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The Best Photos Happen On Road Trips: What To Pack

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You might ask: Do the best photos happen on road trips? Not necessarily. But the best photos are the ones you never knew you would take: Wildlife appearing on the edge of a wood, the light coming through the tree leaves and creating a magical outdoor portrait, and children playing in the rain.

The memories of a lifetime are often the little things we didn’t expect to find. So with this in mind, a road trip is an excellent place to start capturing your best-unexpected photos. 

The Best Photos Happen On Road Trips

Making the most of a road trip is not easy. For a start, those trips tend to be tricky to coordinate. There can be no schedule. You will go only as far as the day and where the road will take you.

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What To Pack:

Who knows where they will direct you? Who knows what awaits on the road? And that’s precisely why you want to pack the right things for the job. 

Pack everything in the right bag

Let’s be honest: Tote bags, oversized sports bags, and plastic bags don’t belong here. You need a rucksack that’s been specifically designed for the job.

You might find fantastic inspiration in military-inspired accessories, such as this best men’s tactical backpack with all the pockets and protection you need. Road trips can be bumpy, rainy, or even shaky.

So, you need a bag that can always keep your belongings safe. 

Pack the right clothes

We get it. The cute bodycon dress is an excellent addition to your wardrobe. But when you need to be on the move, you want practical clothes that will be comfortable and fashionable. Wardrobe staples for a road trip should include:

  • Cozy and supportive underwear
  • Layers: tees and jumper
  • Comfortable pants that won’t restrict movement
  • Weatherproof shoes

What difference does it make when taking photos? It’s simple. The more comfortable you are in your skin and clothes, the more likely you are to stay open to new opportunities!

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Snacks, snacks, snacks

You’re not yourself when you’re hungry. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy to plan stops for food on a road trip. You might drive for several hours before finding a decent restaurant on some roads!

As a result, you become less likely to make stops to admire the view because it could delay finding food! Therefore, to seize the moment and capture amazing photos, you must ensure you’ve got an emergency snack for those long days.

Smart battery and memory supplies

Solar energy rechargeable batteries, or top-up batteries, it doesn’t matter which ones you take. As a photographer, you need to keep your camera on. So whether you take pictures with your smartphone or a professional camera, having portable batteries will make a huge difference. 

You may also want to add a storage device, such as additional memory cards for your camera or a cloud subscription, to rapidly upload your phone photos and empty the memory. 


The best photos are those you don’t expect. Therefore, preparing for the unexpected can help turn your road trip into a fantastic snapshot adventure. Keep your eyes open for the beauty around you and get snapping! 

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