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W-star 4k Collapsible GPS drone

W-star 4K drone review

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W-star is a relatively new name in the aircraft and drone industry. This company is already producing other tech products. Still, W-Star is successfully grabbing a fair-share from the drone and quadcopters market with the help of its smartly engineered drones and their up-to-date technological aspects. W-star recently came up with a brilliant droned and named it a W-star 4k Collapsible GPS drone.

There are several incredible features in the W-star 4k drone. From a 4k camera to a sleek design and great features, it is an all-in-one drone. Let’s have a look at some key features and aspects of this aircraft.

W-star 4K drone review

This aircraft is equipped with several qualities such as 4K Ultra High Definition camera, beginner mode, follow me mode, three safety protection flight modes, intelligent control, integrated single-axis universal bearing, GPS flight function, automatic return home, brushless motors, RC pan/tilt function, GPS positioning, ultrasonic height adjustment, positioning of the optical flow and a lot more. Details of these features will reveal to you how this quadcopter can be worth buy.


W-star drone is designed aesthetically. It gives a spidery-look with four legs and four fans on the top of the aircraft’s body. This drone has a foldable body, a feature that is highly cherished by drone users. The foldable body makes this drone convenient and compact to carry around and for storage too.

This drone is very lightweight and only weighs about 0.437 kg. Remote control comes in the package to operate this aircraft. This remote is easy to understand even for beginners, and there is an LED screen on it.

W-star 4k drone close up product view


Beneath the body of the drone, there is a 4K HD 5G Wi-Fi camera. This camera can take an extremely detailed and high-quality photo or video shooting with a minimal resolution of 3,840 x 2160 pixels.

It is no doubt a professional level camera with a wide-angle of 110 ° can be set to 90 °. There is the function of the 5G Wi-Fi high-speed image transfer function to share the captured optical results. This function enhances the range of the remote and App-Image transfer up to 1200 meters.

To store your captured images and recorded videos, you require a 16 to 32 GB micro SD card. Micro SD card isn’t included in the package.

Integrated single-axis universal bearing

It is a new technology in a W-star drone. This technology reduces the vibrations and fluctuations during aircraft flight and ensures that recording goes on with stability for high-quality results.

Intelligent control:

W-star drone is technically smart and helps a user to operate it with ease. There are buttons on the remote controller for intelligent control. The aircraft can be started, landed, and then brought back to its flying point by pressing these simple buttons.

Beginner mode

If you are a new drone user and want something high quality but easily operable, consider that this drone is specially designed for you. There is a built-in beginner mode, which makes operating this quadcopter as effortless as you can imagine.

Follow me

There is a follow-me function in the W-star 4K drone. If you set your drone on this mode, with the help of GPS Network, The drone will follow you automatically and records any action going around you.

GPS and GPS Flight Function

There are incorporation GPS receivers in this drone, and it allows GPS Waypoint Navigation and can be controlled through remote control. This drone is also equipped with a function that positions the optical flow and determines ultrasonic height can hover the drone precisely.

This function makes the flight safer and enhances the stability of flight.

Safety Protection Flight Modes

To ensure your quadcopter W-Star’s safety added the three flight safety modes in their 4K drone. These modes are:

  • Returning low power mode: when the drone’s battery gets low, it returns to its point of flying before the battery goes completely dead.
  • Lost return: when the signals get weaker or signals get weaker, or if your drone lost its direction, it comes back to home automatically.
  • Uncontrolled return: Going to an area where the drone can’t receive signals from the remote control or remote controller lose connection with the drone. In that case, the drone comes back to the flying position.

These three flight modes make sure that you don’t lose your aircraft in case of low battery or signal loss.

Brushless motors

There are brushless motors inside the drone to act as a powerful tool for it. These motors give higher rotation speed during flight and deliver effective and efficient results. Brushless motors are also known for reducing noise from aircraft.

These motors also stabilize the shakes during the flight to ensure no decrease in image quality or resolution of images.

Battery and flying time

The drone requires a Lithium battery that is pre-included in the package of the W-Star 4k drone. This smart battery has a capacity of 2400 mAh. When the battery gets low, you get a warning from the drone.

This battery can get fully charged in about 5 hours, and the flying time for this drone is 25 minutes. You can keep an extra battery with you to keep enjoying the great experience of flying and capturing with this drone.

Warranty by manufacturer

Besides all the great features, here is another bonus from W-star. The drone comes with 180 days return or exchange guarantee and 1 year of free warranty. Use your 4K drone the way you want because W-star has got your back.

W-star 4K drone specs:

  • Brand name: W-star
  • Available colors: black and white
  • Item Weight: 0.437 approximately
  • Packaging: in a backpack
  • Product size: (when folded) 17.7 * 9 * 5.5 cm (when unfolded) 17.7 * 19.6 * 7 cm
  • Body Battery: 11.4V2400mAh
  • Camera: 4k High Definition
  • Packing size: 35 * 23cm
  • Remote control signal: 5G Wi-Fi
  • Remote Control Distance: 1200 meters approximately
  • Charging time: about 5 hours
  • Flight time: around 25 minutes
  • Highest Photo resolution: 3840x2160P
  • Highest Video resolution: 1920x1080P
  • Motors: brushless
  • Video format: MP4
  • Picture format: JPEG

What’s the inside package?

When you receive your package, you will find the following stuff inside it:

  •   Aircraft
  •   Remote control
  •   USB cable
  •   Charger
  •   Battery
  •   Propeller A
  •   Propeller B
  •   Allen key
  •   Storage bag (backpack)
  •   User manual (in English)

W-star 4k box content

Pros and key features of the drone:

  • Foldable and lightweight body
  • 4k HD Wi-Fi camera
  • Beginner mode for new drone users
  • Portable
  • Intelligent control, i.e., start, landing, and return home just by pressing a single key
  • Safety protection flight modes ( lost return mode, returning on low power, returning on no control or signals loss)
  • GPS Positioning
  • Ultrasonic height adjustment
  • The positioning of the optical flow
  • Pairing functions
  • Brushless motors for better performance
  • Return and exchange warranties by manufacturer


  • Little over-priced. Aircraft with the same features and qualities are available at lower prices.
  • No micro SD card inside the package


If you are a beginner and planning to take start with a drone, the W-star 4k drone is a wise choice <- Affiliate Link 🙂 for you. You can take breathtaking images, shoot incredible videos, or can take a detailed look at nature’s scenery with ease you never thought of.

Little costly but huge amount of features including its professional class 4K Ultra High Definition camera, several amazing modes (beginners mode, follow me mode, 3 safety protection flight modes), intelligent control of aircraft, integrated single-axis universal bearing, GPS flight function, automatic return home, brushless motors, GPS positioning, ultrasonic height adjustment, positioning of the optical flow will not let your money goes in waste. All the details we provided above ensure you the perfect performance.

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