Bodnant Garden

Bodnant Garden in Wales

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Bodnant Garden is a National Trust property in Conwy, Wales, close to the Carneddau mountains. It is famous for its five Italianate terraces of rose beds, pools, and pergola garden rooms.

I will not go deep into the history of this beautiful place. You can find a lot of information on the National Trust’s official website.

Instead, I will show what you can expect if visiting these gardens at the beginning of April, as we’ve done.

Bodnant Garden

For us, according to the moment I am writing this post, it was yesterday, the 3rd of April 2023.

Nelosii at the Bodnant Garden in Wales

It was a sunny day with 10-12 degrees Celsius, perfect for this period in the UK.

It took us about three hours to walk through all the main areas. It is reasonable to presume that 4-5 hours will be enough if you’d like to stop for hot and cold light bites, lunches, bakes, cakes, and drinks available from the Pavilion and Magnolia tea rooms. Drinks and snacks are served from The Dell Kiosk on the winter weekends.

Here you can see the Bodnant Hall from the opposite side of the trail. Next is another view from the daffodil fields:

Bodnant House

The Bodnant Garden

This is the Old Mill, a starting place for the walk to the lake along the river and a lovely children’s playground.

The Old Mill At Bodnant Garden

Right next is a kiosk where you can buy pies, ice cream, and soda. Or you can choose (as we’ve done) to turn right on the following path and reach the highest point of the walk, opposite the entrance for the tour.

After that, you can keep left and reach the lake and the playground.

Magnolia white trees are all over the place. April is a good month for admiring the blooming nature, but we recommend visiting after the half of May.

White magnolia at the Bodnant Garden

Magnolia at Bodnant Garden

Rhododendrons are also blooming in April and offer absolute joy for the eye. We’ve seen more than ten types of rhododendron with six different colors: white, red, yellow, orange, purple, and pale blue.

White and red rhododendron at Bodnant Garden

Purple, red and white rhododendron at Bodnant Garden

Pink, white and red rhododendron at Bodnant Garden in Wales

Pink rhododendron at Bodnant Garden

Colorful rhododendron background

Colorful rhododendron at Bodnant Garden

There is also present a wide variety of palm trees at the Bodnant Gardens.

Palm trees diversity at Bodnant Garden in Wales

The biggest reason we recommend visiting the Bodnant Gardens after the first half of May is the blooming time for the roses, especially the climbing ones.

See below the job they have done with the climbers, and imagine how we felt about the time we choose for visiting. But no worries, we’ll be back in a month or two, and I will update the post with more colorful photos. Especially roses 😉

Climbing roses at the Bodnant Garden

Climbing roses at Bodnant Garden

This is also a place known for the daffodil fields. It was a bit late for the fields, as you can see below, but still a lovely view.

Daffodils at Bodnant Garden

Daffodils field at the Bodnant Garden in Wales

At the exit of the tour, you will find a souvenir shop and a nursery where you can buy the same plants you admired on your walk.

If you are lucky and visit on a sunny day, you’ll meet many landscape photography opportunities. Amazing views and fantastic colors!

Bodnant Garden in Wales

If you like the quality of the photos, here is the review for my best camera – Sony A7RII. Please remember that the images here are 100-500 kb, but the originals are about 40 mb. Amazing right? Especially if you need to print them big 😉


Visiting the Bodnant Garden was the perfect trip for our first vacation day. It was a nice drive, just one hour and twenty minutes from our home near Liverpool.

Next, on the 6th, we’ll head to Mallorca (Majorca) for eight days. Be prepared; many pics will flood the next post in my travel category.

Thanks for your time (and for the five stars rating below :)), and please feel free to comment if you have any questions or want to say anything else.

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