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Campark X5 Action camera

Campark X5 4K 20MP Review

Campark, 5x 4k, is one of the most reasonably priced cameras in the Campark x sports series, offering top-notch action camera features with extravagant price tags.

Surprisingly, the price of all the cameras in the Campark x series is one-third compared to the price of any GoPro camera but offers all the top-notch features.

These features highlight 4k videos, electronic image stabilization, High resolutions for still images, and waterproofing.

Campark X5 Review

Campark X5 is a basic action camera with pretty decent performance.

Especially for people looking for a very inexpensive action camera to learn about them and who do not want to be overwhelmed with multiple tricky settings, X5 will come in handy.

This camera also saves additional costs from the manufacturer. It is supplied with the complete bundle of accessories you might need.

These accessories are also compatible with several other models from different brands, even GoPro.

The 4k video and 20Mp image performance are also nifty, especially while shooting outdoors with insufficient light.

Built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) makes sure that you get super clear, ultra HD pictures all the time, no matter how bumpy shooting conditions are.

Up to 90 minutes of shooting let you live the moment without the worries of your battery running out.

Explore the underwater world with the Campark X5 with 40 meters of waterproofing. Wi-Fi, sharing via the app, and HDMI port with USB port let you easily share your adventures with the world.

With all these features, Campark X5 offers several other features such as time-lapse, loop recording, slow motion, remote control, several shooting modes, and support for an external microphone.

The next section will cover all the details about the key features and their performance.

Campark X5 4K 20MP Action Camera Salient Features:

Design and built

Campark X5 is a small, compact, yet durable action camera that comes in pretty handy, especially outdoors.

The camera built seems like an imitation of Ek7000 4k by Akaso, but X5 is a reliable performer <- Affiliate Link 🙂 who matters the most.

The size of the camera is 5.8 cm x 2.9 cm x 4 cm (L x W x H). Except for the location of buttons, there isn’t any major difference in design compared to Akaso and Apeman et cetera. 

The X5 camera weighs around 600 grams. It is a few grams heavier than the other cameras in this price range and new generations of the x series.

In my opinion, these little grams aren’t a bad thing – the more the weight, the more camera is resistant against shakes.

The body of the device is made up of high-quality plastic. At the front, just beside the lens, there is a power/menu button.


There are two-compartment windows. One houses the ports for USB and HDMI cable (later is included in the package). The other compartment is for a removable battery. Once the windows are closed, these compartments are completely sealed.

Though these two compartments shut down completely, you have to place the Campark X5 in its bulky waterproof cover to take it inside the water.

On the backside of the camera, the LCD is 2 inches. The screen shows colors pretty accurately.

All the settings, remaining battery, shooting modes, et cetera are displayed on it.

One disappointing thing is that it isn’t a touchscreen. When even the cheapest brands are offering touch features, it is the time in the action camera industry – no touch screen is a con associated with Campark X5.


So far, the best quality of Campark X5 is its performance in terms of video shooting. The video shooting resolutions offered are:

  • 4K at 30fps
  • 2.7K at 30fps
  • 1080P at 60fps and 30fps
  • 720P at 120fps

All resolutions produce brilliant results, but 4k performance is the strongest side. 4k is offered at the 30 framerate per second.

The 4k isn’t native still. It is tough to spot the difference in the footage of X5 and a camera pricier than it.

For those who don’t know, native 4k resolution is when the camera’s sensor output is in 4k in real-time. Instead, 4k is offered by all cameras in the price range of Campark X5, and even some cameras expensive than the offer interpolated 4k.

With interpolated resolution, videos are captured in 1920×1080 then the camera upgrades the output to 3840×2160. This type of resolution isn’t a big deal at all – what matters is what the output is.

The ultra-high-definition video output by X5 is pretty impressive compared to the price of the camera.

EIS ensures that each footage is super smooth. Several built-in video modes make it beginners’ friendly and let users add creativity to your videos. Some of these modes are time-lapse, slo-mo, and loop recording.

A welcoming new mode is Car Mode, which covers your X5 into a webcam suitable for cars.


Besides the footage quality, the stabilization difference is what differentiates between a good action camera and an average one.

Campark X5 4k 20MP action camera comes with built-in Electronic image stabilization. It effectively removes the blur, which is captured by regular cameras while shooting the moving objects.

Super smooth and clear images are ensured by EIS no-matter if you are shooting in fast speed moments such as hiking, biking, running, diving et cetera.

Still images

20MP resolution is equivalent to the resolution of the image offered by the GoPro Hero series. All image resolutions supported by this camera are:

  • 20M
  • 16M
  • 12M
  • 8M

Images results are good, especially in the outdoors with insufficient light. In the dark, sometimes the footages show a grainy effect.

EIS also ensures in still images that there isn’t any blur in the output. Shooting modes are also offered for images, such as burst mode, timer. Overall, still, results are satisfactory, high definition, and with vibrant colors.

Al the images are stored in JPG format. The device does not support the RAW format.

To save both videos and images, you have to insert your memory card as the camera has no built-in storage.

Using 64GB, class 10, or above high-speed micro SD card and format it properly before using are recommended by the manufacturer.


Take your Campark X5 up to 40 meters deep in the water without any water worries damaging your camera.

A perfect fit to capture all your adventures in snow, rain, or underwater, especially in the sports of diving, snorkeling, skiing, and water surfing.

To enjoy the perk of waterproofing, you must have to place the camera in the waterproof cover. It is a thick plastic cover.

The cover is a little bulky, but it also protects the camera against bumps and dust.

Without this, water can damage X5 just as it can damage any regular camera. So basically, the cover is waterproof, not the camera.


Remote control

A wireless 2.4G remote also comes with the package. It is a wrist remote to allow ease of use.

This remote control is not very advanced (Cannot help change the settings), but it can effectively start or stop recording.

Battery timings

Enjoy the uninterrupted 90 minutes of shooting time – at least that’s what Campark Official specifications claim.

90 minutes of shooting time is ideal, such as Wi-Fi is turned off, not shooting in the highest resolution. Usually, it is up to 60 minutes, which is still too good for this gadget’s price.

The manufacturer sends two batteries without any additional cost, so that means you are going to enjoy around 2 hours of shooting—good timings to use the camera outdoors.

Wi-Fi and App

The highlight of connectivity features is Wi-Fi. Campark needs to update it as the customer reviews about this feature aren’t very welcoming.

Either the data sharing via Wi-Fi is very sluggish, or it does not connect at all. Using an HDMI cable, the data can be transferred much rapidly.

Data can also be shared via the dedicated app to X5 named DV Live. It is available is on the Play Store and Apple App Store. App also connects the camera with your smartphone.

Though this connection is not as stronger as we can see in the recent generations of Campark cameras, it can be used for data sharing between X5 and your phone and reviewing the footage.

External microphone

Own audio quality of Campark x5 is average – neither too good nor too bad.

But you have a window to get the best audio quality by attaching your microphone. Especially outdoors, external microphones capture clearer audio.


A bunch of accessories is sent with the package of Campark X5. The quality is not very impressive, but these are compatible with several other action cameras, including GoPro.

Tripod is not included in the package, but several users got it when they dropped a review after purchasing the Campark X5.<- Affiliate Link 🙂

Campark X5 Specifications:

  • Brand: Campark
  • Model: Campark X5
  • Type: Campark x series sports camera
  • Color category: Black
  • Product Dimensions: 5.8 cm x 2.9 cm x 4 cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 600 Grams
  • Screen: 2 inch (6 cm) LCD
  • Touchscreen: No
  • Image stabilization: Optical
  • Photo format: JPG (no RAW)
  • Highest images resolution: 20 MP
  • Video format: MP4
  • Highest Video resolution: 4k at 30fps
  • All Image resolutions: 20M; 16M; 12M; 8M
  • All Video resolution: 4K at 30fps, 2.7K at 30fps, 1080P at 60fps and 30fps, 720P at 120fps
  • Connections: Wi-Fi
  • Memory: Micro SD up to 64GB
  • Battery type: Lithium-ion
  • Battery capacity: 3.7V 1050mAh (2 included in the package)
  • Battery charging time: 2-3 hours
  • Shooting time by each battery: an hour to 1.5 hours (depends upon the shooting mode and resolution)
  • External Microphone: Yes
  • Waterproofing: Yes. With waterproof case
  • Waterproof case: effective up to 40 Meters
  • Remote control: Yes
  • Remote type: wireless 2.4G wrist remote
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Stabilization type: Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
  • Lens: 170 ° Wide-Angle
  • Loop recording: Yes
  • Modes Offered: Time-lapse recording, slow-motion video recording, Car Mode, Burst Mode
  • Audio recording: Yes
  • Exposure and ISO: Adjustable as well as few built-in modes

  • For easy sharing: Micro USB and HDMI ports
  • Camera app: Live DV

Inside the package:

  • Campark X5 4k Action Camera
  • External Microphone
  • Remote Control
  • 2 × 1050mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Waterproof Case
  • Bicycle Mounting kit
  • Helmet Mounting kit
  • USB Cable
  • User Manual


  • 4k video at 30 fps
  • 20MP resolution for still images
  • Electronic Images Stabilization
  • Waterproof up to 40 meters
  • 60-90 minutes of battery timing
  • External Mic support
  • Multi recording modes

  • Waterproofing up to 40 meters
  • Well-worth the money paid for it


  • No waterproofing without casing
  • Interpolated 4k
  • It lacks a feature as basic as the touch screen
  • Occasional sluggish performance


For people looking for a very reasonably priced camera <- Affiliate Link 🙂 with all features of high-end ones, Campark X5 4k 20MP is for you.

Though there are a few cons, none is strong enough not to recommend this action camera. 


