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Travel camera tripod – Zomei Q111 Pro

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Zomei Q111 Pro is a fantastic travel camera tripod to have. The height, tilt, and angle you can use with your camera offer the best options for shooting the perfect pictures. Steady and robust, with four leg sections, it is a great tool to carry on your trips.

Zomei Q111 Pro Review

If you are interested in using a tripod to start as a professional photographer, or you are one of those active photographers who go from one place to another, the Zomei Q111 Pro is perfect for you.

For all those who consider themselves to be photography lovers, be they amateurs or professionals, today’s digital cameras have been created with cutting-edge technology to achieve every day the possibility of capturing unique moments clearly with Incredible details.

To achieve this, some additional tools are needed to help the photographer during the work. For this reason, the equipment to be taken into account must be of quality, with first-class, resistant materials that generate confidence and security in the photograph in any environment or situation.

To take the best photos and treasure those unique moments in life was created by the Zomei Q111, which we will introduce to you in this review.


Product: Zomei Q111 Pro

My rating: 5 out of 5

Zomei Q111 view

Zomei Q111 Pro Overview

Made of high-quality aluminum alloy tube+ABS environmental plastic with a max diameter of about 25 mm, it is a very steady tripod.

This is a convenient accessory for those photographers who must travel long distances or constantly move since the Q111 is easy to transport and store since it hardly weighs more than 1 kilo.

The reason for being light is the material used for manufacturing. It is made with aluminum and ABS plastic (an amorphous thermoplastic), making the tripod light and resistant.

It has a size of only about 17.8cm when closed and packed in a protective bag to easily carry it.

Zomei Q111 tripod folded

3-way Swivel Fluid Head with Arca Swiss compatible clamp, easy to put it on and off.

A detail to consider is its ease when transporting the equipment since it has a protective bag made of very resistant material, which allows it to be carried anywhere safely.

A light tripod

It is very light – 2.75 lb and comes packed with a carry bag easy to carry on your journey. Available colors are red, blue, and black.

The Zomei Q111 Pro has a neoprene grip on the top of its legs to make it more comfortable and soft when it is holding the camera. In the central bar, it has a hook in the lower area, to be able to place a bag or hang a counterweight for the moment in which its legs are fully extended, it can have more excellent stability and support.

Another feature of the legs is that a rubber-based layer with anti-slip properties covers their bases. It can be moved to adjust to the ground where they are placed, guaranteeing greater firmness to the tripod in any terrain.

A detail to take into account is that when you buy the Q111 Pro, you immediately access the Zomei company’s warranty, which lasts for one year and 45 days to make a return in the event you are not satisfied with the product.

Besides, Zomei company provides customer service throughout the day, and this will give you an idea of the quality that has the tripod that you get. The Zomei Q111 Pro tripod <- Affiliate Link 🙂 provides a level of inclination that reaches 180 degrees and, in turn, allows 360-degree panoramic photography.

Zomei Q111 tripod details


The dual spirit level includes three adjustment knobs, offering the possibility to shoot at any angle with precision and efficiency.

When it is fully extended, it manages to reach a maximum height of about 140cm, and its minimum point of extension is 47cm, which can cover several length planes. It is placed on three legs, which are divided into sections and have a central support.

Strong and stable

Also, in the lower area of ​​each of the legs, the hook locking system allows them to increase their size.

4-section column leg with quick-release locks allows a more suitable stance, satisfying your desired height when taking photos. It also comes with the axis inverted function, ensuring you the lowest shooting, mostly for macro photography.

Considering its characteristics, since it is a light tripod for traveling, it can be understood that it hardly has a weight-carrying capacity of only about 3 kg. Still, it is Zomei Q111 Pro. It can be equipped with cameras of recognized brands such as Nikon, Sony, Canon, Pentax, and Fuji, among many others.

It has the versatility that can be used, both with specific cameras to make high-quality videos and with cameras to take photos in any condition and terrain.

Zomei Q111 heights

Achieving the security that quality works will be obtained, all thanks to its leveling system by the bubble and always allowing to get aligned images.

Equipped with a steel rocker, you can also adjust the pan head while shooting.

In the upper area of the tripod, there is the docking base, which has a Quick Release System, which allows the top support to be uncoupled, so that the camera can be placed externally and then adjusted again to the tripod.

Zomei Q111 head

Besides, the Q111 Pro tripod has a rotating lock to increase the central tube’s size and give it a more significant height extension.

Non-slip rubber feet.

At the same time, it has a grip arm to help in the camera’s rotary movement. This has another rotating lock, which allows to ensure the base’s flow, and in this way, will enable the stability of the equipment to be used, thus avoiding photos that look moved or misadjusted.

Zomei Q111 Pro specs:

  • Material: Aluminum alloy tube+ABS environmental plastic
    Head type: Pan head
    Folded length: 50 cm / 19.7”
    Tripod max height: 140 cm / 55”
    Max. tube diameter: 23 mm / 0.9”
    Column quantity: 4 sections
    Load capacity: 5 kg / 11.02 Lb
    Item weight: 1.18 kg / 2.6 Lb
  • Package size: 12 x 12 x 51 cm / 4.7 x 4.7 x 20.08”
    Package weight: 1.6 kg / 3.52 Lb

Zomei Q111 tripod overview

Package List:

  • Travel tripod
  • Carry bag
  • Phone clip

A reliable product

My rating for Zomei Q111 Pro is 5 out of 5, and I recommend it as a great companion <- Affiliate Link 🙂 to carry in your adventures. Strong and sturdy, a lot of options, and is built to last.

What makes the Zomei Q111 Pro tripod one of the favorites for all people besides its light and durable materials, which makes it last for some good years of service, is the price. You can buy it for less than $ 40.

You can find it in different colors, ranging from black, red, blue, and orange.

What makes this tripod an excellent companion for professional or amateur photographers, is its versatility in terms of the possibility of cameras being equipped and ease of transport.

With its bubble system, it can level the camera and adjust it. With its many locks and locking systems, added to the covering of the legs to prevent them from slipping, they make the Zomei Q111 Pro a tool that generates security and earns the trust of those who use it.

Conclusion – A bargain for the price

This tripod, in comparison to the other brands, which can cost in some cases more than $ 300, is inexpensive; and it is true, that the low cost is associated with the fact that it is manufactured with simple materials, but even so, this can perform the job correctly. Admittedly, certain areas on the tripod where the Zomei uses plastic, and the other brands use metal.

The Zomei’s center pole is plastic, so it doesn’t move up and down as smoothly as other tripods with an aluminum center pole. The mounting bracket has a simple plastic base plate instead of a cork or hard foam. Despite being somewhat simple compared to other models, this is a highly stable and well-designed tripod where the corners have not been cut as much, resulting in a low-cost tripod.

All the stability and roughness in one piece of equipment. We can count on a tripod with highly acceptable build quality, a carrying case, and all the usual settings and capabilities at a budget price.

I hope you enjoyed my review, and please comment below if you want to add something, share your experience with us, or ask questions. Thanks for reading!

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