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Walimex WT-3570 product overview

Walimex tripod review – Walimex WT-3570

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Walimex has always been successful in launching good-quality tripods. But this time, it has exceeded our expectations by launching Walimex WT-3570. This is a fully equipped entry-level tripod with a plethora of features. It does have a considerable price tag, but all its specifications make it worthwhile.

With an extensive working height of 168 cm and sturdily built, this tripod is ideal for all purposes. It is also lightweight and compact for more comfortable carrying, but this doesn’t comprise its supporting capability. This is because all its parts are built with precision and stability in mind! Its ball head is also excellent as it performs smoothly and reliably.

The 3D Panhead along extra-large quick-release plate makes functioning a lot easier. It also has perks such as a bubble level and a spirit level for more natural alignment. Furthermore, the handles, center column, mid-spreader, carrying bags, weight hooks, and smartphone holder make this beauty perfect for you! With so many practical features, it is justly priced.

Let us look into the detail at the features of this Walimex WT-3570 to understand what makes it so unique:

Walimex tripod review – Walimex WT-3570

The Walimex pro WT-3570 is a versatile entry-level tripod that has impressed us with both its performance and built. It is ideal for both photos and videos. First, we will discuss it’s built, which is designed to be sturdy and lightweight at the same time!

The construction is quite robust as it is made from high-quality aluminum, which is very durable. This material also makes it light as this WT-3570 only weighs 1,495 g even with the tripod head. As its leg can be folded upwards, it transforms into a compact package, which can be carried anywhere without any hassle.

It comes with a carrying bag, which makes traveling with it even more comfortable. Additionally, it comes with a smartphone holder that completes the package.

Walimex WT-3570 maximum height

Another aspect of its high-quality features is the large maximum working height, which doesn’t comprise stability. The max height of this tripod is 168 cm, which is quite impressive and makes it versatile.

Easy to adjust the height

The minimum working height of 63 cm also makes it suitable for low angle shooting. Moreover, its integrated crank handle on the shoulder makes it easy to adjust the height infinitely. You can also lock it reliably, thanks to the fixing screw.

Coming onto its leg, it has three legs, which are made from aluminum that is anodized to make it very sturdy. Then they feature a maximum diameter of 29 mm. They are mid-spreader; thus, they ensure the right level of sturdiness.

Walimex WT-3570 legs close up

You can adjust the leg angles infinitely. Then they have comfortable flip-lock levers for a more straightforward setup. All might not prefer them are, but they work smoothly. Then they have rubber feet with level compensation for enhanced stability on all sorts of surfaces.

Other perks of this tripod include accessories such as weight hooks for adding weights, which ensure stability. You can take your tripod out even in windy conditions. This Walimex pro WT-3570 tripod also sports a spirit level and a bubble level on the tripod shoulder.

Easy to carry

They lead to faster and more precise alignment. Then it also has a carry handle on its shoulder for more relaxed and comfortable carrying. Then its Panhead also works smoothly. It is also very secure and can support a maximum of 4 kg. It can carry all sorts of cameras and lenses except for cumbersome equipment.

Walimex WT-3570 head close up

Lastly, it is also very user-friendly as it is easy to mount and unmount, thanks to its quick-release plate with a 1/4-inch connector screw. It is extra-large and measures 75 x 55 mm. This makes it very practical for travel photography as well.

Walimex WT-3570 Specifications:

  • Maximum Capacity: 4kg
  • Weight Tripod including Head: 1495g
  • Pack Measure: 65cm
  • Material Tripod Legs: Aluminum
  • Number Tripod Legs: 3St
  • Leg Locking: Clamp locking
  • Minimum Working Height: 630mm
  • Height tripod inserted central column with the head: 1360mm
  • Maximum Height of tripod including ball head: 1680mm
  • The diameter of the 1st Leg Segment: 29mm
  • The diameter of the 2nd Leg Segment: 25mm
  • The diameter of the 3rd Leg Segment: 21mm
  • Number of Leg Segments: 3
  • Diameter Stand Area max: 1050mm
  • Tripod Star Features: Spirit Level, Crank
  • Spreader Variation: Middle Spreader
  • Length middle column: 31cm
  • Tripod Head: 3D ball head
  • Height Ball Head: 95mm
  • Maximum Load Tripod Head: 4000g
  • Connection: Firmly connected
  • Camera connection: 1/4 inch
  • Contains quick-change plate: Yes
  • Width Quick Change Plate: 55mm
  • Length quick-change plate: 75mm
  • Height quick release plate: 12mm
  • Weight quick-change plate: 30g
  • Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead: 1
  • Spikes: No
  • Wrist Strap: No
  • Tripod head included: Yes.

What’s in the box?

  • Walimex WT-3570 basic tripod
  • Carrying bag
  • Smartphone holder
  • Manual in German or English


  • It is lightweight yet sturdy
  • It comes with 3D Panhead
  • Its 29-mm aluminum legs make it very stable
  • Centre column and weight hooks enhance stability
  • Height can be adjusted via a crank handle and precise fine-cut thread
  • The quick-release plate is comfortable
  • Has both a spirit level and bubble level
  • Convenient to carry as well


  • A bit pricey
  • Not for hefty lenses
  • Everyone may not prefer clamp locks


All in all, this Walimex WT-3570 is so far the best combination of Tripod with 3D Panhead. Not only does it performs excellently, but with a carrying length of only 67 cm, it is also ideal for on-the-go travel. It is indeed a piece of necessary equipment for photography wherever you go.

It is constructed from lightweight aluminum; nevertheless, it is sturdy enough to carry maximum load capacity. Even though it cannot take heavy lenses, which is a drawback but with additional hooks, it has enhanced stability and is ideal for compact and SLR cameras.

It is a bit pricey, but with all the features such as integrated crank for height adjustments, convenient transportation, integrated 3D Panhead, a quick-release plate, and excellent legs, it is worth every penny!<- Affiliate Link 🙂

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