GoPro Camera Review – GoPro Hero7 Black

GoPro Inc. is an American technology company, and it is known worldwide for producing the most versatile action cameras. These cameras are superior quality cameras with incredible built-in features and technologies, which make them worth buying.

Any photographer who gets used to the GoPro cameras won’t find better video quality, ease of use, and value from the competition. These cameras are best known for their video results, but they also give you high still image results.

GoPro Camera Review – GoPro Hero7 Black

There are many extreme-action videography cameras under the brand umbrella of GoPro. One of the trendy ones from these cameras is GoPro Hero 7 4K Video Action Camera. This camera is stepping forward from its predecessors with its excellent video quality, stabilization, improved audio quality, live streaming, waterproof design, range of mounts and accessories, etc.

It can shoot 4K/60fps, 1080p/240fps video, Takes 12-megapixel still photos with HDR, and Timelapse and slow-motion modes.

Here are details about the different functions and specifications of Hero 7:

Product overview:

There is a whole list of features in this camera to talk about. From Hypersmooth to live streaming, everything is worth discussing. Here are some details about the features:


If someone knows GoPro cameras, the first thing he will notice that Hero 7 is nearly identical to Hero 6. Both models are very similar, aside from the darker-toned finish of Hero 7 and mic design. Improvement in mic design improved the overall audio performance of the camera.

This camera is very lightweight, just like its predecessors, and weighs only 3.33 oz / 94.4 g. The size of the camera is 2.4 inches x 1.8 inches x 3.1 inches. The body has a rubberish finish, and the design is overall simple.

The display of the camera is the LCD type of about 2 inches. This display is a little better than the predecessor, as this screen doesn’t have a yellowish effect in it. On the side, there are some buttons for recording and pausing, turning on/off recording.

There are two openings for the battery/card and USB/HDMI compartments. One new addition in design is the ‘short clip’ button. This button lets the user limit the recording from 15 to 30 seconds. All in all, the hardware is pretty similar, but sure, there are improvements in software.

Waterproof body:

One of the significant improvements in GoPro 7 is waterproofing. And there is no extra casing required the make the camera waterproof. You can take the camera in the water up to 10 meters without any fear of damage to the device.

Protection from water can be expanded up to 30 meters with an optional GoPro waterproof housing. Not to brag, but this camera can be your perfect companion if you are into exploring the underwater world.


When this camera was launched, the company introduced it as ‘HyperSmooth Gimbal-Like.’ Hyper smooth stabilization is built-in electronic stabilization. This stabilization helps to ditch the gimbal, improving the user to capture super-smooth and professional-class images anytime.

The company claimed that Hero 7 camera stabilization for video shooting is the best built-in video stabilization of any camera you can find in the market. The great thing is that many users of this camera approved this claim.

Gimbal-like stabilization is added to achieve ultra-smooth high-quality footage, which you can obtain using a gimbal.

This is a combination of better hardware and software instead of just upgrading existing optical stabilization.

Video Quality

Besides every other feature, GoPro Hero 07 Black is a massive update compared to its predecessors in footage quality. The video quality highlight is that this camera can capture a full 4k at 60 fps (frames per second).

The 4K60 can be captured at the larger 4K (4:3) resolution, which is larger (4096×3072) than the standard 4K (3840×3072) that’s in 16:9 aspect ratio. With 4k at 60 fps, other combinations are available for shooting – 1520 p at 120 fps, 2560 x 1440 p at 120 fps, and 1920 x 1080 p at 240 fps.

To make the video shooting even better, many new video shooting features are also added. Loop recording at all resolutions, Scene Detection Technology, Time-Lapse recording, digital noise reduction, slow-motion recording are some features you can use while capturing your videos.

Videos are saved in mp4 format on the SD card. You have to insert your card as GoPros does not have any built-in storage. Hero 07 Black supports the H.265 or HEVC video codec. It has a maximum video bitrate of 78Mb/s when shooting 4K.

At 4K 60fps at full resolution, one can still shoot in Hypersmooth. You can also get 8x slo-mo at full high definition resolution.

The little drawback in Hypersmooth is that it can’t be enabled when shooting in a 4:3 aspect ratio and when shooting in Full HD at 240fps and 120fps. Overall, hyper smooth results for this camera are incredible. There isn’t any trouble with traditional wrapping like users faced on older versions of GoPro.

Electronic HyperSmooth stabilization can be one good reason they choose this camera over its rivals.


TimeWrap is just like the time-lapse video, but HyperSmooth applied it. Time Wrap enables the user to get ultra-smooth and stable results of timelapse videos. Time Wrap gives the option to capture different time-lapse speeds, including 2x, 5x, 10x, 15x, and 30x.

Standard timelapse videos are best when the camera is in a static position; otherwise, optical results are jerky. With hyper smooth, this camera is an excellent option the capture timelapse videos even for bikers during their bumpy rides.

Good audio quality:

One of the significant and noticeable improvements in Go Pro Hero 7 is its enhanced sound quality. Better audio quality is like a blessing in disguise to complement the boosted video quality via HyperSmooth stabilization.

The microphone membrane of a camera is re-designed by experts to capture more subtle sounds. The new design also ensures that the device doesn’t pick up unnecessary noises from the environment and eliminate vibrations.

Built-in processor targets and eliminates vibrating sounds. Better audio quality provides more natural bass \ brighter mids and captures the more dynamic range of tones, i.e., deeper lows and higher highs.

 Voice control:

You have also got voice control on this camera. This feature comes in very handy when you want to go hands-free. During surfing, climbing, and snowboarding, this is very useful. Hero7 can be controlled by two commands: ‘GoPro Capture’ and ‘GoPro Stop Capture.’

It can be advantageous, but with this device, voice control is hit or miss. Many users complained about it being unresponsive at times. Both commands to control the camera do not respond at all sometimes.

Improved UI with portrait orientation:

On the rear of GoPro Hero 7, there is a touchscreen. It is in the same place as its predecessor, Hero Go Pro 6, but several things are redesigned, such as menus, modes, and settings. It is easier to operate now.

Resolution and frame rate are now displayed on the bottom of the screen, whereas battery percentage and available space of memory card are shown on the upper side off-screen. One addition Go Pro did while revamping the user interference is the addition of Portrait Mode. This mode allows shooting vertical photos and videos.

Still photography

The image quality of Hero 07 Black is outstanding, with an output of 12MP. Just like for videos, there are several dedicated features for images too. The images can be captured in both RAW and JPEG format. Dynamic range capture is also offered for still – WDR (wide dynamic range) or HDR (high dynamic range).


It’s another new feature introduced via this camera. SuperPhoto automatically enhances the images making results come out more sharp and smooth. When images are captured with this feature turned on, an additional 1.5 to 2 seconds is automatically spent on each camera. The resulting images show less contrast as well as automatic and minor shifts in White Balance too.

Live streaming:

If you connect your device to the Go Pro App on your smartphone, you can live stream your shooting. All you need is Wi-Fi or cellular data to broadcast it. When Hero 7 was newly launched, the user can only conduct a 720p live stream on Facebook using WiFi or mobile service. But with an update now, one can also perform a 720p live stream on YouTube too.

Responsive Smartphone Integration with Camera:

Usually, many cameras allow operating your camera via your smartphone by connecting the camera to the app on a mobile phone. Well and reasonable, but actual trouble starts after this. A lot of times, these integrations come out terrible.

There is always a hit or miss that established connectivity will work without changing the camera or mobile phone’s operating system. But when you are using Hero 7, this connectivity is very reliable.

It is highly responsive and makes it easy to control your camera entirely via your mobile phone, and helps you share images and videos immediately after capturing them.

Once your Hero 07 Black is connected with your smartphone, controlling the camera becomes more fun and easy. IOS and Android, as well as GoPro and Quik apps, are supported. By connecting the camera with a smartphone, you can easily share footage and do all basic editing on your smartphone.

QuikStories feature in-app will also edit your footages to ready-to-post by adding music in the background and filters, et cetera.


No matter how fast you’re moving while shooting, ultra-high-definition videos and images are guaranteed – all thanks to the new built-in Electronic Image Stabilization. GoPro named it HyperSmooth. In the Hero series’s recent models, we also came across HyperSmooth 2.0 and 3.0, updates of HyperSmooth, but originally introduced via GoPro Hero 07 Black.

This built-in stabilization is equivalent to the stabilization offered by Gimbal. It works perfectly with higher resolutions of 4k and 1080p and also underwater. To make HyperSmooth possible, GoPro increased the Hero 07 Black’s processing memory, and the results turned out great.

It made this action camera smart enough to look at how motion is happening from frame to frame proactively. In rapid movements such as skiing, diving, hiking, biking, et cetera, the camera adjusts correction automatically and makes the video super smooth.

If you want to find out even more about this product, I am inviting you to watch a YouTube video by Ben Schmanke from the channel AuthenTech. It is an excellent comparison between GoPro HERO 7 Black, Silver, and White:

Mounts and accessories:

There are some accessories in this camera package, including official Go Pro branded mounts and third-party mounts. You don’t need to buy anything extra to add creativity to your videos and photographs.

