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The Best Photography Apps On The iStore

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Most iPhones already have exceptional cameras that produce beautiful pictures in most settings. But, as any keen photographer will tell you, there’s always room for improvement.

And that’s where photography apps come into the picture. Jokes aside, these amazing bits of software can enhance your images and make them print-worthy.

The Best Photography Apps On The iStore:

So which apps should you be downloading? Let’s take a look.


As any keen photographer knows, the time of day you take shots matters. It makes all the difference in how the light falls.

Lumos is an app that helps with this. It tracks the precise position of the sun and moon at any time of day or night. It can then use virtual reality to help you predict what your shots will look like, whether you take them in the morning or evening.

The apps can also set notifications that alert you of sunrise, sunset, golden hour, and other times of the day. This way, you never miss an opportunity to take the best shot.


Smartphone with selfie stick

Taking selfies on your phone is a daunting experience. The cameras are so good, and your face has many flaws you wish you could avoid.

That’s where the app, Airbrush, comes into the picture. This great app makes it easy for you to perfect your selfies, regardless of where you are. It removes blemishes and wrinkles and evens your skin tone if you look a bit blotchy. And the best bit? It does it all magically, without you having to become an expert in the app.

Camera +2

The new iPhone has many impressive features built into the phone itself. But Camera +2 offers even more maximum flexibility from the hardware.

For instance, this app lets you play around with the shutter speed, ISO, and aperture. It also has features that make your iPhone look like a full-size DSLR. You can change lenses virtually, focus manually, and shoot raw if you want to do a lot of editing afterward.

Adobe Spark Post

Adobe Spark Post is a great tool if you love taking photos for your blogs, posts, or other online content. It lets you do quick promotional projects around your pictures, allowing you to add collages, custom borders, text, and other colors. Custom colors are available for all social media platforms. And uploading pictures requires nothing more than a click of a button. It’s all very clever.


PhotosRevive on Setapp is an app that lets you colorize your old photos. This way, you can transform their appearance and make them more vibrant.

Let’s say, for instance, you have a black-and-white photo and want to see how it would have looked in color. Well, with PhotosRevive, you can. The app uses fancy artificial intelligence to impute likely colors, showing you what a person or a landscape would have looked like had they been shot on a modern camera.

Lightroom CC

Girl using smartphone to take photos

Lightroom CC is an app you’ll want to check out if you’re using your phone as a professional photographer. By Adobe, this impressive software connects to the firm’s Creative Cloud, letting you access your entire photo library wherever you are.

Interestingly, Lightroom CC is free to use, but you’ll have to make in-app purchases. Alternatively, you can subscribe. Doing this will give you access to all of its tools on the fly so you can edit professional photos as you go.

Most people who love photography are already familiar with Adobe Lightroom for the PC. This app simply brings it to the mobile market.


Snapseed is another photo editing app that allows you to quickly adjust your photos after taking them. It’s free to use but, most importantly, gives you professional results, which is why many pros use it.

The tool offers a lot of filters that let you fine-tune your edits. You also get additional HDR if you want to upgrade the colors, plus healing and brush features for manual editing. As with other photo apps, there are plenty of preset filters to try and explore.

NightCap Camera

Modern phones are becoming much better at taking low-light photographs. They’re so good that you can’t tell some pictures were taken at twilight.

NightCap Camera is an app built around this feature. It lets you take long-exposure pictures, such as city traffic in motion or stars moving across the night sky. Instead of keeping your iPhone shutter open for a few seconds (which is Apple’s default setting), NightCap Camera lets you keep it open indefinitely – as much as you like – so you can play around and see what the night vision camera is capable of.

Just be warned; it can get a little complicated. NightCap Camera was built with more experienced photographers in mind.

GIF Maker

GIF Maker is just a bit of fun that lets you turn your photos into fully-fledged GIFs. What’s more, it’s free, meaning you can post GIFs on social media to your heart’s content.

Feed the app your photos and videos, and it’ll automatically create a GIF using the most important images and frames. You can choose things like text, whether the video loops, and which filters you want. Then, all you have to do is save and share it.

Gemini Photos

The iPhone doesn’t automatically get rid of bad shots. Therefore, you must review your entire album, looking for individual photos that don’t quite make the grade.

Gemini Photos, though, is different. This app lets you tackle clutter automatically, quickly eliminating fussy, duplicate, or blurry shots. It’s effortless and saves the hassle of keeping your storage free. Well worth a look if you haven’t used an app like this before.

So, which of these iPhone photography apps will you use and why?

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