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When it comes to tripods, Sirui is a reliable name with several brilliant products under its umbrella. If you are looking for a tripod with a compact built and a reasonable price yet, then Sirui T-025SK is the one!

The ultra-compact T-025SK is designed for travelers and to address their traveling needs. Carbon fiber built gives it all the strength and lightness required by a compact traveling tripod. Its legs are foldable up to 180 degrees with two extendable and removable columns.

5x weight supporting capability than its weight, sturdiness and many other features are there in this accessory to talk about. Let’s proceed with these features one by one.


To elaborate everything about this tripod in a few words, small but sturdy is the perfect description. Photographers, especially travel photographers, are super annoyed with the thought of carrying around the cumbersome tripods. If you’re also one of those, then T-025SK can be a pretty nifty choice for you.

Size and compactness

The primary feature of T-025SK is its compactness and small size. And this small size is not about extended length but folded one. Upon folding the legs, the tripod is only 3 inches. These 3 inches are perfectly capable of providing the stability you can achieve from a more prominent and heavier tripod.

SIRUI T-025SK folded

Generally, the Sirui T-025Sk maximum working height is 53.8 inches or 136.7 cm with the B-00K head. This is the height when the removable center column is attached. It is 42.5 inches without it.

Contrary to the maximum working height, the minimum working height is 3.1 inches or 7.9 cm.

This height may not please everyone. But keeping the description of a tripod in mind, it is not that bad. This tripod is designed as a “low-weight” travel tripod for people who don’t want to carry a heavier one. Getting a height of 54 inches from the minimum size of 3 inches is excellent.

Besides that, except for long angle shots and sceneries shooting, this tripod can go well with every camera/lens within its load capacity.


It comes in black color and is made up of carbon fiber and a little amount of magnesium. Carbon fiber is the key component used in manufacturing lightweight tripods. Being thin doesn’t mean it isn’t strong enough. Carbon fiber is capable of resisting dents and scratches better than many metals.

This makes it last longer. Spend once on buying T-025SK if your camera is compatible with its load capacity, and you’re right for the next few years, at least.


Again thanks to carbon-fiber built, the body of the tripod weighs only 0.8 kilograms. The detachable ball head  (B-00k) weighs 0.25 kg. Collectively you have a tripod with around 1.1 kg. Sirui tried to keep things as light as possible.

Load-bearing capacity

This 2 lbs body is capable of supporting 5x of weight than its weight. If your camera weight is up to 5.99 kg, T-025SK can be an excellent choice for you.

A tripod is all about its legs and head.

B-OOK tripod head

Let’s break down the details of both for this tripod:


There are five leg sections with three different legs position. These different leg positions help you to work with different angles as per your choice. The diameter of each leg is 0.87 inches or 22.10 mm.

  • Feet: at the end of the legs, there are rubber feet. As it is designed for traveling mainly, adding these feet is to enhance grip on the surface. Either rocky and uneven surface or grassy ground, feet help to keep T-025SK’s body at the place.
  • Independent leg spread: All five legs can be spread as much you want. You can bring out your creativity by exploring different angles.
  • Twist leg locks: The position of legs can be secured at the place using twist leg locks. There is a twist lock for this purpose. It holds legs very well once it is tightened. You can feel friction change while lighting the last 10% of the lock. Don’t worry. It just indicates that the locks are engaged.
  • Measures for leg safety: To make the tripod last long, Sirui’s sealed the legs lock. The purpose behind this seal is to prevent water, dust, and sand from getting inside the locks and leg tubes.
  • Center column: There are two central columns; one is removable and the other a fixed one. Both are round, made up of carbon fiber, and with rapid expansion mechanisms. The removable one can be advantageous in different photographic scenarios, especially for low-angle photography. Remove it, and you can get the lowest to the ground. If you twist it off, you can position the head and camera almost right down to the ground with the legs extended to 90 degrees.
  • Carabiner: At the bottom of the center column, a tiny keyring is there with a carabiner. It will enable you to hook your bag onto here for that extra little bit of stability when needed. It can be beneficial in windy situations as its own light-weightiness can be troublesome for a tripod to stand strong breeze again on its own.

SIRUI T-025SK weight hook

B-00K Ball head

The ball head is strong enough to support 6 pounds, but it is as lightweight as the body. Individually it weighs only ¼ kg while adding 70 mm in the height of the tripod. It is capable of a full 360° panoramic rotation.