GoPro Hero7 Black specs:

  • Box Dimensions (LxWxH): 9.7 x 5.8 x 3.1 inches
  • Package Weight: 0.925 lb
  • General Weight: 3.33 oz / 94.4 g
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): 2.4 x 1.8 x 1.1″ / 6.2 x 4.5 x 2.8 cm
  • Battery: Built-In Lithium-Ion Battery, 3.85 VDC
  • Charging method: USB
  • Camera sensor: 1-Chip CMOS
  • Sensor Resolution: 10 MP
  • Recording media: 1 x micro SD
  • Video format: 3840 x 2160p at 24/30 fps (30 Mb/s MP4 via H.264/AVC) 1920 x 1440p at 30/60 fps
  • Still Image Resolution: JPEG: 10 Megapixel, 3648 x 2736
  • Display Type: LCD (TOUCH SCREEN)
  • Screen size: 2 inches
  • Screen resolution: 320 x 480
  • Photo ISO Range: 100 the 1600 (Auto)
  • Video ISO Range: 100 the 1600 (Auto)
  • Burst Photo: 15 Photos / 1 Second
  • Image Stabilization: Digital
  • Waterproof Depth Rating: 33.0′ / 10.0 m (Camera)
  • Built-In Mic: Yes
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Tripod Mount: None
  • Inputs: 1 x USB 3.0 Type-C
  • Outputs: None
  • Microphone input: None


  • Excellent quality image stabilization. HyperSmooth Video Stabilization up to 4K / 60 fps
  • Audio quality better than ever. Improved audio recording
  • Waterproof body. No extra waterproof casing is required.
  • Live streaming feature
  • Great video quality
  • Impressive stills can be captured.
  • Several mounts and accessories come with the package.
  • Function of TimeWrap
  • Good App support
  • Up the 8x slo-mo at full HD
  • Voice control


  • No perfect battery life just like predecessors
  • The device heats while 4k recording
  • System hangs. Unresponsive UI occasionally
  • Options with the same features are available at a relatively lower cost.

Final Verdict:

Hero 7 black <-Affiliate Link 🙂 instantly become popular among users. It is small and lightweight, but performance-wise it is a beast. The image stabilization is brilliant, and you can get insanely brilliant footage with this incredible and ultimate action camera.

The HyperSmooth stabilization is of the next level, and the camera is the best one so far by GoPro. App support is better than all device competitors, TimeWrap, voice control, and live streaming.

What more can you wish for from an action camera? It can be your best all-rounder camera to capture nature and all your important moments of life.

Apeman camera review – Apeman A77

The APEMAN A77 has proven its worth by employing 170 Wide-Angle Lens, variable focal length, higher resolution, and updated sensor. With all these new features, it can deliver ultra-wide angles of 170 °, 140 °, 110 °, 70 ° and provides 4k results with 16 MP to broaden your horizons.

It sports an anti-shake mechanism and offers electronic image stabilization to provide clear and smooth images and videos even when the camera experiences movements or shakes.

Apeman camera review – Apeman A77

This camera can not only capture stunning videos and images but also allows you to set a timer as you like from 2s till the 20s. This gives you flexibility by freeing your hand and allowing you to capture anytime you want.

The features do not end here as this camera is also compatible and durable. You can now carry out photography in a whole new way as this camera comes with 20 accessories.

These accessories can be used with GoPro and allow you to mount your camera at different angles to add a unique perspective. Moreover, to supplement these features, there is in-built Wi-Fi, which makes sharing more natural than ever.


Even editing of results has never been easier, thanks to iOS and Android apps, which give you full control for ultimate versatility. The build and design of this camera are then solid and sturdy, allowing rough and tough usage.

The waterproof casing allows it to go 30M underwater. Lastly, this comes at a keen price, which makes it a very value-oriented device. So it is similar in appearance and specification to GoXtreme but is cheaper and provides a more generous bundle than it.

Let us look into the details of this APEMAN A77 Camera <- Affiliate Link 🙂 to understand what makes it so unique…

Salient Features of Apeman A77:

Built and design

This Apeman has many features, but the element that makes it stand out is the large sensor for 4K video. Thus, it allows the camera to shoot at 24fps (frames per second), just like GoPro cameras.

Video Quality

The highlight of the features offered by Apeman A77 is its 4k video. All video shooting resolutions offered by A77 are:

  • 4K a 25fps
  • 7K a 30fps
  • 1080P FHD a 60fps / 30fps
  • 720P HD a 240fps / 120fps / 60fps / 30fps

If it was a high-end camera, 4k at 25 frames per second is not very impressive, but it’s good for the camera’s price. The results of 4k and other resolutions are also impressive. All of the videos are stored in .MP4 format under the H.264 codec.

To store the videos and images, you have to insert your SD card as the camera doesn’t have its storage. A maximum of 32GB SD card is supported.

Several video recording modes and options are offered to make the experience more artistic, easy, and fun. Some of these are burst mode, time-lapse, self-timer shooting, slow motion, to aqua mode.

The 4k resolution is not true 4k; instead, the actual resolution of 2880 x 2160 is captured in the aspect ratio of 4:3. The A77 does all the shooting in the resolution of 2880 x 2160 and then interpolates* the results in 4k.

*Interpolation is when the recording camera compresses the image down to 2880×2160 and re-stretches back out to 3840×2160 on playback during the recording camera. The recording will only ever contain 2880×2160 pixels, but it will be meant to be played at 3840×2160.

Coming on to its stills, the image quality is also commendable as it can capture up to 16 Megapixels (MP), which is the same as GoXtreme Vision 4K’s 16MP. The level of detail and color fidelity is excellent, and there is a wide dynamic range available.

However, it isn’t that good at capturing the details in areas with high contrast. Nevertheless, the image quality is pretty decent, considering that it is so cheap.

Apeman A77 image quality

The results of the images are also awe-inspiring. The resolution offered for images are:

  • 16MP (4928 × 3264)
  • 14MP (4320 x 3240)
  • 10MP (3648 x 2736)
  • 8MP (3264 x 2448)
  • 5MP (2592 x 1944)
  • 2MP (1600 x 1200)

All the images are stored in the JPEG format, and RAW isn’t supported.

Overall the images results are brilliant but shooting in the less illuminated situations is disappointing. Usually, in low-light situations, images turn out to be grainy.

Time-lapse photos can be captured, ranging from 2 seconds up to 60 seconds.

Moreover, like GoXtreme action cameras that differentiate themselves by providing a comprehensive accessory bundle, this Apeman also does the same by being equipped with complete accessories. Not only that, it goes a little bit further by providing even more accessories than its counterparts so that you can experiment with an array of angles and positions.

The accessories come with the device in a handy zipping padded case to keep them safe and carry out outdoor activities. There is a tough waterproof housing made of top-notch material to keep the camera safe up to a depth of 40M. Then there is a clip-mount to use with the adhesive plates provides.

It also has an open mount complemented by a standard tripod screw to be fitted at the top and bottom. There are three different extension arms as well an adapter to screw them is also included. A clamp mount is also given for attaching their camera onto cars or handlebars.

Other accessories, such as adhesive patches, cable ties, Velcro straps, and metal wire, secure the mounts.

Best of all, the features are the dual improved 1050mAh rechargeable batteries included, which promise long life and usage. So now, you can shoot continuously for hours without worrying about the camera shutting down. They charge easily as well within 3 hours.

Secondly, the batteries are of standard format, so you can easily purchase more. These batteries and other features and accessories make this camera bundle is way more generous than the GoXtreme bundle. Then the physical aspects are also better than GoPro.

The exterior and lens are both textured, and so are the menu buttons on the side and the button on the top. Only the front button is orange. Moreover, all the buttons are easy to use and are well-placed. The feel of this camera is also substantial yet comfortable. The grip is strong and steady as well.

If you prefer video over reading, then skip to this great review by Wayne Boulerice, and you’ll get it. What’s this A77 all about:

If you want to see more videos like this one, here’s his YouTube channel – Dartman101

Coming onto viewing, this camera sports a two-inch LCD on the rear, which provides you full control over the settings through the menu and buttons. The menu itself has a unique design that is easy to use. Not only can you change the resolution, but you can also loop record using files of three, five, or 10 minutes like a dashcam.

Additionally, this camera also employs a Gyroscope, an electronic image stabilization system to minimize movements and shakes’ effects for capturing videos. There is also an Anti-Shaking mode, which does something similar for images.

Another useful feature in this camera is the professional 170° Adjustable Ultra Wide Angle lens, which leads to an even broader and fantastic perspective. It gives users the ability to change the angle of view between 170°, 140°, 110°, and 70° degrees.

Other supplementary features that distinguish this camera are self-timer, which can be set for 2-20 seconds to free hands and make shooting flexible, and Various Photo and Video Recording Modes.

These include support Loop Recording, Diving mode, Car mode, Night Scene option, and Timer-shoot capture modes such as Time Lapse. Using these, you can appreciate and record a process in more depth, adjust colors, and experiment with the changes like sunrise and sunset, tide ebb, flowers bloom, etc.

This camera also provides a burst mode to capture multiple photos when in action. Even though the image quality options are limited, you can still apply black-and-white or sepia effects, set exposure between +2 and –2 EV, and switch the ISO from automatic to a value between 100 and 400.


Here comes our favorite feature – the battery life of Apeman A77. 3.7V Lithium-ion battery 1050 mAh batteries are used to power this camera. This battery can support up to 90 minutes of continuous shooting in ideal conditions.

And here is the next good thing – there are two batteries sent with the package so you can enjoy the total shooting time of around 3 hours. This battery life is very compatible with outdoor shootings.

The battery drops rapidly during 4k shooting and when connectivity features are on, but still, it’s pretty good.

Remote and audio control

To make the camera absolutely beginner-friendly and easy to use, remote and audio control features also come with the Apeman A77 action camera.

The remote control is designed to wear on the wrist. It is a 2.4G Wireless remote made up of 2.4H RF technology. The con of no loop recording can be tackled using the remote controller. You do not have to start shooting again and again from the camera settings manually. Instead, you can start/stop recording via a remote controller.

Audio control isn’t very advanced and can perform only basic functions, i.e., start/stop recording.

You can even toggle audio recording and check the date stamped on the footage. Lastly, considering the price, this Apeman action camera also has inbuilt Wi-Fi.

