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Pro tips for street photography

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Street photography is a genre of photography set in the fast-moving world out there. It revolves around capturing action and emotions sizzling in the streets around us. It might sound easy, but in reality, it is challenging as it requires effort in the spur of a moment and an eye that can distinguish extraordinary events.

For this, you require patience as well as agility with a creative and open mind. And these abilities require a lot of practice and take time. Moreover, street photography is symbolized with wine as it ages exceptionally well. Thus keeping this in mind, one has to look for changing trends to capture events that will fade in glory.

Pro tips for street photography

Learning this intricate art of street photography in a short time has puzzled many. Learning and practicing can only get you so far, and that too very gradually. You will have to put a lot of time and effort and dedication and determination, but still, there will be some skills amiss because some things are learned the short way around. Similarly, to excel in street photography, there are some arcane rules which you should learn by heart as they will take you a long way in a short time.

We have shared our bag of tricks for you to make your life easier when out on the streets. So to become a seasoned street photographer, follow these pro tips below, which we have accumulated from our experience in this field:

Stop Moving

This might not sound much of a technical tip, but it helps to seek out amazing content for your images. When you stop moving, you can focus better and identify exciting and powerful events near you. So don’t treat street photography as a beautiful stroll of the city because you can barely pay attention when you are walking. Even if you do notice an extraordinary moment, it flies by before you can ready your camera.

Thus, for capturing quality street photos, you will have to stay often still and be patient so that when the right moment comes by, you are not out of position. Secondly, when you are still even ordinary, things intrigue you, and you can capture the extraordinary embedded inside everyday events. This is one of the finesse of street photography to see what others don’t mind.

focus on eyes street photo

Lastly, slowing down is the key when people are moving because if you walk with them, you will fail to get a sharp shot while framing correctly simultaneously as shooting during motion is very tough. So to pull off coordination with ever-moving street life, you have to do precisely the opposite by staying still. This doesn’t mean remaining in the same spot forever. Just make a point to wait for a few minutes every few blocks.

This way, you will explore your surroundings better and find an array of events that unfold before you. The number of moments that can occur in front of you when you are just standing around will surprise you.

Focusing on the subject’s eyes

Do you want to improve your street photography, which focuses on portraiture, by 100%? Then all you have to do is pay attention to your subject’s eyes. You might find this trick to old school, but trust us, it works at all times. It is still the way pro do things because, as they say, old is gold. This is a guaranteed technique because people normally hide their emotions, but their eyes speak it all. Even a skilled introvert won’t be able to manipulate their eyes.

So don’t focus on the face as emotions remain hidden there. Instead, pay attention to the eyes as the eyes will never lie. Thus, if you want more than just blank stares, then search for that hint of emotion within the eyes. Mark our word, you will certainly see a transformative effect in your photographs.

focus on eyes portrait

Secondly, eyes are a way of discovering emotions, but they are ways to build a connection. Direct eye contact is integral as it helps create powerful connections with the subject. Even though street photographers aim to remain unnoticed as secrecy aids their creativity, but when capturing people in their habitat, it is a direct look in the eyes exactly what is needed to make the image stand out. This doesn’t mean that the photograph can’t be candid.

The look can be purely original if you successfully capture the subject in their first glance before they can mask their reactions. Thus eye contact can be completely candid if it is coincidental!

Focusing on Details

If you think street photography is about capturing the greater picture, then this is where you are going wrong. The tip is never to treat street shooting as crazy juxtapositions or try to fit in as many subjects, events, or emotions in it. The trick focuses on the details rather than elaborating on the frame because it is the intricacies that hold the most beauty. Capturing meticulous images has become an eye-catching way to phrase street life.

Too many things happening is mainstream and won’t make your photography stand out. So the tip is to simplify the surroundings and explore ‘little things’ as these things have big stories to tell. Let the viewers ponder over the tiny hints about life, which they usually miss in all the hustle. Please give them a unique perspective by working on the details that would intrigue them, such as building a person’s hands, clothing texture, in-depth expressions, etc.

street photography person in trouble

Instead of widening the frame, emphasis on one object framed very close. Portray the most powerful emotion and creative idea via the simplest of the scene and hook the viewer! Aim for evocative photography.

