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Tycka tripod review

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Photography has been one of the widely known niches that everyone has ventured with. It is the most known industry where numerous companies sprung forth innovating new gadgets and incorporating new technologies to uphold the industry on a whole new level.

Alongside the upgraded photography gadgets, accessories were also considered to fit in the photographer’s needs, with the given concerns in the past and were addressed nowadays.

One of every photographer’s issues is when shooting magnificent sceneries, and after reviewing those taken shots, it turns out to be a blur. It is frustrating on the side of the person who made the photo since you’ve got to take the shot again and again to get the best result, or shall we say he missed the opportunity if they are only transient in that place.

This is a heart failing experience as the most enthusiast has gone through this.

The slight blur of the output, especially when taking handheld shots and zoom shots, isis not because of the camera itself but also because of the camera shake’s fault. Because whether we like it or not, a discrepancy in the output relies significantly on how we do the shots. How we handle the camera adds to the variable.

Tycka tripod review

Nowadays, there are numerous improvements in the cameras that have been released. These cameras have a shake reduction feature to minimize the blur and optimize high-quality images. It seems that these features have gone far to every user’s considerations when buying new cameras, but it also has limitations, and it is only proper to some extent.

The best advice you can get from an experienced photographer is to get a tripod. It is the most reliable and original way to eliminate shaky shots.

Tripods are very significant for shooting panoramas, fireworks, portraits, available light scenes with the usage of flash, astronomical shots like the shooting of stars and moons, and many more events wherein you can use especially for long exposures.

Tycka 55 inch tripod

Through the use of tripods, you will be able to get close-up images and get more sharp images because you can opt to use a smaller aperture and reduce shutter speed without fear of camera movement.

The benefits of having a tripod are superb. We love to give you a very informative review of one prominent tripod available in the market with multiple applicability that you would admire. To check what we are referring to, kindly read further below.

Tycka 55 inch specifications:

  • Product Name: TYCKA
  • Product Weight: 4.1 lbs
  • Product Height: Minimum height of 15 inches and Maximum of 55 inches
  • Load Capacity: 22 lbs
  • Color: Aluminum Alloy
  • Number of Leg Segments: 4
  • Leg Lock Type: Flip Lock
  • Compatibility: DSLR camera
  • Other Features: Can be converted as Monopod, Quick Release thread (1/4 in), Built-in bubble level indicator, Head Mount Thread Size (3/8 in)

Product Overview

Introducing the new tripod that was entirely made for those who want to do hiking and trailing. You might want to consider this because it is built for your niche. At a glance, you could impressively see the stability and its design to be compact.

It is composed of a high-density aluminum alloy to attain both durabilities and, at the same time, lessen the weight. It has a minimum length of 14 inches when folded, and it can extend up to a maximum height of 55 inches.

Tycka 55 tripod height

Given its capacity to fully extend, it incurs a considerable weight of 4.1 lbs, including in the bracket of one of the cumbersome tripods in the market. It comes with an aluminum alloy finish, which makes it classy to look at.

Often, when you consider yourself a photographer, most likely, you are an adventurer as well. You want to get beautiful shots to go to places, generally in the natural environment, which depicts the majestic creations.

You tend to go on a hike or trail to get on a mountain top or a hill to take an overview or top view of the place. You might get tired along the way and need a stick to assist with you as you climb, especially when you are old.

Monopod function

Gladly, TYCKA tripod has an added feature on its tripod that its legs can be removed and turned it into a monopod, which can be used for taking pictures or selfies. It can also be used as an alpenstock for hiking or whenever you are tired of walking, and you need to be assisted in keeping you traveling.

Isn’t it great? You got a tripod and alpenstock in one product.

Tycka tripod view

TYCKA tripod fork is crafted to obtain maximum stability by using a precision CNC machine. It makes this product outshines other tripods in the market. Usually, no one would buy a mediocre quality, even when it is cheap if it can’t be used.

Tycka tripod has a 360 degrees panorama through two independent control kobs that enable your camera or phone attached to the ball head to rotate a full rotation. This is an essential feature when considering a tripod since you want to have the best output through smooth panning from one subject to another.

This helps you to attain perfect shots every time you press the shutter button.

There are times that whenever you shoot a meticulous client who wants the shot to be perfectly straight, and you always fail to meet his standards because the ones you took are somehow angular.

Easy to level

You will not worry about that anymore because the TYCKA tripod has a built-in bubble level indicator both horizontally and vertically to endure that you are placing your camera in the center.

There would be no chance anymore that you’ll be taking inclined or declined shots since you can monitor if you are in the center or not. To level the camera, you only need to adjust the camera’s legs and make the level bubble indicator be placed on the middle part to ensure you are in the center of your instrument is leveled.

In terms of setting up the TYCKA tripod, you extend the four segments of the tripod’s legs using the quick release flip-locks, enabling you to adjust your desired working height from 14 inches to 55 inches in just a matter of few seconds.

Is it fascinating right? You can set-up your tripod as fast as you can as you choose this product. In terms of portability, it doesn’t separate itself from the most productive in the market with 12 inches height when folded, but this tripod adds a 2 inches height from the typical height of the tripod. So you can quickly put it in your backpack or luggage as you do a photoshoot.

Tycka tripod folded

Frequently, from a photographer’s perspective, one factor to consider is making sure of its maximum load capacity. Why would you consider this? Because it is the load capacity wherein which the tripod can handle.

Good load capacity

It must carry the weight of your camera and lens as well as the tripod head. You might miss the mark of taking notice of this part might bring you into great trouble. If you are going to put your camera on tripods beyond the allowable load capacity might bring risk to your gadget.

It might collapse your tripod and break your instrument. And we should be mindful of that since digital cameras are very expensive. So you must match your camera weight to its maximum load capacity.

TYCKA Tripod gives you an allowance to carry about 4.1 lbs, which is a pretty decent weight to carry compared to other tripods, which take only around 2 pounds.

Most enthusiasts are very creative in how they want to make their shots the best they can. They always think of people if they were to look at their output, would they be amazed. That’s why every photographer’s passion was matched by every company that produced gadgets and accessories in photography to make it into the next level.

TYCKA company has substantially incorporated new technology on its products and continues taking customer reviews to better come up with products that will be relevant to its end users.

Great for macro

If you are going to do macro photography, this is also suited to your taste as it has a feature that you can remove the center pole and be inverted below for you to shoot lower angles. This gives you an advantage as your camera will not touch the ground and secures you from possible damages.

It is best and compatible with Canon, Nikon, Sony, Leica, Pentax, Lumix, Olympus, and Fuji-film cameras.

This tripod has an included carrying bag to ensure you can place items safely and minimize scratches when it rubs to other materials. TYCKA Tripods, upon purchase, comes with a tripod ball-head, one carrying bag, one pocket, two wrenches, a user manual, and a product guarantee of two years in case of factory defect.


  •  It is elegant to built.
  •  Easy to center the instrument
  •  The monopod option is exceptional.
  •  Maximum height gives you and eases, especially for tall persons.
  •  Portable and easy to put in your backpack


  •  A little bit heavy
  •  It has no handle for smooth panning.


Therefore, having a tripod on your tool kits for taking photos is a must. It would help if you considered getting one since the benefits superbly help you. TYCKA tripod may add to the average weight you carry, but I guarantee you that you’ll never regret having it in your journey.

With all the benefits we had discussed in terms of its built-in bubble level indicator, 360 degrees panoramic view, options for macro photography, and the maximum load capacity is an excellent value for the price.

We hope that this review gives you the necessary details to make it yours today!<-Affiliate link 🙂

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