This makes share and edit videos and images more relaxed than ever. Even though Apeman doesn’t have its app, it is a drawback, but it is compatible with other iOS and Android apps such as FinalCam and Camping, thus providing full control in real-time.

Here you can watch a video by Apeman on YouTube about “How to Use Wi-Fi on APEMAN A77/A79 Action Camera.”

Apeman A77 specifications:

  • Liquid Crystal Display (LCD): 2.0 inch
  • Video Resolution: 4K 24fps, 2k 30fps, 1080P 60fps, 1080P 30fps, 720P 120fps, 720P 60fps
  • Sensor: Sony Sensor
  • Visual Angles: 170°, 140°, 110°, 70°
  • Compress Format: H.264
  • Image Resolution: 16M, 12M, 10M, 8M, 5M, 3M, VGA
  • Storage: micro SD up to 32GB
  • Shooting Mode: Single Shot / Self-timer (2S / 5s / 10s / Double)
  • Loop recording: support
  • Lens: 170 degree + HD wide-angle lens
  • Video Format: MOV
  • Compressed Format of Videos: H.264
  • USB Interface: USB2.0
  • Power Source Interface: 5V/1A
  • Battery Capacity: 1050MAH
  • Power Dissipation: 400mA; 4.2V
  • Recording Time: 90 minutes
  • Charging Time: About 3hours
  • Dimension: 59.27x 41.13 x 29.28
  • Time-lapse Record: 100ms / 200ms / 500ms / 1Sec / 5 Sec
  • Motion Detection: Not supported
  • Charging Time: About 3 hours
  • Language: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Russian

What’s in the box?

  • APEMAN Sport Action Camera
  • Waterproof Case
  • Bicycle Stand, Base 1, Base 2, Clip, Fixed Base
  • Switch Support 1, Switch Support 2, Switch Support 3
  • Adapter
  • Helmet Base
  • Bandage
  • Ribbon
  • 3M Adhesive Tape
  • Wire Rope
  • Data Wire
  • Manual
  • Wiper


  • Water-resistant up to 30 meters deep
  • High definition screen display
  • Detachable rechargeable battery prolongs camera’s service life
  • 1080p video resolution
  • 16-megapixel photo resolution
  • 170 wide-angle lens
  • Support storage cards up to 32GB,
  • Multiple Video Recording Formats
  • Multiple Photo Shooting Modes
  • Small and light
  • Wi-Fi makes sharing easy
  • 4K video quality


  • There is no Apeman smartphone app
  • limited controls over the image
  • Not that great at capturing the details in bright areas


Summing it up, we believe that APEMAN Action Camera <- Affiliate Link 🙂 is the best high-performance underwater camera in the market. It can help you be in all your outdoor activities and make your adventures more memorable.

It will enable you to be your life’s photographer, director, and editor by letting you record exciting moments on the run. Not only will be the results vivid and clear, but they will also be in HD to make them look real.

Thus, it is an ideal choice for life archives! This camera offers a lot, from video with 4K and anti-shake ability to 16 MP images and amazing underwater performance.

You can capture every scene with clear selectable resolutions to make viewing a memorable experience. Thus, it is an amazing-value action camera essentially the same as the GoPro without the hefty price tag.

The only disappointments are that the smartphone app (at the review date)  doesn’t work, and control of the image is limited.

So the verdict is that this camera is indeed a generous peripheral bundled with both keen price and decent quality and is a bargain for those whose budgets can’t stretch.

Cooau action camera review

COOAU 4K 20MP Wi-Fi Action Camera is a champion for shooting high-resolution videos and capturing top-quality pictures.

This is because it employs a genuine Sony sensor to produce stunning 4K movies and 20MP to deliver crisp images.

Cooau 4k 20Mp camera is a very reasonable alternative available on the market for all those who do not want to go for an expensive mainstream GoPro action camera.

Cooau action camera review

COOAU stands out from its counterparts because its results are more lifelike and vivid. Moreover, it provides a plethora of features without costing a lot.

Some of its qualities, such as inbuilt smart gyroscope, electronic image stabilization, external microphone, and the waterproof case, make it indispensable, especially for outdoor activities.

These features can even capture smooth video while in motion and even underwater up to 30m (98Feet) and record audio.

Additionally, it also has a 170° Ultra Wide Angle lens with six layers and F2.5 fish-eye optical glass to deliver a broader and brighter perspective even in shallow light conditions.

To give users a professional expensive digital camera experience, this camera also supports different modes such as Loop Record, Diving Mode, Burst Photos, Timer Capture, Car Driving Mode, Time Lapse Photos, etc.

Perfect for underwater photography

Not only that, but it is also sturdy and durable as camera housing is IP68 certified and completely waterproof.

It is specifically designed for the rugged underwater world. That is why it can function perfectly underwater.

This makes it ideal for all kinds of activities, especially water sports, like diving, snorkeling, surfing, skiing, etc.

Complementing these features are several other elements such as Wi-Fi and Remote Control, making handling even more comfortable and providing users full control even from afar.

It also makes editing and sharing instant. It also has HDMI and USB video output, which allow users to connect it to TV, Computers and so that they can enjoy the results on a big screen.

Making the performance even more lasting is the double updated 1200mAh Batteries, which extend the continuous recording time to 240 minutes. Then numerous accessories enable users to mount this camera at any angle for unique positioning.

Lastly, this COOAU comes with a 12-month warranty so that you can play it safe without any worry!

Let us look into this in detail to understand what makes it so unique…

Cooau 4k 20Mp overview:

Beginning with its 20MP 4K Ultra HD performance, this action camera by COOAU has an inbuilt updated chip and seven layers of optical glass lens, which leads to 4K Ultra HD professional videos and allows it to take stills at 20MP.

Built and Physical Features

Upon first glance, the design of the camera seems pretty similar to the Apeman action camera. The design is regular, and there is no new physical addition compared to the previous generations.

The black body of the camera and the transparent cover are both made up of plastic. The plastic used is of pretty high quality, and overall built doesn’t give the feelings of Cooau 4k being a cheap quality.

Little bumps and falls do not harm the camera and its lens – it is durable. Compared to the camera body, the cover doesn’t give the impression of being very high quality.

Make it yours today <- Affiliate Link 🙂

The covering provides additional durability to the camera and protects it against water and dust. Also, the mounts cannot be attached to the camera directly without putting the gadget in this covering.

In case of damaging it, the protective covering can be bought separately from Cooau or other online stores.

Camera dimensions

The camera dimensions are 2.28 in x 0.79 in x 1.73 in (L x W x H), and the weight is only 260 grams. At the front of the camera, the most prominent feature is its lens.

Placed at the top left, this lens is a 170-degree adjustable lens made up of 7 layers. The wide-angle of view gives the fisheye look impact on the images. Buttons to turn the camera on and off and to change the modes are also at the front.

The button to start the recording sits at the upper side of the body.

There is a micro SD compartment slot and the settings button on the left side, and on the right side, there is the Micro-USB cable and the mini HDMI cable.

At the backside of Cooau 4k 20mp, there is a 2 inches LCD screen – touchless. Even the cheapest cameras today are offering the touch control feature, so it is a little disappointing. Overall, the display results aren’t very bad.

This is four times more beneficial than previous models as it features a productive video resolution of 4K 30FPS, 2.7K 30FPS, 1080P 60FPS, and 720P 120 FPS. It enables you to capture your life with magnificent resolution.

To further enhance its results, it employs a 170° F2.5 wide-angle lens, which allows you to capture any moment or landscape with a unique perspective. It also allows more light to enter the camera to ensure that the results are apparent even under low light conditions.

It also has the latest Image Sensor embedded inside it to deliver bright or clear results and well-detailed and vibrant imagery.

Thus, this COOAU 4K action camera performs brilliantly in all-optical aspects and benefits both stills and videos.

4k videos at 60 fps

The native 4k video results are the strongest feature of the Cooau 4k action camera. Unlike the cheap 4k providers, this camera is full native 4k resolution.

Usually, the low-priced action cameras claim to offer 4k videos, but that is an unreal resolution. Those cameras record in much lower- almost half of the resolution, and then the software of the camera interpolates this footage to 4k.

Native 4k is often related to the higher-end cameras, but Cooau broke all the rules.

All the video resolution of this camera are:

  • 4K at 60 fps
  • 7K at 60 fps
  • 1080p at 120 fps
  • 720p at 120 fps

The results are absolutely crystal clear and pretty stabilized. Even for the adventures of hiking and skiing, you won’t come across the problem of blur while shooting in 4k.

The processor and the camera chip are also strong enough to provide you the smoothest video experience.

Time-lapse is now becoming a common feature in action cameras. Cheap cameras are offering it but not its quality.

Forget about the average results of time-lapse and record with the native 4k 60fps time-lapse super HD videos.

An additional video is faster videos. Capture the videos at a 15x faster speed.

All videos are stored in .mp4 format.

Camera Stabilization

Cooau 4k 20MP uses Electronic Image Stabilization. Though the previous generations of these models also had the same stabilization type, there are few updates made in this one.

Manufacturers claim that it is better than stabilizations of all the previous models.

Overall results of the stabilization are good – but only when it is working. One of the biggest drawbacks of the camera is that the EIS only supports shooting in 4K format.

So there is no guarantee that you will get the super smooth videos besides the 4k format. To overcome the issue, we recommend you get a tripod for your device.

Not only will it stabilize the video but also step up your videography in several aspects.

Images result

The output of still images is 20MP in 4:3 or 16:9 format. Where even the cameras priced much more than this one are offering only JPEG mode, Cooau 4K 20MP supports both JPEG and Raw format.

Adjustable camera settings also let you make images better by adding your creativity.

8x zoom

Another new feature of the Cooau 4k 20mp camera is its 8x zoom.

This feature is worth mentioning, as zooming doesn’t ruin the quality of footage very much.

