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Vanguard VEO 2 Review

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You might be wondering how you would improve your shots. Some may think that because you have so poor photo quality, it means you aren’t skilled enough, or shall we say you have no artistry at all. It is because of the old camera that we now have that we are stuck into low-quality results.

Although these may seem reasonable, we also get very poor-quality photos because we are not using photography accessories that might enhance our shots. We are too pre-occupied with other people’s opinions that we don’t act to find out the real score.

For example, other photographers might say that when you purchase a tripod to add in your basic kits, you might throw your cash, and you are just simply adding to the weight you carry, which is pretty exhausting.

If you buy into that opinion, chances are either you would not get to experience the truth behind having a tripod, or you will be settling for a mediocre output.

It is a meaningful discussion, since the beginning, the significance of investing in a sound tripod system. Unluckily, most of us have this mind always setting that we want to get all things at a lower price, so we end up choosing the poor-quality instruments instead of selecting the good ones.

Ideally, if you’re going to have the right quality products, it comes with a price. You cannot separate those two realities because whenever you want to have good quality, it also incurs a fair cost.

Vanguard VEO 2 Review

As an experienced photographer, I remember purchasing cheaper tripods. As it arrives, I found that it is not the quality I am looking for, and I needed something better than that. So, I purchased another one, and this time it somehow suits my interest.

But I found out that, over time, I spent so much money on experimenting with different tripods and end up still buying the expensive ones. I realized that whenever you have the budget, it is advisable to go directly to what fits your needs instead of experimenting.

Vanguard VEO 2 265CB low for macro

In a vast photography accessories market, you might be confused about what to buy and what would be the best buy. We don’t want you to go on the same process that I take. So, I write this review to lead you into the right choice of tripods.

That will help you enhance your image quality and compete with your colleagues.

Product Specifications:

  • Product Name: Vanguard VEO 2
  • Product Weight: 2.9 lbs
  • Product Height: Minimum folded length of 16.4 inches and a maximum length of 59 inches
  • Load Capacity: 17.6 lbs
  • Color: Black
  • Number of Leg Segments: 5
  • Compatibility: Camera
  • Other Feature: Quick Release Plate, Carbon Fiber and Aluminum alloy material

Vanguard VEO 2 265CB – Product Overview:

Vanguard company has been known to be producing quality supports over the years. They are known to be producing photography accessories professionally. You might be very acquainted with many tripods in the market, but VEO 2 265CB is very different from them since it is built for a simple travel tripod.

It is typically small, light, and versatile, ready to go in the life on the road. It weighs only 2.9 lbs and has a foldable length of 16.4 inches, which you can insert it directly into your backpack. It has a black finish and color fits for the work as dust and other unwanted materials stick to the instrument. It doesn’t immediately alter its physical elegance.

Vanguard VEO 2 folded

It’s a wrong notion that when a tripod is lightweight, you can directly conclude that you already sacrifice the instrument’s stability and steadfastness. Because truthfully speaking, many companies have incorporated technology to ease the burden a photographer will carry.

Vanguard VEO2 is unique since it is a combination of lightweight and high capacity to carry heavier loads. This tripod can operate reliably and gives you a crisp of every shot since it can stay put, and you can lower the exposure camera setting to get more detailed pictures.

Strong built

It looks great, and the beautiful combination of carbon fiber and aluminum alloy works perfectly for any conscious traveler. One of the notable physical features is its carbon fiber tubing, which is uniquely designed with high-gloss.

It may acquire a few scratches, but the overall appearance may look fresh. Its feet have a rubber fit to make it stay in place and withstand any possible strong forces to move the instrument.

You might be thinking, what’s the difference between a travel tripod versus a small tripod. Others might interchange the definition of the two, but it has a lot of differences. The travel tripod differentiates itself from the former because it needs to balance any weight it will carry to withstand travel complexity.

Vanguard VEO 2 265CB heights

Travel tripod’s essential qualities are that it must support your camera in almost any situation and be versatile enough to adapt to difficult locations. Say, for example, you shoot in a windy area or mountainous places, etc.

