gopro hero 7 black
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GoPro Camera Review – GoPro Hero7

GoPro Inc. is an American technology company and it is known worldwide for producing most versatile action cameras. These cameras…

circle of confusion explained
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What is circle of confusion in photography?

In the world of photography there are concepts that you must know and master, so you will capture images all…

micro photography nerve cells
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What is micro photography about?

One of the photography styles that amazes is the micro photography, where you can appreciate details that you never thought…

soldiers silhouettes
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What is war photography?

War photography is all about photographing conflict in its reality. Not only does it cover arms and weaponry used and…

conceptual photography underwater portrait
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Conceptual and fine art photography

Since the invention of cameras, photographers have explored many genres. But the genre that relates close to art is conceptual…

aerial photo football ground
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What is aerial photography?

You might be familiar with all sorts of photography taken with regular cameras. You come across these photographs all the…

drone flying
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Best of Drones regarding Price-Quality Ratio

One might consider a drone as some toy-like gadget but spending money on a quality drone can be a wise…

Hubsan Zino Pro folded
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Hubsan Zino Pro drone Review

Hubsan Zino drones aren’t new in remote control quadcopters industry. When Hubsan released its ZINO H117s, it went quite popular…

Hubsan Zino pro Z117S
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Hubsan drone review – Hubsan Zino Z117S

People who are interested in quad copters and drones are well aware of Hubsan and its position among market leaders…

hubsan zino gps fpv drone folded
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Hubsan Zino GPS FPV Review

Hubsan is known for its range of easily affordable drones with a number of functions and features. Zino series from…