Zoom only works with still images.

External microphone for better audio

Not only are the videos and stills amazing, but the audio is no less. This is what makes this camera stand out from its counterparts.

Unlike its competitors, who cannot generate audio when inside the casing, this camera can record sound clearly, thanks to its external microphone.

This means that you can fully capture any action even in difficult situations like cycling, skiing, etc.

Complementing its lens performance is remote control and Wi-Fi, which gives users full control of their camera even when far.

The remote control can work up to 10 meters without messing with the camera. You use the Red button to capture photos, while the gray button is used for video recording. This enhances flexibility as you no longer have to hold the camera in your hands.

Additionally, the Wi-Fi allows the camera to connect with iOS and Android apps so that you can control it via your smartphone. This allows reviewing, editing, and sharing photos and videos instantly.

By downloading the App LIVE DV on your device, you can easily monitor the camera by changing its settings, downloading files, capturing stills, recording videos, social media sharing, and much more.

This camera has embedded an EIS Stabilization, an anti-shake smart program, in its chip to improve its functionality further.

This enhances the fluidity and stability of the movies captured, especially during extreme sports, for example, parachute throwing, motorcycling, skiing, etc.

Besides, this Electronic Image Stabilization feature also improves the sharpness of the videos and images captured and takes them to a new level.

Then to give you even more unique results, this camera comes with abundant accessories.

Universal compatibility for accessories

It comes with the most accessories by far, and these accessories are fully compatible with other action cameras.

So you can reuse them. The different mounts, wires, straps, and tapes lead to secure attachments at various places such as handlebars, cars, helmets, and many more to provide actions from any angle anywhere.

Then other supplementary features further improve performance, such as different modes, battery, and LCD.

An array of shooting modes such as time-lapse, burst photo, loop record, timers capture, driving mode, underwater mode, snow mode is a big bonus as they lead to professional experience.

So now, you can simultaneously enjoy and record precious moments with these modes, especially with the inbuilt 10-second self-timer, which will free your hands, and you will be able to get yourself and the whole gang in the same frame altogether.

The snow mode is also beneficial for shooting videos during skiing as choosing it will lead to the camera automatically increasing the exposure compensation and adjusting the white balance to make results more realistic.

Moreover, the two improved batteries are also an excellent addition as they perform for an extended period, and you don’t have to purchase extra ones.

This way, you won’t have to worry about ending a shoot due to a dead battery as the double 1200mAh Batteries extend the continuous recording time to 240 minutes.

Here’s a video review from the YouTube channel MyBackyardBirding in case you want to check for a second opinion about this action camera:

Then the LCD of this COOAU Action Camera is also of exceptional quality. You can easily view your scene and use it to navigate the menu.

The menu is also user-friendly, with many setting options to set it as per your requirement.

This camera features a very comfortable and sturdy carbon fiber outer casing and an ultra-compact design about its design.

This gives this a full sense of science and technology, and you feel confident when using it.

Goes deep underwater

Even the waterproof case is solid and seals tight, keeping the camera safe up to 40M deep underwater.

Moreover, it is also dust resistant and can survive extreme conditions. The material used to construct is IP68 certified and makes it sturdy, thus ideal for extreme sports and adventures.

Then another thing that makes it stand out is its price. With all these features, it is the most inexpensive action camera to date.

Usually, action cameras cost a lot more than this beauty, and we couldn’t believe that COOAU was delivering so much at such a low price without compromising quality!

Finally, the best thing about this camera is that it is so versatile that you can use it for any purpose. It covers all the powerful functions that you can imagine.

From loop recording, slow motion, driving mode, underwater mode, upside down, and time-lapse recording to self-timer, burst photo, screen saver, white balance, and so on, it has it all.

It is specifically designed for those who are fond of outdoor activities and want a multi-purpose camera as it has.

So be it Diving, Camping, Climbing, Skiing, Riding, or Surfing, make this camera your companion, and it will never disappoint you! It will surely give you the best experience with a digital camera.

Cooau 4k 20MP specifications:

  • Video Resolution: 4K 30fps, EIS 4K 30fps, EIS 2.7K 30fps, EIS 1080P 60fps, EIS 1080P 30fps, EIS 720P 120fps
  • Image Resolution: 20MP /16MP /12MP /8MP/5MP
  • Lens: 170°Super Wide-Angle 6G Fisheye lens
  • Video Format: MOV
  • Image Format: JPG
  • Wi-Fi Connection: Android/IOS device
  • USB Interface: USB 2.0
  • Battery: 2 Rechargeable 1200mAh batteries
  • Continuous Photo Time: up to 240 minutes
  • Charging Time: About 4 hours
  • Waterproof Case Depth Rating: Underwater 30 m/ 98ft
  • Product Dimensions: 2.4 x 0.9 x 1.7 inches
  • Item Weight: 1.21 pounds

What’s in the box?

  • COOAU Action Camera
  • 2 x 1200mAh Batteries
  • Microphone
  • Waterproof Case
  • Carry Bag
  • 13 x Accessories
  • User Manual


The verdict is that this action camera is for all those who wish to make memories in all their adventurers without burdening their pockets.

Cooau is getting famous among action camera lovers as a brand that delivers all the mainstream features of action cameras, i.e., 4k videos, stabilization, video modes, et cetera.

Though these features’ performance is not as substantial as a camera, starting from around 400 dollars, on the other hand, Cooau action cameras are available at a surprisingly economical price.

For adventurers seeking a cheap action camera with good footage results, this brand is highly recommended.

Both price and quality are excellent, mentioning that it also includes a microphone, and the results are similar to high-end cameras.

So with 4K videos, which are crystal clear, 20 MP vivid images, perfect audio, smooth shooting, many accessories, different modes, underwater capabilities, remote control, Wi-Fi, long-life batteries, and at such a reasonable price, it is beyond perfection.

It is a bargain as it provides the best value for money along with the best quality.

Thus, COOAU manufacturers have proved that they can deliver the best with the least cost and beautifully fulfill their customer needs. Make it yours today <- Affiliate Link 🙂 and start your journey into action photography!

Apeman Action Camera A100 Review

In the category of reasonably priced action cameras, no brand is offering better than Apeman.

Apeman action cameras are considered the best available alternative to GoPros.

The recently released Apeman A100 with 4k at 50fps is an excellent camera with all the specifications which were once considered as the specialty of GoPros.

Engineering nifty cameras like A100 are among the reasons behind this brand being so popular among sports enthusiasts and adventurers.

Apeman A100 Trawo Review

Trawo A100 features native 4k at 50 frames per second. Many other cameras in this price range offer the 4k, but it is neither native, nor their results are as good as A100.

It hosts numerous other quality features too. It has up to date electronic image stabilization to ensure the smoothest and ultra-high-definition footages no matter how shaky the shooting situation is.

Multiple shooting modes, accessories, Wi-Fi, remote control, voice control, and some auto setting ensure ease of use, especially for beginners.

A100 lets you capture the wonders inside deep water with its 40 meters of waterproofing inside the case.

Two batteries are sent with the package, and each battery offers up to 60 minutes of shooting time in 4k mode, making sure that you have the best and interrupted experience outdoors.

All the features collectively deliver the professional level performance unusual for the action cameras falling in this device’s price range.  

Here are details about the salient features of Apeman A100 and their performance:

4k videos

With Hisilicon Hi3559 chip and sensitive SONY IMX458 sensor, the TRAWO offers 4K at 50fps and 4K at 30fps.

Today when every other brand is offering 4k, what makes this feature so special in A100? The answer is two things.

Firstly, the resolution offered by Apeman A100 is native. Native resolution is when the video is both captured and displayed in 4k resolution, unlike low-end cameras.

Those cameras offer the interpolated resolution in which the videos are captured in a much lower resolution of 2k. Internally, the sensor of the camera interpolated and upgraded the output into the 4k.

Those videos are 4k but false 4k, and any camera expert or professional can easily identify it because of the difference in smoothness and quality in native 4k and false 4k. 

Secondly, this 4k resolution is offered with 50fps. Other brands in the middle-priced category are still limited to 15fps or 30fps.

Higher the frame rate, the higher the smoothness, especially in action photography and handheld shoots.

All video resolutions are 4K @ 50fps; 4K @ 30fps; 2.7K @ 30fps; 1440P @3 0fps/60fps; 1080P @ 30fps and 60fps; 720P @ 60fps and 120fps. All videos are stored in .mp4 format.

Overall, the video performance is an outstanding and strongest feature of the device.

There are several video modes to enhance the video shooting experience, i.e., single shooting mode, time-lapse mode, slow motion, aqua mode, long exposure, and automated distortion correction.

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)

To ensure the smoothest footages in all situations, Trawo A100 uses built-in Electronic Image Stabilization.

This feature perfectly complements the feature of 4k and other video resolutions with higher frames per second.

EIS works with the help of a super-accurate motion sensor. Motions and blurs’ motion information is integrated with the framerate of shooting resolution to compensate for unwanted effects of motion. 

This technique reduces distracting vibrations from videos by smoothing the transition from one frame to another.

EIS of A100 works fine, but if you are looking forward to shooting extreme sports activities, I recommend using the gimbal.

It will ensure that no-way you face any blur or any similar sort of problem.

Images quality

Foe still images, resolutions offered by Apeman A100 are:

  • 20MP (4928×3264)
  • 14MP (4320×3240)
  • 10MP (3648×2736)
  •   8MP (3264×2448)
  •   5MP (2592×1944)
  •   2MP (1600×1200)

Many automated and changeable settings make the quality of results outstanding. ISO and Exposure settings can be fixed.

Four Diversified scene modes named people, diving, scenery, remove the fog are also there to let photographer artistic effects without going through the pain of changing different settings. 