Vanguard has made this tripod intuitively useful and straightforward to set up into your desired position as the central column system, and tripod legs can be easily extended. It takes only about 15 seconds to set this thing up.

Twist lock system legs

It is a significant improvement from its former product since you only need to spread the Twist lock system’s legs. This is an added feature since most photographers complain about getting a tripod for themselves because of time-consuming installation.

Not only that, it can be easily set up, but you must also know that the best part of the VEO 2 tripod is that the center column rotation allows you to get an extra amount of height adjustment.

In the case of a situation where you need to be hastening your actions or having bad weather, you can easily disassemble the tripod by unscrewing the side knob, push the gold tab, and finally fold the column into the center. Pretty straightforward, right? That’s the wonders of Vanguard VEO 2 265CB.

This tripod also has a multi-action ball head with three independent knobs for optimum usage. These are lock, pan, and friction control operation. VEO 2 tripod comes with a ball head, which makes them stand out as they gave more value for the money you gave.

Vanguard VEO 2 head

You do not need to worry about investing tripod head since it is Arca compatible, which allows you to put your camera directly on the tripod. These ergonomic knobs have a 17.6 lbs maximum load capacity to carry instruments and take good quality images. It also has a suspended loop attached to the center for you to put any added weight, or you can hang your bag for additional stability.

Good grip to the ground

Vanguard tripods don’t only aim that their product lasts for many years, but they are always in the business of getting their products at the utmost quality. Most of the tripods in the market don’t include the grip and presentability of the product.

But this company is different as they continually give a new dimension to every product they produced.

The leg tubes are not only engineered for smooth and precise leg extensions, but these are segmented into three positionings to achieve three different angles (20 degrees, 45 degrees, and 80 degrees).

Supposing you are shooting in an inclined ground, and it is very unwise if you will not use a tripod just because the ground is uneven because you will tend to compromise the photos’ quality.

But VEO 2 tripod has engineered its leg segments to manually adjust the five-leg segments according to what fits you best. This is a scarce product where you can change the legs that will suit to your settings.

Vanguard VEO 2 tripod leg

It is designed to be more versatile and adapt to the possibilities you might be, mainly when you shoot on a location with uneven terrain. This will give you an avenue to take creative pictures despite situated in a difficult place.

This tripod is a photographer’s best friend in taking landscape photography, long exposure shots, and travel around the city without wearing out.

Adds value to your pics

You get a lot of crispy images and stunning photos. If you are an enthusiast who happens to indulge in low light photography, you might want to consider buying the vanguard tripod.

Remember that shooting in low light, you must adjust your settings to get quality images. It would help if you managed to be sensitive to the exposure setting by adjusting shutter speed, aperture, and ISO. To increase the light while maintaining the image’s depth, you must lower the shutter speed down to slowest.

You can go before adjusting the two other settings. To attain that lower shutter speed and avoid the blur, you need to have a tripod.

Vanguard VEO 2 265CB enables you to have a perfect hand grip since it comprises non-slip and all-weather thermoplastic polyurethane on one leg. You can also purchase separate spiked feet instead of having rubber fit, which is sold separately.

Storage for tripods is essential since you will not be just purchasing any bags to fit in your tripods; it has a pre-designed bag fit for the product and its accessories. Vanguard has developed a bag that doesn’t only carry the tripod but also your DSLR but is only intended for small DSLR.

Plus, it doesn’t look like any cheap bags in the market, but it comes with a fashionable design suited for traveling.


  • Compact built
  • Good maximum load capacity
  • Lightweight and portable


  • Much better if it has more extended height
  • Pricy


In totality, Vanguard VEO 2 265CB tripod <-Affiliate link 🙂 is an exceptional tripod suited for your photography events. This may incur an added cost to your purse, but it will enhance the quality of images you’ll be getting.

It is the value over the price. Vanguard has engineered its product to fit perfectly to the end-user attaining maximum quality.

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