  • Type: the type of ball-head used is Arca-swiss compatible. It makes mounting and dismounting easy. To attach or detach the camera and plate, a thumbscrew is added, which can be operated without any tools. The flip-up latch makes this mechanism easier.
  • Quick-release plate: As the B-00K ball head is Arca-swiss compatible, so the quick release plate use in it is  Sirui’s own designed TY-C10. It is an arca-swiss compatible plate mount designed to fit most of the camera models from different brands. There are rubber grips all around the upper side of the plate. These are added for extra support and stability to the camera. Rubber grips are also useful to prevent any slide when mounting to a camera.

Many advantages come with a swiss-Arca plate, i.e., it’s a quick-release system, which enables the tripod to mount and unmount the camera without mounting or unmounting anything. It is also known for its brilliance to hold the device or accessory at the place.

Sirui tripod head

Locking: The ball head has two types of locking capabilities:

  • A larger lock. This lock controls the ball head and keeps it firmly lock with the other structure of the tripod.
  • A smaller lock. This lock can be used to control 360° panoramic rotations of the head.

The built quality of these locks isn’t as good as the other parts of the tripod. It seems like Sirui tried to ignore this and focused on other parts. These locks are important ones, and the manufacturer should address this issue.

Movement: Head is capable of moving in full 360°. The perfect feature for panoramic shots.

There are a few other useful features:

Weather grips:

All three legs have weather grips. These grips maintain temperature as well as help you to hold your tripod better. Weather grips are handy in regions with cold temperatures.

SIRUI T-025SK leg

Bubble level

Like all other tripods from Sirui, T-025SK also features a bubble. Because of a tripod’s tiny size, this bubble level is too small, so small that it is of no use.

Carrying case:

This carrying case is sent with the package from the manufacturer. It not only protects the accessory but also makes it so easy to carry around the tripod. Carry it on the shoulder by attaching the shoulder strap with the case.

Specifications of Sirui T-025SK:

The previous section has detailed information about key features and specifications. In this section, you can peek at all but to the point specifications of the tripod, including information about package, warranty, and manufacturer.

  • Manufacturer: Sirius
  • Main built materials: Carbon Fiber
  • Weight: 2.2 lb. Or 1 kg
  • B&H # (model number): SISUT025SK
  • Manufacturer #: 025SK
  • Head Type: Ball Head
  • Camera Mounting Screw: ¼ inches to 20 inches male
  • Quick Release Plate Type: Arca-Type
  • Independent Pan Lock of head: Yes
  • Load Capacity: 13.2 lbs. Or 5.99 kg
  • Maximum Working Height: 53.8 inches or 136.7 cm
  • Max Height without Center Column: 42.5 inches or 107.95 cm
  • Minimum Working Height: 3.1 inches or 7.9 cm
  • Folded Length: 12.2 inches or 30.99 cm
  • Leg Lock Type: Twist Lock at the side
  • Leg Positions: 3 Positions
  • Independent Leg Spread: Yes
  • Leg Sections: 5
  • Leg Diameter: .87 inches or 22.10 mm
  • Bubble Level: Yes
  • Feet: Rubber feet. Replaceable
  • Center Column: Removable
  • Center Column Shape: round. Made with carbon fiber
  • Center Column Sections: 2
  • Center Column Extension Type: Rapid
  • Package Weight: 2.785 kg (including the weight of the case)
  • Box Dimensions (H x W x D): 3.8 inches x 3.95 inches x 16.15 inches
  • Warranty by manufacturer: Yes, six years

What’s In The Box

In the package from the manufacturer, you will get:

  • Sirui T-25SK T-0S Series Travel Tripod
  • A B-00k black Ball Head made up of carbon
  • Carrying Case
  • Limited 6-Year Warranty


Sirui photo gear


  • It can fit even at the littlest of place. Very compact when folded
  • Minimum height of 3.1 inches
  • Variable leg angles
  • Removable central column
  • Value of money
  • 5x weight supporting capability than its weight
  • Comes with a B-00k Arca-type compatible and robust head.
  • Quick-release lever for an extra stronghold
  • Panoramic movement capability of the head


  • Not a major problem, but many users didn’t like the center column, which is fixed.
  • Not stable in windy conditions
  • If you’re not looking for a super lightweight tripod, there are many other options available with several essential features.


If you own a camera less than 6kg and want a super lightweight but long-lasting tripod, Sirui T-025SK is your go-to option. Make it yours today <- Affiliate Link 🙂 and improve your camera stability!

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