Images are stored in JPG format. Many new and updated features are integrated into A100, but shame that a basic feature as RAW images format is absent.

Anyhow, this con isn’t considerable compared to the bundle of features in the bracket of pros.

Low light performance

Low-light results are not the strong side of any Apeman camera.

Unfortunately, for A100, the footage results for low-light shooting aren’t extraordinary the way results of 4k, and 20MP camera are.

Sometimes, a grainy effect is visible.

The Apeman A100 is best for outdoor use.


You can take down Apeman A100 deep down in water up to 40 meters inside the waterproof cover.

Without this cover, this camera is just a regular camera, pretty vulnerable to water.

But to date, no middle-range or low-range action camera offers a waterproof body without any cover, so it is not considered a con.

The feature of 40-meter waterproofing by Apeman A100 is equivalent to the underwater limit offered by an expensive brand.

Place your device inside the transparent cover and capture the underwater world with the 4k eye, yet there is a major flaw.

As mentioned prior, the camera operates via touch – there is no other way to change settings except using a touch screen.

There is no way you can change shooting mode or any other setting once the camera is underwater.

Built and Design

The built quality of A100 is high-quality and durable thaa. Regular action camera users might not even guess that it is a middle-level action camera.

It is made up of premium quality plastic. The body is black with a slight touch of orange, whereas the waterproof is completely transparent.

This cover protects the camera underwater and comes in handy in several other conditions, i.e., during rain and windy or dusty conditions, place the camera in this casing. No way any dust particles can go inside the camera.

Physical dimensions of A100 are only 61 mm x 30 mm x 45 mm (L x W x H), whereas it weighs only 76 grams with a battery.

On the front, the most prominent feature is two LEDs. On the upper side, there is the start recording button similar to predecessors of A100.

On the left side, there is the micro-SD compartment (SD card is not included in the package) slot and the settings button and on the right side.

On the backside, the prominent feature is the 2.0’’ IPS High Sensor Touch Screen.

Screen performance

This screen is very responsive, and the displayed results are also highly defined. Using the screen, you can preview and changed settings, see battery level and shooting mode.

Overall screen performance is satisfactory, but as mentioned in the waterproofing heading, the problem is when you have to use a camera inside the cover.

There’s no other way possible to change the settings. Though the camera can be remote and voice-controlled, these features work only for basic operations.

The lens is also at the front of the camera. It is a 7-layered glass lens with 170 degrees adjustable angle of view with a fishy-eye look.

The default wide-angle setting of the lens can be adjusted to medium and narrow. The aperture is F/1.8 Wide.

Battery Life and Some Other Features

Apeman A100 is powered via a 1350 mAh li-ion battery. This battery takes up to 3 hours for charging and provides 120 minutes of continuous shooting time in 1080p format and 60 minutes straight-shooting time 4k resolution.

And there’s more! Two batteries are sent with the package so you can have the optimum shooting experience.

 A 2.4G wrist remote control is sent with the device. It isn’t waterproof, just like the camera body.

Both voice control and wrist remote control features can perform the basic functions such as start and stop of shooting.

Trawo A100 supports a Class 10 or higher Micro SD Memory Card. This memory card can be up to 128 GB starting from 16GB.

The camera doesn’t have built-in storage, so it is necessary to insert the card to save the footage.

Using the Wi-Fi feature, footage can easily be transferred to the smartphone and shared with family and friends instantly.

To use this connectivity feature, it is necessary to download the YUTUPRO app on a smartphone from the apple store or play store.

Unfortunately, the Wi-Fi feature doesn’t work if the connection/signals are not strong. In that case, data can be transferred using USB or HDMI.

Multiple accessories are sent with the package. These accessories are compatible with many other action cameras, including some models of GoPro.

A100 Trawo Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: Apeman
  • Camera name: TRAWO A100
  • Camera type: Action Camera
  • Physical dimensions: 61 mm x 30 mm x 45 mm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 76g (with battery)
  • Camera screen: 2.0’’ IPS High Sensor Touch Screen
  • Chip: Hisilicon Hi3559
  • Sensor: SONY IMX458
  • Video resolutions: 4K @ 50fps; 4K @ 30fps; 2.7K @ 30fps; 1440P @3 0fps/60fps; 1080P @ 30fps and 60fps; 720P @ 60fps and 120fps
  • Video (compression) format: MP4, H.264, H.265
  • Still images Resolution: 20M; 16M; 12M; 10M; 8M; 5M; 3M
  • Images Format: JPG (no RAW)
  • Footages stabilization: Via Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
  • Lens type: 7 layered glass lens
  • Lens Aperture: F/1.8 Wide
  • Lens angle: 170° and adjustable
  • Slo-mo video resolutions: 1440P at 60fps, 1080P at 60fps, 720P at 60fps
  • Battery type: Rechargeable 1350mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Power Input: 5V / 1A
  • Charging time: Up to 3 hours
  • Recording time: 120 minutes (1080P), 60 minutes (4K)
  • Waterproof Case Depth Rating: Up to 40 meters or 131.2ft
  • Exposure control: Yes
  • Exposure value: -2.0 to +2.0
  • ISO: Yes (Auto / 100-1600)
  • White balance effects: Yes (5 options)
  • Shooting modes: Time-lapse, boot recording, Timer shooting, burst shooting, Diversifies scene modes (people, diving, scenery, remove the fog)
  • Remote controlled: Yes
  • Remote type: 2.4 G
  • Wi-Fi connections: Android/IOS Supported
  • Storage: Class 10 Micro SD Card up to 128G (not included)
  • Accessories: included in the package


  • Reasonable price
  • Good footages quality – both videos and images
  • 4k at 50fps and 20MP
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • Voice and remote control
  • Deep underwater shooting up to 40m (130ft) with the waterproof case
  • Batteries can last up to 180 minutes in ideal situations
  • Various images/videos modes and built-in settings for exposure control and IOS


  • Settings are accessible only using the touchscreen. Impossible to change the settings inside the waterproof casing
  • No casing to hold the accessories like the predecessors
  • No way to adjust or change the focus
  • Smartphone app keeps on crashing

Our verdict on Apeman A100

Summing up the review – you get more from Apeman A100 then what you pay for!

Certain incredible features in Apeman 100 makes it worthy for any sports enthusiast or adventurer to spend money on it.<-Affiliate link 🙂

4k videos at 50 frames per second and 20Mp still image results are surprisingly good. Electronic image stabilization, high-quality sensor, voice and remote control, Wi-Fi connectivity, several video and pictures mode, ease of use, waterproofing, better battery life, and several other functions make sure that you enjoy your shooting experience with Apeman A100.

Considering all these features, performance, and many positive customer reviews about it, Apeman A100 Trawo is one of the best available medium-budget cameras. 

Guide to Action Cameras

The size of the action camera market is growing like the fire in the jungle. The Global Action Camera Market size is expected to reach $8.9 billion by 2025, rising at a market growth of 18.3% CAGR during the forecast period.

The market growth is predicted to grow more as the traveling and sports industry continuously fuels it; action cameras are the first choice of sports, traveling, and adventure enthusiasts.

This market expansion shows today, more than ever, people own the action camera. If you are also one of them, are you using your camera to its full potential?

Sounds uncanny? Action cameras can be a game-changer for your photography, but only if you know your action camera and use it in the right way.

The potential of these devices can be maximized by keeping in mind a few things.

This article highlights action cameras, the do’s and don’ts of using action cameras, and few tips to keep in mind while buying action cameras are discussed.

Salient features of action camera

  1. Action cameras are capable of capturing 4k videos stable than any other camera. All thanks to advanced image stabilization technology.
  2. These cameras are durable. Built with polycarbonate and fiberglass, these cameras are resistant to damages to some extent.
  3. Action cameras are very lightweight. This makes them highly portable. Lightweight doesn’t mean being fragile. Durability and weight are prime features of action cameras as they are designed for the outdoors. This makes them a good travel buddy as neither you are going to be annoyed to carry them around nor worrying about damaging the camera all the time.
  4. The battery life of action cameras is impressive. There are some cameras in which batteries can last as much as 6 hours with continuous use. The average battery life of action cameras is 120 to 180 minutes. (this is average. Actual battery life will depend upon shooting and surrounding)
  5. Almost all cameras have the connectivity feature. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth allow you to upload instantly whatever you are capturing. You can have direct upload access as you capture the videos and images. It also makes it very easy to transfer the footage and allows the users to preview them on the screens of their smartphones, desktops, and LCDs. Some top-notch cameras also allow live streaming on social media platforms, which is made possible solely because of Wi-Fi.
  6. Every action camera comes with numerous accessories such as mounts, clips, waterproof casing for the camera. These all make your experience even better and save your cost to buy those separately.
  7. There are many modes in action cameras such as slow-motion mode, full HD panoramic mode, burst mode, time-lapse modes, et cetera. These can help you to have an amazing shooting time and create artistic footage.

How to maximize the use of an action camera

Following these few things, you can maximize the results of your action camera.

Go through specifications

Often when people buy a camera, they ignore the specifications. This isn’t the right thing to do. The specifications of the action camera are one of the most important factors to consider.

For example, you want an action camera for diving. You went to the market or looked up online, a camera fascinated you with positive reviews or similar functions, and you bought it.

But after getting your hand on it, you realized that it is only water-resistant but water-proof. A water-resistant can do several other things, but it is not as good a choice as a water-proof action camera.

These mishaps can be easily avoided by going through specifications. If you aren’t very good with post-photography and editing, many action cameras offer direct automated editing from the camera, filters et cetera.

If you want a camera for adventures, i.e., cycling, hiking, you might need a camera with the best image stabilization. Rapid movements and shakes cannot blur the images.

One can find an action camera as per desires but going through different models and brands’ specifications.