Shooting at high ISO

With present-day Digital cameras, you can use the power of ISOs to create amazing images. You are usually shooting at around ISO 1600 and more to produce ideal results except for shooting still objects or bright sunlight. Use this tip consistently because shooting with high ISO will help you gain sharper images as it leads to faster shutter speeds and smaller apertures.

Thus, if you are making use of a decent digital camera, remember this tip as you will notice that it will create much better quality images. Even though there will be extra grain, the results will still be beautiful as long as you don’t brighten the exposure much in post-production. Just ensure that when shooting with high ISO, expose correctly, or the image will get ruined.

Finding scenes without people

Street photography is usually wrongly assumed as being associated entirely with people on the streets. Yes, it does revolve around human nature, but that doesn’t mean that each shot should have someone in it. People can be present in some scenes, but not all, because there is an infinite number of opportunities for epic shots without people. You have to broaden your mind and look discreetly.

Don’t take this tip to the core, or you will end up conducting architectural photography. Try to find a balance between portraits, emotions, action, and object. Also, do not confuse street photographs with urban landscapes as urban photos are straight shots that portray the environment while street photos depict more about human nature. So when capturing people-less images, make them more subjective by conveying a message through them.

street photography long exposure

Learn from the image Layers of the City, which represents more than just a city. It relays the transformation of Manhattan from a seedy underbelly to a sleek neighborhood. That is why it is one of the most renowned street photos ever, as it combines the environment with human nature to produce a meaningful image.

Wandering at Night to make most of Artificial Light

You might think that day time is the most rewarding time to shoot as you can most of the sunlight, but that only means you have never experienced the nightlife. You will be surprised to find that night is one of the most fun times to be on the street as it opens a completely new dimension to the street world.

Everything looks different in artificial light, and you will find images to be more moody and powerful when taken during nighttime compared to their counterparts captured during the day. The authentic and colorful look of artificial light will brighten up your images without the need for the sun as the streetlamps and glowing storefront signs will do their work. To take full advantage of the nightlife, the tip is to find bright areas and shoot at ISO 1600 or 3200. We guarantee that you will be awestruck by your work.

Using eyes and spontaneity instead of the viewfinder

Do you know what made Garry Winogrand one of the most renowned photographers of all time, his instincts! So if you want to be anywhere like him, trust your guts and rely on what you see. Don’t make the common mistake of relying on your viewfinder and forgetting what your eyes and institution tell you. If you forget your perspective and depend too much on your camera to do the work for you, street photography will become a lot tougher for you.

I prefer your vision rather than the viewfinder because the camera lens hinders spontaneity significantly. This is because when the moment will happen, your head will be on the viewfinder, and you will notice it a half-second too slow, thus hurting your ability to capture flying moments. Make your eyes the real viewfinder and click the shutter on impulse. Be aware of everything around you to anticipate the special moments that are about to occur and can position the camera accordingly within no time.

focus on eyes picture

Practice to scan the area with your hands on the shutter and eyes open wide rather than on the viewfinder. Take your eyes off the environment only when you have identified the scene.

Secondly, do plan ahead of your shooting, but as soon as you are in the scene, embrace your gut feeling because it exists for a reason. So take advantage of your reflexes, and when everything is in motion, stop worrying about every little detail. Instead, think whether you like what you are capturing or not.

If your heart says yes and you are having fun, then go for it. It doesn’t matter what other people will think. No matter how weird the scene is, if you find it beautiful, capture it because it is your drive that matters. Do not let the brain talk you out of it, as street photography is an art that comes from the heart, not the mind. In the end, your image will reflect your confidence, and you will see a lot of improvement when you trust your guts.

Just don’t go overboard with this tip by treating your camera like a machine gun and shooting every single time there is an inkling of a good photograph. Do filter your thoughts and distinguish good opportunities from bad ones. Also, turn off continuous shooting as special moments should be captured within a shot or two.


Summing it up, street photography requires a lot more than just technical skills. What it needs is you to portray both motion and emotion by blending them optimally. For this, you require special skills that we have imparted.

Follow them as they will help you through thick and thin, and you will end up becoming a pro. Lastly, do not worry initially about capturing good photographs, be at the moment and enjoy. Many events will come to you this way, and you will eventually end up with something special when you least expect it. So don’t get frustrated and immerse yourself in street life because the more you enjoy it, the better you will become.

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