Campark T150 4K 30MP Solar Powered WiFi Bluetooth Trail Camera

The Amazing Campark T150 Reviewed

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Campark T150 is another exceptional trail camera from the manufacturer that can be used for various purposes.

The T150 is one of the most reasonably priced 4K trail cameras. Its 4K video quality at 30 frames per second, integrated solar panel, and several configurable options make it an excellent value for the price. Then, when you consider its solar panel and the amount of money it will save on batteries, you realize how much more of a steal it is.

Campark T150 Review

It features several brand new functions for cameras of this price range, such as solar panels, which enable you to utilize it in remote regions that you may not frequently visit because of the fear that the camera will run out of power.

Campark T150 4K 30MP Trail Camera

The IR flash’s brilliance makes the camera easier to see at night. T150 is a camera with a no-glow flash if total concealment of the camera’s location at night is necessary.

The following section covers all the details of Campark T150’s features and capabilities.

Campark T150’s Features:



The camera’s dimensions are 5.7 x 4.1 x 3.7 inches, making it an extremely portable device. It’s even more impressive when you come across the utility of solar panels integrated right into Campark T150 30 MP camera. Any prospective thieves or vandals will have difficulty finding and hiding the camera because of its modest size and camouflage type of physical appearance.

The 2-inch color LCD screen on the T150 makes it simple to get the camera started and make adjustments to its settings. If you compare it to the other trail cameras, the screen is small, but it’s more than enough for what you need.

In addition, after you have the camera set up, you won’t have to use the screen much because you can alter the camera’s settings and watch photos and videos from a distance using an app on your compatible smartphone or tablet.

Lastly, this camera has a trigger speed of 0.1 seconds. As a result, the T150 is one of the quickest cameras available, ensuring that nothing is missed by its lens.


At 30 frames per second (fps), the T150 from Campark can capture stunningly clear 4K video. In addition to the T150’s 4K video recording capabilities, it can also record video at lower resolutions if that is what you choose or require.

A photo & video mode allows you to shoot pictures before recording a video. It’s a great way to broaden what the camera sees.

In addition to altering the shutter speed, this trail camera features a function not found on many others, i.e., it can be set to a default value of 1/30.

Time-Lapse Feature

The T150’s time-lapse capability is just one of several valuable extras. The time-lapse feature comes in handy to monitor activity in a location outside of the motion sensors’ range or to capture a slow-moving incident.

When utilizing the time-lapse feature, keep in mind that the camera’s motion sensor will be disabled. When an item enters the camera’s detecting area, the camera will not be activated to snap images or record video. As a result, the camera will only snap photos at predetermined intervals.

Connectivity options such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and App Control

The T150’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity is one of the camera’s most appealing features and its 4K video recording capabilities. To begin, switch on the Wi-Fi signal on the trail camera and pair it with your mobile device through Bluetooth.


Campark T150 Solar Powered WiFi Bluetooth Trail Camera 2K 24MP

Using the free Game Camera Pro software from Campark, you can control the camera from your smartphone or tablet once it has been linked to the trail camera through its Wi-Fi signal. You may use this app to alter the camera’s settings and view and download photos and movies.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi’s precise range might vary. The trail camera’s location and the device you use to connect to it might affect the camera’s range. However, a connection to the T150 should be possible from about 50 feet.

Motion (PIR) Sensor

The T150 contains a PIR motion sensor with a 65-foot detection range and a 120-degree detection angle situated in the center of the device.

The T150’s motion sensor sensitivity may be changed to high, medium, or low, with the medium being the default option, precisely like some other trail cameras by Campark. The camera may have an abundance of false triggers; thus, you’ll want to reduce the sensitivity.

Campark T150 4K 30MP Trail Camera vision


A 36-piece 850nm low-glow IR flash is included with the Campark T150. Many trail cameras have a maximum range of 65 feet in today’s market, making this device rather ubiquitous.

Auto, medium, low, and off settings allow you to tailor the flash to the camera’s surroundings. Its low-glow LEDs and short flash range are the only two potential downsides of the flash.

A more extensive flash range may be necessary if you expect to see a lot of action at a distance of more than 65 feet from the camera, and there is no way to get closer to the subject. There aren’t many trail cameras with built-in solar panels, so your selections will be restricted.

The T150’s built-in flash, on the other hand, is more than adequate for the great majority of photography needs.

Hours of Operation

As Campark describes it, a monitoring period timer allows users to designate a specified period each day the camera will operate while it is enabled.

It’s an excellent function for users who don’t need or want the camera to watch a particular region 24 hours a day since it helps preserve memory card space and extends the camera’s battery life.

Memory Card

A maximum of 128GB may be stored on a Class 10 micro SD card, micro SDHC card, and micro SDXC memory card.

We recommend using U3 cards with Campark T150 4K solar-powered camera. Because of the tiny size, micro SD cards are easy to lose or misplace, especially in the outdoors, and this problem grows exacerbated as the weather turns chilly.

However, if the T150 generally satisfies your needs, you shouldn’t be deterred from purchasing it because of the sort of memory card it utilizes.

Additionally, Campark has included a Loop Recording option that will overwrite the oldest data on the memory card if the card is full.

Campark T150 Specifications:

  • Photo Resolution: 30MP, 20MP, 16MP, 12MP
  • Video Resolution: 4K (3840 X 2160, 30fps), 1296P(2304 x 1296,30fps)
  • Distance of Night Vision: 65FT (20m)

Campark T150 4K 30MP Trail Camera night vision

  • IR Flash: 36pcs infrared LEDs (850nm)
  • Screen: 2.0″ color TFT LCD
  • Waterproof: IP66

Campark T150 4K 30MP Trail Camera waterproof


  • 4K video recording
  • High-resolution pictures
  • Built-in solar panel
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • Fast trigger speed
  • Wide detection angle
  • Several customizable settings
  • IP66 Weatherproof


  • Low glow flash
  • Uses micro SD cards


CamPark’s T150 4K trail camera is an excellent all-around trail camera. It is equipped with everything you need to do the task in various conditions. You may put it in high and another challenging to reach locations with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections. Meanwhile, the solar panel saves you a fortune in battery costs over time.

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