Also, after purchasing, again consult the specifications. You will be surprised to find many features which you didn’t expect to be there in the very first place.

Don’t compromise to save few bucks

Once you start looking for action cameras, you can be awestruck to find the marketing campaigns and offers related to this ting gadget.

Don’t fall prey to these campaigns. Consider only what you would like on your camera. Action cameras are usually long-lasting than regular cameras because of their durability, so it’s good to get a perfect camera as per your needs when you are getting one.

Know your camera

Only having an action camera isn’t enough. Unless you start practicing photography with it, it isn’t possible to know the camera.

Try different settings while shooting, and every experience will tell you a new do or a don’t. Go through the functions.

Combine different settings and shoot. If you find out something you don’t know already, learn about it via the internet or manual, then do a practical.

There are many examples in the photography industry that people didn’t enroll in any photography institute and learned everything via experimenting, yet they produce results as good as professionals.

Especially experiment with different angles. Mounts can help big time with this. What a slight change of angle can do, even post-shooting editing can’t do it.

In a similar situation, capture the same thing from several angles and get surprised by the results’ difference.

Take full advantage of mounting

The manufacturer sends many mounts with a camera, and many are available in the market.

You will need a mount to attach an action camera with something. The most popular mounts are Pipe clamps, chest mounts, head straps, helmet mounts, suction mounts, self-adhesive mounts, and selfie sticks.

Mounts provide additional security to the camera and eliminate the risks of falls and breakage.

Instead of finding alternatives to mounts, try to purchase them, <-Affiliate link 🙂 or you won’t be able to use the camera to its full potential. For example, if you are cycling or hiking, it is not possible to hold a camera.

It’s impossible to best of everything in sports photography while holding the camera in hand because of the tiny size of action cameras. One might not realize, but mounts are a necessity.


A dust particle can move fitfully either inside or on the lens result in a blurred image. Keep in mind to keep the lens of the camera from time to time.

Don’t use the gadget in stormy conditions to avoid the particles or dust, or debris inside the action camera.

If necessary, use a weather casing. Also, while cleaning doesn’t rub lens glass harshly. It can scratch it.

Make natural light your friend

As a beginner, it is not a wise idea to invest in the lighting. Also, action photography is mostly outdoors, so instead of artificial sources, try to utilize the natural light.

When this light is behind you or to the sides of the action camera, it can produce peachy results.

Get to know resolution and frame rate

Camera resolution and framerates are the things that play a major role in footage. It is necessary to know about these two and using these.

If you don’t know about something, you can’t use it correctly. Camera resolution is expressed in megapixels. It means the size of the digital image a camera produces.

More resolution means a better image. Mostly resolution of cameras is 1080p or 4k. Cameras are capable of capturing all resolutions below their maximum resolution.

Whereas the frame rate means the no. of frames (images) the camera can capture per second. Most action cameras record images in 4K quality with a maximum of 30 frames per second.

Things to avoid:

Don’t be over-harsh

No doubt action cameras are durable, but in the end, these are just devices. Using your camera roughly can work for a while, but it can decrease its life.

Using it in high temperatures, exposing it to moisture more than its limits, attempting to charge the battery using a method different than recommended by the manufacturer, inserting the battery in the wrong way, excessive drops, and abrasions, these things can cause permanent and irreversible damage to your camera.

Don’t rely on a single battery

Don’t let failing batteries come in the way of your footage. Always bring along two to three extras, and be sure they’re not exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Don’t expose the device to extreme temperatures

Either very high or shallow temperatures, both can damage the camera. If you have no choice other than using a camera in extreme choices, first consult the camera’s user manual and take safety measures.

Avoid unnecessary zoom

Digital zooming operates by cropping the image from sides, which results in losing the image quality. If possible, move closer to the object instead of zooming.

Besides, zooming can also shake the camera. Zooming can affect the footage even if you are capturing in 4k mode.

Preferring quantity over quality for accessories

Instead of getting the bundles of accessories, get the right ones for you. What accessories are right?

Your needs will answer this question for you. For example, as a sports photographer, a good tripod will work for you, but a helmet won’t. But if you are a bicycler.

The helmet mount is useful for you, but the tripod isn’t that much of use.

Also, be very thoughtful about when purchasing an SD card and protection cases. Do get additional accessories but don’t go for fancy stuff that won’t be of any use to you.


The best thing to do with your action camera is to experiment. Learn what the device is by trying different settings and using them.

Get used to your camera and shoot with it using different angles and mounts. Use different video and image modes while shooting.

All you need is to use your action camera properly, and it will do wonders for you.

Purpose of Action Cameras

All type of cameras have their pros and cons but compare to the standard point to shot and DSLR cameras, action cameras are rapidly becoming popular among photography lovers. Now, the sales of action cameras are higher than ever as the popularity of action cameras grow.

It is designed as a gadget accessory for especially thrill-seeking adventures or sports, but it is equally popular among different photography sections. The prime reason behind this is that these cameras are also equally capable of performing everything a standard camera does. Action cameras are unbeatable in bringing the photos and videos a bit more life.

What can action cameras do?

Why suddenly these cameras are more popular than ever? There are many reasons behind it, i.e., durability, highest image stability, UHD 4k shooting, et cetera.

Culminant features of action cameras that serve multiple purposes are:

Lightweight and durable

These are small and lightweight gadgets but can do wonders. Imagine hiking or cycling or driving and with this capturing every moment in a 4k video. Pretty nifty, right?

With being light-weight, these devices are also very durable. Action camera bodies are shock-resistant, and little shocks are unable to dent them. All thanks to polycarbonate and fiberglass built; very strong and very durable.

Features to make it the best choice for outdoors

All cameras can perform their jobs, but nothing can be better than an action camera when it comes to a traveling buddy. As these are designed for outdoors, action photography, and adventures, certain features help you enjoy every bit of your adventure or job.

Attach them to handlebars, helmets, or even taking them underwater, unlike regular cameras. They help you get more width of images due to a wider lens. The best thing is the portability as most of them are small and can easily fit into the palm of your hand.

Unlike other types of cameras, action cameras are neither fragile nor bulky. You never have to worry about carrying them around. One can easily prop up the action camera with any monopod or standard tripod.

Better footages and image stabilization

Action cameras capture excellent photographs because of their large sensors. Besides, little shakes and jolts are not capable of ruining your image with these devices. The image stabilization in action cameras is highly effective in reducing the blurs associated with a camera’s motion.

No matter how bumpy your ride or shooting condition is, you are going to get HD footage without any frame loss!


While buying it, you get several accessories from the manufacturer with the package. The most common and even popular are the underwater cover, several mounts/attachments (handlebar attachment, headcam attachment, windscreen attachment), and remote control.

These all are there to make your experience with action cameras even better. And don’t you worry! Either you get a low-cost action camera or an expensive one, basics accessories are coming with the package.

There is also a wide-window to do experiments with it. For example, if you think of taking a wide panoramic image, you can attach a fisheye lens with your action camera, a very wide-angle lens.


Mostly the action cameras are Box-shaped, which makes them ideal for the chest mounting. Many have the bullet-shaped design, which is mostly preferred for helmet mounting. Its size and weight can be placed in different areas while shooting, which will offer an exciting and immersive video to your peer, family, and friends.


Action cameras are usually water-proof. This makes them a perfect choice for underwater photography. The majority of action cameras are also dust-resistant.

No matter what are conditions are, there will be a very minimum stake of damaging your camera because of any environmental factor.

All these are just the basics highlights of the core functions of the camera. Now it is up to the photographer how he uses it to serve his purpose best. Some of the purposes which an action camera can serve are discussed in the upcoming section.

Purposes which can be served by action cameras:

4k videos and photos

Action cameras can record the 4k videos without any hassle that too in a top-notch quality. Though other cameras also offer 4k, those images aren’t as stabilized as the one from these. Either you are hiking or diving, the quality of the video won’t be affected.

To record extreme sports

It serves the purpose of recording extreme sports, i.e., surfing and skiing. High-level action cameras are used as professional sports cameras.

These enable you to capture sporting actions from different angles. In sports, these cameras are practically being used on-field, too, such as in cricket. Action cameras are mounted on a cricket bat, which helps to get a unique video perspective.

In this way, videos can be used to understand your mistake and improve your game.

Recording from unique places

Action cameras enable you to record videos and photos from unique places.

For example, they are used on a kite, a skateboard, or a balloon to get videos from various angles. Also, a waterproof casing is used to record swimming, snorkeling, and driving sessions. These recordings cannot be risked with regular cameras because of their vulnerability.


Action cameras are used widely by the divers. Action cameras can be taken pretty far underwater once you have put them in their waterproof cases. Action cameras have now become the staple ingredient in the diver’s kitbag.

Outdoor activities

A bulky camera use during vacations requires more attention than the other activities. It is so annoying to carry it around all the time that too with no guarantee that weather and shakes aren’t going to affect your camera and footages, respectively.

Action cameras can be taken anywhere and mounted on anything easily. They are easy to navigate n carry around hence allowing you to enjoy your vacations without being worried about the bulky cameras.

With this, you also don’t have to worry about damaging your camera because of any natural or accidental scenario. Weather resistance will save it from the damages of water, rain, and dust, et cetera. Whereas the strong built will make sure that there isn’t much damage if the camera falls or gets hit.

Capture with Point of view Angle

Adventure junkies use action cameras because of the point of view angle. This feature has made an action camera a must thing for those who want to record the moments and bring life to videos and photos in their adventure shoots. It provides a dramatic point of view of the recorder along with functioning as a regular camera.

It records high definition videos from the point of view angle on the go without compromising the quality.

As a normal camera

Action cameras can be used as a normal camera to point and shoot pictures and videos. This is not much different than any other video camera. It is different because of all the additional features and durability it offers. This is the core reason behind more the ever people buying action cameras today.

