YongNuo flashgun review – YongNuo YN-560 III

YongNuo YN-560 III flash

Yongnuo is a Chinese multinational company and is known for its versatile and durable products. The company specializes in manufacturing some top-quality photography equipment like flashlights, lenses, converters, and cables.

Flashlights or flashguns are its main outputs and the ones about which the company is famous for. The flashguns manufactured by the company are of best quality, have unique features and are quite cheap as compared to some of the other brands. Nikon and Canon are the main brands that utilize the Yongnuo’s equipment and the result is often mind-blowing.

Flashguns are one of the most important elements or the techniques used in professional photography and could provide tremendous results. We often see professional photographers at the wedding or at the photoshoot, carrying these lenses. These flashguns may be quite expensive, but are used to create professional results while shooting in the studios, models, product photography and most importantly the indoor photography.

Although each DSLR camera has an in-built flash, we will tell how flashguns are more useful and better:


The flashguns have high standard and powerful light that provides over 100-times better results than those of the in-built flashes. Simply, if we compare the size of a flashgun with the normal flashes, we could clearly size that it is quite large, powerful and will provide high-quality results.


The functions integrated into the flashgun provide you 100% control over the use of the light. For instance, how high or low it may be, what will be the frequency, ISO, etc. Professional or experienced photographers need and must know that for each spot or location, the flashlight of different density is needed. So, control over it is quite important.

Easy to use and carry

The flashguns are quite easy to use and have simple integrated controls similar to that of your camera. No additional, knowledge or experience is needed. If you have good knowledge of your camera, then you could easily use it.

In addition, you can easily carry these flashguns anywhere you want to as they are of lightweight and highly portable. Moreover, it can be easily adjusted in your existing camera bag easily.

YongNuo YN-560 III flashgun

Low Price

As compared to some of the other DSLR accessories, Flashguns are quite cheap and easy to buy. For instance, the lenses price start’s from 100$ and may go up to 5000$. Relatively.

These were some of the features of the flashguns and now you may have a better idea why they are so important or why we should buy them. There are numerous brands out in the market that feature these flashguns, each with its own quality, price, and specs. Before considering or buying them, you may get confused about which to choose or pick.

From my point of experience, I would recommend the YongNuo YN-560 III Flashgun as I used it a lot and found it quite useful. This is quite a powerful flashgun whit wireless capabilities. Means you can install the gun anywhere within its range and could send signal for the flashing purposes.

When I bought this flashgun and for the first time, I got hands on it, I was pretty worried because it was a Chinese brand and some of the Chinese brands had a quite bad reputation. But surprisingly, the flashgun’s overall quality was quite excellent, had a lot of buttons, high-grade material, an LED and much more.

Some of the flashgun’s main features include:


The best thing about the flashgun that I admire the most is its wireless capability. Means we can install the flashgun anywhere around and we just have to signal it with the help of a radio transmitter. The range is also very good. This feature could be quite useful when doing the professional or industry photo shoots, for instance, we are doing the product photography of some company’s products. Hence, the normal flashguns would not provide the desired results as this one will.

Great Built quality

As described earlier, the Yongnuo’s flashguns are quite different from the other mainstream Chinese products and have excellent build quality. Moreover, Yongnuo has a quite good reputation all over the world and due to its high-standards only, it has found its way to the European, Asian and even American markets.

Reflector Card

The flashgun has a built-in reflector card and overall enhances the operational and productive capability of the flashgun. This feature is not found in all the other flashes and is a great plus as it will save your money.

Easy to use

Although the flashgun has a lot of features, functions, and capabilities, it is really easy to use or understand. There is no need of reading the manual, watching YouTube tutorials, etc. by using a few times, you will get familiar with it. Moreover, the flashgun could easily be attached or used with the mainstream DSLR brands, i.e. Nikon or the Canon.

LED Display

This is another feature that is not found in any of the other flashguns and could be a great advantage as we can adjust the settings or read them easily while using its own led display and not to sort everything out with our camera’s.

YongNuo YN-560 III display

Cheap Price

If you consider buying this flashgun or any other in the market, you will notice that this model has a quite low rate if compare it with its features. Make sure to compare its price also with some of the other brand’s flashguns like Nikon or Canon. But I can ensure that those flashguns because they have a famous brand and for this, they may have a high price, but in terms of performance, the YongNuo YN-560 III is second to none with very less price.

As each of the inventions has its own advantage and some disadvantages, the YongNuo’s YN-560 III Flashgun has some of the disadvantages too and it is necessary that you must be aware of them.

For having a perfect purchase, each time you must consider the disadvantages more than the advantages for having the best results.

  • Low Sync Speed:

As compared to some of the other flashgun models, this one has quite a low sync speed and sometimes affects the efficiency of the gun. If the flashgun, didn’t have this setback, it was overall a brilliant flashgun and better than the others in every sense.

  • Unexplained features:

While reading the users reviews, I have read about some of the camera’s features and buttons that are used for some specific function but they aren’t working. I myself, haven’t experienced this, but if it is so, then it is also one of the flashgun’s con.

Some of the flashgun’s main features include:


Guide Number : 190.29′ / 58 m at ISO 100 (105 mm Position)

Coverage: Full-Frame

24 to 105 mm

18 mm (with Wide-Angle Adapter)

Bounce Head: -7 to +90°

Swivel Head: 270°

Flash Duration : 1/200 to 1/20000 Second

Recycle Time: Approx. 3 Seconds

Secondary Illumination: None

Exposure Control: Manual

Flash Modes: None

Power Range: 1/1 to 1/128 (Manual)

Wireless Operation: Radio [Up to 300′ / 91.44 m (Slave)

Wireless Channels: 16

Slave Timing Modes: Instant Sync, Skip Preflash

Internal Power: 4 x AA (Alkaline, NiMH)

External Power Pack Compatible: Yes

Mount: Shoe

Off-Camera Terminal: PC

Dimensions (W x H x D): 2.4 x 7.5 x 3.1″ / 60 x 190 x 78 mm

Weight: 12.35 oz / 350 g

Package Weight: 1.17 lb.

Box Dimensions (L x W x H): 8.45 x 3.85 x 3.45″

What’s in the Bag:

1× Yongnuo YN560III Speedlight

1× Protecting Bag

1× Mini Stand

1× Manual

YongNuo YN-560 III

Where to use:


Most of the weddings in my country occur at the nigh time and hence there is a desperate need for powerful flashguns. I have tried a lot of flashguns of different brands, but the result provided by the YongNuo’s YN-560 III has no match.


Outdoors photo shoots, especially in the evening, nights or low light give a tremendous challenge to the photographers and there is a need for an effective flashgun. So, this one will be the best in my opinion and not forget that it also has wireless capabilities.

Indoor or Studios:

Indoor photography is quite difficult as compared to the outdoors due to the low light and if you are working with models, it gets quite challenging. A lot of light and suitable equipment is needed to get the right and correct shot.

In conclusion, I would say that the YongNuo YN-560 III is overall a great flashgun for professional photography. It will provide some high-quality results; powerful flashlight, wireless transmitter, and much more. Also, you won’t regret buying this.

Moreover, your trust in Chinese products may build-up. For some general info, keep in mind that earlier, the top manufacturing countries of the world, i.e. Japan, Korea, US, etc. had manufacturing plants in their own respective countries but today, all of these countries have given license to China mad even when you buy an iPhone, it will also have the label of Made in China on the backside. So, if you are worried about the Chinese built, then it is useless.

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