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Olympus OM-1

Olympus OM 1 – The three most impressive specifications

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Recently I switched from the Sony A7RII to the Olympus OM 1 camera. I have done that for the three reasons explained below.

The three most impressive specifications of the Olympus OM 1:

These are in my opinion the most impressive specifications of the Olympus OM 1 camera that make it stand out in the international camera market these days:

Focus Stacking

Olympus om-1 md is doing in-camera focus stacking. This is extremely appealing, especially for macro photographers.

What is Focus Stacking?

It is taking more shots of the same image focusing on different points, and after that combining all of them into a single image while having the subject all in focus.

You might say – okay, but closing a bit the lens’s diaphragm to have the entire subject in focus, is it not the same?

No, it is not. Because the big advantage of focus stacking is that you can do that with the maximum opening of your lens. For example, in my case 2.8 for my Mzuiko 60mm. You’ll get a perfect creamy, dream-like background.

Olympus OM-1 with M.Zuiko 60mm macro lens and Godox TT600 flash

This is shot with my Olympus OM 1 with Godox TT600 and Mzuiko 60mm macro lens in my garden in Liverpool, UK:

Wasp focus stacking OM1

The best thing is that the Olympus OM-1 camera is doing focus stacking in the camera. You don’t have to use a tripod, to take lots of shots with different focus spots of the subject which must be perfectly still, and after that combine them using a software.

That is a lot of work, and very difficult to be done on living/moving things.

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Pro Capture

Olympus OM 1 ensures that you don’t miss the moment with the pro capture feature.

What is Pro Capture?

With Pro Capture mode, the camera will record a preset number of images while you’re autofocusing. It will continuously record the scene in front of you in loops, recording and replacing these at the same time until you fully press the shutter button.

Stork building nest - Olympus om 1 pro capture

The camera will continue to shoot after that as long as you hold the shutter button down. After that, the camera will have the preset number of pics from right before you fully press the shutter and the images taken before you let go of it.

This is an amazing feature, especially for wildlife and motion photography in general. Don’t forget to turn off the camera image review. It will slow you down if not.

Olympus om 1 pro capture - seagulls playing on the lake surface

High-Res Mode

With the Olympus om 1 md and its stacked BSI sensor, you can take shots with a much better resolution than the camera originally provides, which is about 20.4 megapixels.

What is High-Res Mode in Olympus om-1?

By shifting the sensor, the camera captures multiple images and then combines these images into a large, high-resolution picture. It can be raw or jpg, your choice.

You can have a 50-megapixel image with a hand-held shot, or an amazing 80 mp picture by using a tripod. Isn’t this amazing for a 20 mp sensor?

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And do not be worried, the image quality is top. In my opinion, the maximum image resolution Olympus OM 1 can achieve is somewhere equivalent to a 30 mp full-frame camera sensor.

I will not exemplify with images, as being very large this page will never load 🙂 But you can check them on my pexels account.


For me, the Olympus OM 1 camera is the best I can have right now on the market. That is why I shifted from Sony, which is my second choice due to the fantastic image quality. Again, this is my opinion and not an advice.

Olympus om1 solved my desire to shoot macro with a maximum opened aperture and having the subject in full focus due to the in-camera focus stacking feature; helped me shoot moments “before they happen” with pro capture and gave me amazing resolution shots with the high-res modes.

Make it yours today <– Affiliate Link 🙂 and you’ll thank me later. Please share your thoughts in the comments below, and don’t forget to use the star rating feature to show your opinion on the Olympus OM-1 camera performance.

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