Night shadow

Night photography tips and camera settings

Night photography is a genre of photography that requires a lot of skills and patience. It can be exceptionally frustrating…

still life

What is still life photography?

Still life photography, like a genre of photography, is an art in itself. It is mostly used for depicting inanimate…

close up insect head

Macro photography

This genre of photography has become an extensive form of art. This is due to innovations in technology. Thanks to…

girl in action

Motion Photography

All photographs capture a small slice of life, but it is motion photography that immortalizes it. It adds hues of…

Black and white portrait

Black And White Photography

Black and white photography has its appeal. If you haven’t tried it, you may wonder why not use colors, but…

leopard portrait

Wildlife photography

This genre of photography is all about documenting the plethora of wildlife within its natural habitat. Wildlife photography not only…

HDR photography

HDR photography

Everyone has heard of HDR (High Dynamic Range) Photography as it has made quite a spectacular entrance into digital photography’s…

underwater photography

What is underwater photography?

I am fortunate enough to pursue my two passions together: scuba diving and photography through the art of underwater photography….

beautiful bride

Wedding photography tips

Are you a rookie wedding photographer? Do you want to take more delightful photos? A wedding is the most valuable…


Newborn photography

We all know that photographing a newborn could be tough. Newborns have their minds – what’s more, in some cases,…