What is an action camera?

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Action cameras look like regular cameras but unlike them, they shoot differently. They are not for capturing still subjects, rather their motto is to re-create epic moments and capture unreal videos and photos. The basic point of these cameras is to make your photos and videos come to life.

They are here to let you share exactly what is happening in front of you so that the viewer can experiencing it as it is. So now whether you are going on a zip line down a mountain or cycling across aesthetic landscapes, you can capture it all!

But for all these capabilities, action cameras have to be well-equipped. They are specifically designed and come with a range of accessories so that they can be attached to objects such as helmets, cars, handlebars, surfboards, etc. They are created to be small yet tough so that they can be placed anywhere. They are simple to operate but can capture the world in high-definition video. In addition to this, they can capture with a wide-angle fish-eye perspective to give more width to your photos.

Don’t underestimate them due to their small size as these small bodies have a dramatic point of view which have made them extremely popular especially amongst extreme sports enthusiast who want to capture their adventures. They have also gained fame in the TV production world as broadcasting companies use them in places where regular cameras are impossible to use.

Here are some of the features of action cameras that set them apart from normal cameras:

Wide-angle 4k movies and images

Almost all action cameras can record 4k videos which can be used on digital television and digital cinematography. They deliver top-notch quality without a hitch. They are also capable of capturing excellent images as they have large sensors. So these cameras give users bigger resolution results which can even be enlarged without looking pixelated.

Compact size

One of the biggest advantages of these cameras is portability. As they are usually very small they can fit into the palm of your hand and you can carry them where ever you want. You can even easily prop them on standard tripods and use them to substitute regular cameras. This way you won’t have to worry about carrying luggage as even with the casing on these cameras are smaller than point and shoot cameras.


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Perfect for extreme sports

Extreme sports usually involve speed and risk thus they cannot be captured via regular cameras. So to record live footage of sporting activities like surfing, racing, and skiing, action cameras are ideal as they are secure, tough, and can be placed anywhere. So now you can even record ball to bat cricket by mounting the camera on a cricket bat and gain a unique perspective of this game. Epic memories but are means of learning as well.

The results caught on these cameras can provide users with detailed knowledge of their movements to improve their game. As there are several ways to mount the camera just ensure that you have the right mount and are positioning in it at the right angle. This will lead to the best view.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Usually, modern action cameras have Bluetooth. The new updates also have Wi-Fi connectivity. This makes it very easy to share the images. You can instantly share the images online using Wi-Fi or transfer it to your smartphone using Bluetooth. This makes it very handy especially during travel to upload and share something very quickly. Even if it doesn’t have Wi-Fi or Bluetooth you can still share images but will have to take the SD card out and export photos and videos through a card reader to a smartphone or PC.

Multipurpose Use

The purpose of the action camera is not limited to sport activities as it can be used in many ways. Its compactness and high quality make it very versatile thus making it flexible. It is indeed a multipurpose camera because it can be used to fulfill the various need for example

  • It can be used as a cheap substitute for car dash cameras which themselves are very expensive. An action camera can indeed double as a dash-cam because not only can their wide-angle lens efficiently record the entire front view but also because they can easily be mounted. This makes them ideal for functioning as they can be easily fixed on the rear-view mirror using a car mount.
  • It can be used to record dangerous situations where holding a camera is not possible. So head or chest mount can be used to record the scenes with convenience. Not only will they provide the footage with ease but will require little maintenance and handling.
  • Action cameras are perfect for traveling. When you are exploring unique landscapes and want to capture the view forever, then it is best to use these handy cameras. This will enable you to enjoy the trip without making photography a hassle. Moreover, their compact size and lightweight takes little space in your luggage and makes them easy to carry everywhere you go. So now you can capture every little spot on this globe you visit, even while diving underwater or while up on a hot air balloon. You can even capture images from different angles to give them an extraordinary perspective by mounting action cameras on unique objects like on a kite, or a skateboard.
  • With an action camera, you can even record what your pet does all day long. By just using pet mounts that attach to their neck collar, you can keep an eye on your animals all day long and see the world as they see it. You can even use a harness for different angles thus providing you a fascinating of your pet’s life. As the built-in battery in these cameras can last for long hours, you can see what your pet goes through all day!

Fisheye lens

Some action camera also has a fisheye lens which provides some cool effects as it widens the lens angle. With fisheye, users can produce wide panoramic images which enable them to gain more width into their photos and video. So action cameras with the fisheye can enlarge the photography experience for you.

Underwater usage

One of the best things about these cameras is that they come with waterproof cases enabling them to reach pretty far underwater. Thus, if you want to snorkel or go deep water diving, you can take your action camera underwater to record your experience as it can usually handle depth up to 30 meters. New models can handle more than 50 meters as well.


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Action cameras usually come with many accessories for mounting. They vary according to your need but the following attachment are mostly used:

  • Headcam attachment
  • Handle bar attachment
  • Windscreen attachment
  • Underwater cover
  • Remote control

The required FPS and zoom

The speed of the frames per second is important as it impacts quality of the image. Therefore, many action cameras come with FPS of more than current industry standard of 24 FPS. This means that there is less strain on the eyes as the picture quality improves. The zoom range of different cameras vary but typically you will find cameras with zoom of more than 3 x zoom so that you can capture subjects even if they are far.


With any camera you need high storage to store as much as you can. This is true for action cameras as well, that is why they come with high storage micro SD card, along with a Micro-USB connector so that you can transfer images when the card gets full. The SD cards have decent amount of storage because action cameras are mostly used to record HD videos which take lot of storage capacity. Lastly you can change SD cards easily to enlarge the storage.

Mega pixels

Action cameras are not just about recording epic moments and capturing impossible images but they also aim to deliver high resolution images. For this they have high mega pixels of more than 8. Some of the newly launched action cameras have even more mega pixels than their regular counterparts.


Action cameras are typically less costly than regular cameras. But like all product there is a price range, and some action cameras are priced more than others. This is either due to abundance of features, brand name, or newer versions. But nonetheless, you will find an action camera with decent quality, ease of use, huge storage, good mega pixels along with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth in a suitable price if you are ready to let go professional features.

Summing it up, Action cams are way better that regular cameras. They are quite their opposite as they are small, inexpensive, tough, and simple to operate but nonetheless can produce amazing results. These small digital beauties are designed to filming everything from complex sports to simple daily life activities while being immersed in it.


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They are amongst the most compact and rugged cameras on earth. They are commonly associated with outdoor activities and are an integral part of extreme sports for example base jumping and wing suit flying but this is not their only use. They are extremely versatile due to their flexible nature, thus you can use them wherever you want.

With their compact build, lightweight, plethora of features, and reasonable price, these cameras are trending everywhere. So grab one now and explore another dimension of the photography world!

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