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Walimex tripod extended

When Walimex came up with its FT-665T Pro Tripod we were surprised by how sturdy it was. It is made of really tough material making it suitable for long-term rough use. Not only is its durability feature  – and that makes it worthy of purchase, but it is also very reliable and affordable.

Because of its many advanced features, this tripod has become extremely popular amongst photographs. From its extended height of up to 185cm and load capacity of approximately 12kg to its convenient quick-release fasteners, a quick-release plate with a 1/4 inch camera connection along with a 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch tripod connection, it has all the features that an excellent tripod should have.

Moreover, its center column which is removable and reversible is equipped with a hook on the one end and a 1/4 inch thread on the other end. This makes it ideal for capturing ground-level images. Users can even adjust leg angles individually which gives them enhanced flexibility.

There is a foam coating on its legs to make them stability at all times. Additionally, it comes with a carrying bag completes which makes it convenient to carry. And as this tripod is made of aluminum and is designed very precisely, it is very lightweight and makes an ideal traveling companion.

You can carry it anywhere and with its 3D Panhead which has a bubble level for exact leveling, it can help you create amazing pictures at any location. As it perfect for all times and can be used everywhere is popularly known as mobile equipment.

So not only is this tripod robust and agile but it is also very flexible light and highly functional. Now let us look at the above-mentioned features in detail to understand what makes Walimex Pro FT-665T 3D Panhead tripod so special?

Product Overview:

Walimex pro-FT-665T Pro Tripod is one of its kind because it can survive tough continuous use for a long time. It is one of the most durable and reliable tripod ever manufactured and Walimex has once again been successful in awing its users. By launching FT-665T Pro Tripod it has made it very clear that it is a brand that describes quality. Coming on to its creation this tripod is made to last.

Both the quality and physical design used to construct it are top-notch. The aluminum used to create is not only sturdy but also very lightweight. This makes the tripod tough and easy to carry at the same time. So now you can take it with you anywhere and use it for a long period to do tough work.

Walimex tripod

Coming on to the Tripod’s height, it can be extended up to 185cm as it has convenient quick-release fasteners. These quick-release fasteners allow the users to adjust it as per their requirements. Not only is its height amazing but it can also carry approximately 6kg of load which is quite a huge capacity.

Then it has a center column which both removable and reversible. It is equipped with a 1/4 inch thread and a hook at its ends. So with the help of this extremely stable center column, you can shoot at ground level quite easily as well.

Moreover, this tripod has legs whose angles can be adjusted individually. This makes the tripod even more flexible. Then the legs have a foam coating to enhance stability. They have rubber grips which provide secure and stable footing all the time so that you can capture images on every type of floor. Then this tripod comes with a carrying bag which completes the package as you can pack and carry it easily and safely.

Overall this tripod is perfect for those photographers who are on the go and want a companion that is both reliable and convenient.

The high-quality workmanship of Walimex is not only seen in the tripods physical attributes such as robustness, flexibility, agility, and lightness but also in the highly precise 3D Panhead which accompanies this Walimex pro. This is what makes the tripod a real attraction and an ideal choice both in the studio and on other locations.

This FT-6653H 3D Panhead is also made of aluminum and due to its panning and tilting mechanism, it is very well-suited for shooting in conditions where the exact setting and positioning of the camera is essential. The Panhead has a bubble level for exact leveling and also has a convenient spirit level.


Walimex tripod head


So as it offers high precision and flexibility, it can be used for all genre of photography especially architecture, wildlife, and landscape photography. Additionally, you can switch from portrait to landscape format and vice versa in a blink of an eye which makes it versatile as well. Then this tripod is also easy to demount for convenient transportation as it has two huge levers that work with little effort.

Last but not least, this tripod naturally comes with a bubble level cork-coated quick-release plate with a 1/4 inch camera connection. It also has a 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch tripod connection.

What’s in the Box?

• 1 x Walimex FT-665T Pro Tripod

• 1 x convenient carrying bag

• 1 x walimex pro FT-6653H Aluminum Pro 3D Panhead

Product Specifications:

Working Height: 340mm

Maximum Capacity: 6kg

Maximum Load Tripod: 12000g

Weight of Tripod without Head: 2270g

Weight of Tripod with Head: 2850g

The material of Tripod Legs: Aluminum

Number Tripod Legs: 3St

Leg Locking System: Clamp locking

Maximum Working Height: 1980mm

Maximum Height of Tripod without ball head: 1850mm

Height of tripod inserted central column with the head: 1730mm

Diameter 1st Leg Segment: 32mm

Diameter 2nd Leg Segment: 28mm

Diameter 3rd Leg Segment: 24mm

Spreader Variation: None

Length middle column: 34cm

Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead: 1

Tripod Star Features: Spirit Level, Compass

Wrist Strap: No

Tripod Head: Panhead

Maximum Load Tripod Head: 6000g

Height Ball Head: 190mm

Weight Ball Head: 720g

Camera connection: 1/4 inch

Number of Spirit Levels on Ballhead: 0

Length of quick-change plate: 60mm

Width of Quick Change Plate: 50mm

Height of quick release plate: 10mm

Weight of quick-change plate: 39g

Spikes: No

Removable with fall arrest: Yes

Tripod-head replaceable: Yes

Tripod Connection: 3/8 inch


Walimex tripod extended

Summing it up, this very sturdy and extremely professional tripod is exactly what you are looking for if you want durability and performance in one package. From its tough body made of aluminum alloy which is very light at the same time, to it never-ending features such as turnable center column with 1/4 inch thread and hook, varying adjustable leg angles, convenient spirit level and much more, definitely make it a worthy catch.

It is indeed a great example of high-quality workmanship and Walimex has proven once again that it makes the best tripods. It’s every piece is proof that walimex never compromises on quality. Be it foam rubber grips which result in secure and convenient carrying and extremely precise 3D Panhead to its cork-coated quick-release plate that has a ¼ inch camera connection, everything performs excellent and with high stability.

So what more can a photographer ask for, especially in such a reasonable price! Grab it now and make this beauty a part of your kit to add versatility to your photography collection!

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