plugins for Photoshop and details about the HDR processors.

How to earn money from photography?

Under these topics, there have been discussed some great ideas to earn money from photography.

You can sell your photos and videos under stock photography or become a wedding photographer or start as a freelancer.

The book topics

Distinctive features:

No matter what you are learning, there is a step by step instructions for everything. After explaining the actions, content is also supported with examples.

Skip amateur photographer phase

Regular photographers can take years to skip the amateur photographer phase because they have to experiment and learn everything on their own. Using practical techniques in Trick Photography Book, use can master the art of photography in days instead of years. Start following these tricks, and you will notice that each shoot is better than the previous one.

Gets hands-on reality behind catchy images

Have you ever came across the pictures that took your attention no other thing? The image that stopped you from doing anything for a while and made you think about how it would have been taken, and what would be the actual mechanism?

The book helps you to know the reality behind those catchy pictures. It allows you to learn such a fantastic trick by following the guidelines given.

Simple and easy techniques

Trick Photography Book will help you to master simple and easy tricks. Yes, you heard it right. Whenever someone sees a stunning photo, the first thought that crosses the mind is that pricey equipment and super hard techniques are behind this image. But I suppose you might be wrong. Professionals do not share it, but there are a handful of simple and easy techniques behind every brilliant photograph. Trick Photography Book guides you to grasp these techniques and teach you to use them appropriately.

Make regular photos more stunning than Photoshop ones

A particular module is dedicated to Photoshop, yet Trick Photography book tried to deliver all in one.

Techniques are using, which will leave an impression on people that Photoshop was used to create them.

Whereas, in reality, those images are captured from the regular digital cameras. A person who is not a professional or user of the Trick Photography Book would not even understand that these are just regular images.

Special effects by Evan Sharboneau

Master your camera settings

Mastering manual settings can double up your creativity and artistic look of images instantly.

In your mind, you can sculpture a beautiful image, yet you cannot turn it into reality until you know to use camera settings correctly.

The trick photography book explains the camera settings in a very comprehensive way. The parameters include aperture, shutter speed, white balance, and IOS.

An additional service demonstrates the use of these settings changing according to the timing, depending on the daylight and night light.

There is also information about some of the essential processes. To be a good photographer, one should know about these before starting up the shooting process.

Stunning special effects

Evan, the guide’s developer, has worked very hard to bring out a guide that would help anyone who is going through it.

The information and tricks are not precise to the group of people who would be practicing photography for a long time.

Numerous special effects and their usage are explained in the guide. Sometimes people know about these effects, but they have no idea where these effects fit.

With every effect, its best possible usage is also explained in the guide. Learning these can result in the jaw-dropping images and also let you earn active or passive income through these images.

Amazing ideas

The trick photography book offers dozens of mesmerizing ideas for taking the pictures and examples for each technique.

It also tells about the secret tools that have been used to airbrush the light effect on the pictures.

It helps you with guidelines on using the flashlights, LEDs, Laser pens, Glow sticks, Steel wool, and flashes to create an eye-catchy image and attention-seeking image.

Trick photography book also helps in the learning of creating an intricate physiogram pattern. The concept of taking the smoking hot pictures of the fire or focusing on the sparks coming out of the flames is also elaborated.

There is also a learning lesson about taking landscape pictures of nature by covering every factor present in the camera lens.

It enables you to learn the trick of light stitching. Light stitching is formed by combining different light painting pictures and blending them to give a new form to the image.

This is the only trick present in the module of the trick photography book that requires the use of Photoshop.

It also teaches about taking long exposure pictures in the daylight by using different filters.

This technique is the trick photography book that allows you to blur any movement for a longer run. It is made basically for the waterfalls, but it could be implied in the skies and trees.

These are examples of some techniques and tricks. Using all these, even a beginner come up with professional-level results.

Learn to put together your stuff

A special section in Trick Photography Book is dedicated to utilizing usual stuff to achieve particular effects.

You will learn how putting together your stuff in a certain way can help you to come up with maybe your most artistic shoot.

For example, how you can use a simple piece of household cleaning equipment, et cetera.

100% money-back guarantee

If you feel that you didn’t learn anything, you can claim back all of your money. But believe us that after using Trick Photography Book, you will not even remember this thing.


There is no such drawback in this online photography guide, making it worth all the bucks you will spend buying it. You can start instantly by downloading it from the official website.<-Affiliate link 🙂

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