To bring life

Unlike Normal cameras, action cameras bring life to photos and videos. You can know in a better way the adventure by looking at the photos and videos taken through an action camera. There is no doubt that action cameras cannot be beaten to bring life to photos or videos. That’s why most people buy them.

Thrill-seekers use the action cameras for recording the adventures. Similarly, sports enthusiasts use the action camera to show off their skills as the video quality is high, so it automatically brings life.

It allows you to capture footage that is much crisp and clear as compared to a normal camera. Action cameras allow us to get immersive footage or still pictures.

To record in difficult situations

Normal cameras cannot record in difficult positions, but an action camera can do it from a different point of view or angles. They are ideal for shooting videos either in difficult locations, on the move, or at high speeds.

This is because action cameras are made of materials that can withstand bumps, jolts, and knocks. These features make them a heart-favorite choice of photographers and adventurers while skydiving, cycling, or climbing.


They are useful for tourists and sightseeing travelers all over the world. However, handheld cameras and smartphones allow tourists to record their adventures and share them with their loved ones.

But obviously, they do need to be held. This is where the action camera can play a role in the best way. You have to strap it on, hit the record, and forget about it. In this way, you do not have to worry about the camera recording along with other activities.

In this way, you can immerse yourself in the culture and history of the area you visited. Simultaneously, the action camera records every moment in stunning high definition or 4K quality. With action cameras, it is easy to film your adventures in foreign countries and at distant landmarks.

Car dashcams

Action cameras are recording the entire view in front of the car because they have a wide-angle lens.

Few other purposes

You can put an action camera on the lawnmower, on a skateboard, on a kite, on the outside of a car, tethered helium balloon, or on a room chandelier to get videos from different angles and point of view. Other cameras, unlike action ones, cannot serve the same purpose.


Action cameras are budget-friendly, durable, and above all, guaranteed to deliver the best results. If you plan to get your hands on an action camera <-Affiliate link 🙂 sooner or later, go for it! No-way that you are going to regret it.

Crosstour 4K 20MP Review

For quite a while, Crosstour action cameras are rapidly becoming popular as GoPro cameras’ best available alternatives. The manufacturers are offering almost everything a GoPro can, but it comes without any fancy price tag. Such as Crosstour 4K 20MP camera.

It has almost all the features of GoPro Hero 7 and 8 except some, but its price is less than half as compared to those two.

Crosstour 40k 20Mp is a medium-end action camera, but whatever it can do, it performs its best. Take the example of 4k video capability. The user might expect a not-so-impressive 4k video for this price, but the results are the total opposite of this camera’s expectations.

The 4k video is pretty nifty and resolution. Take the example of waterproof. Soak the camera in water for hours, and there won’t be any damage to it. These are just two examples of the multiple things this tiny gadget can do.

Salient features of Crosstour 4K 20MP:

Here are details about the most prominent features. All technical and physical specifications are given in the next section.

Design and built

Like usual Crosstour cameras, this one is also a black camera built with high-quality plastic. Plastic-built is a reason behind the durability of the camera and breakage-resistance. It is a tiny easy to carry around a camera with physical dimensions of only 6 cm x 2.5 cm x 4 cm (L x W x H), whereas the weight only 56 grams. Multiple accessories that come with the package are all made up of plastic.

The physical highlight of the camera is its two inches screen. On the front, there are on/off button just beside the lens. The recording button on the upper side, micro SD card compartment slot, and the settings button on the left side, and on the right side, there is the Micro-USB cable and the mini HDMI cable and two buttons to control a few settings.

Ultra 4k resolution

4k 20MP is capable of recording in 4k resolution in 30fps. For a low budget camera, the footage result of videos recorded in 4k mode is peachy.

Beside 4k at 30fps, the other resolution supported by this action camera are:

  • 2.7K at 30fps
  • 1080P FHD at 60fps/30fps
  • 720P HD at 120fps/60fps/30fps

To save these videos and all sorts of footage, you need to insert an SD card first, which doesn’t come with the package. All videos are stored in MP4 format under the H.264 or the H.265 codec.


From 2mp to 20mp, Crosstour 4k 20mp camera can take photos. With the right camera settings, anyone can take wonderful images using this camera.

The only drawback of pictures with this camera is that the RAW format isn’t supported by it.


Crosstour 4k 20mp features a 170-degree wide-angle lens. It helps to capture wider scenes.

One problem with this lens is that it isn’t made up of anti-scratch glass. Rubbing the lens harshly while cleaning or any other unfortunate circumstance can leave a permanent scratch on it. Be careful about it; don’t use anything to clean it other than lens cloth, and follow the cleaning instructions mentioned in the user’s manual.

Anti-shake mechanism

In action photography, blur footages are a common issue caused by the shakes or movements. To reduce the blur and distortions, Crosstour 4k 20mp features built-in Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS). It ensures that you get high-definition footage even when you shoot the fast-moving objects.

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) is a highly effective method now used in most action cameras. It compensates for hand jitter that results in distracting video shake during playback. EIS relies on an accurate motion sensor for tracking the jitter source, which can be because of the photographer’s motion, vehicle, tripod, et cetera.

Using camera underwater

For the price range of Crosstour 4k 20mp, either cameras are not waterproof or have to use them in the waterproof casing, which doesn’t come with the package. This camera is solid waterproof up to 40 meters (98 feet) once you put it inside its casing, making it a perfect action camera for water sports, diving, surfing, and swimming.

The case is with the clip mechanism. Put the camera in case, clip, close it, and your camera is an all-around seal. Soak the camera in water for days, and there won’t be any damage to the device at all.

The waterproof case also provides resistance against dust and extra protection against breakage. But the camera is in the case can affect the audio quality.


There are multiple video and picture modes to get better footage results and make your adventures more fun. Such as:

  • Single shooting (press the shutter mode, and the camera will take a single photo only)
  • Burst mode (also known as continuous shooting mode
  • Time-lapse: This function allows the action camera to hold off the shot for a few seconds (from 1 second to 10 seconds)
  • Self-timer (up to 10 seconds)
  • Slow-motion
  • Aqua mode (compensate the loss of colors underwater to get the vivid images)
  • Long exposure (capture stationary objects and blur moving one to give artistic touch)
  • Distortion correction


Battery life can last straight up to two hours while shooting in 1080p mode with camera and connectivity features off.

In the case of using connectivity features, screens, and shooting simultaneously, the battery falls rapidly. In the 4k shooting, these battery timings can drop to 60-90 minutes max.

External Microphone

An external 2.5mm microphone helps you to captures sound from all directions with all details.

Remote Control

For ease of use and control of the camera wirelessly, the remote control comes with the package. There are two prominent buttons on the remote controller; a red button for photo taking and a grey button for video recording.

Crosstour 4K 20MP Specifications:

  • Model Name: Crosstour 4K 20MP Action Camera
  • Brand: Crosstour
  • Item Dimensions L x W x H: 6 cm x 2.5 cm x 4 cm
  • Item Weight: 56 Grams
  • Color: Black
  • Max Focal Length: 200 Millimeters
  • Min Focal Length: 200 Millimeters
  • Pictures: 20MP (4928×3264), 16MP (4928×3264), 14MP (4320×3240), 10MP (3648×2736), 8MP (3264×2448), 5MP (2592×1944), 2MP (1600×1200)
  • Videos: 4K a 30fps, 2.7K a 30fps, 1080P FHD a 60fps/30fps , 720P HD a 120fps/60fps/30fps
  • Model Year: 1
  • Part number: Crosstour
  • Size: CT8500
  • Water Resistance Level: Waterproof
  • Effective Still Resolution: 20 MP
  • Video Capture Resolution: 4K
  • Lens: Fisheye
  • Stabilization: Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS)
  • Display Size: 2 Inches
  • Item Weight: 56 Grams
  • Memory type: SDHC
  • Connections: USB, Wi-Fi
  • Battery: 1350mAh 3.7V battery
  • Battery life: 120 minutes recording 1080p Full HD video (Wi-Fi and screen turned off)
  • Included Components: Camera Body & Accessories
  • Item Package Dimensions: L x W x H: 24.4 cm x 12 cm x 7.4 cm
  • Package Weight: 0.54 Kilograms


  • Reasonable price with good quality
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • Remote control and other multiple accessories
  • Battery time of 120 minutes
  • Easy to carry around
  • Waterproof up to 40 meters
  • Built-in Wi-Fi


  • The battery falls rapidly on 4k mode.
  • Lack of touchscreen, unlike the other action cameras in the same price range.


Both performance wise and price wise, Crosstour 4k 20 MP is an impressive camera. If, as a beginner or in general, you don’t want to go for GoPro because of its price tag, this action camera is one of the best alternatives available.

4k quality, 20 MP pictures, waterproof, anti-shake technology, 2 hours of battery life, durable, remote control, dust cove, and multiple accessories, what else one can want from an action camera?

Make it yours today, <-Affiliate link 🙂 and start your journey into photography!

Dragon Touch 4K 20MP EIS Anti-Shake Camera Review

Dragon Touch 4K 20MP EIS Anti-shake camera is one of the best cameras manufactured by Dragon Touch. In the arena of action cameras, where GoPro is sitting on the top for years, Dragon Touch is expeditiously becoming popular among adventurers and photographers.

One of the reasons for that is the quality this brand is delivering under its price tag. GoPro’s are, no doubt, brilliant cameras, but these cameras involve a great deal of money. Dragon Touch opted for this opportunity, and today it offers very moderately priced action cameras with most of the specifications of GoPros.

4k 20MP EIS not only delivers the 4k videos and 20MP still images, but it has all other specifications of high-end action cameras. It has electronic image stabilization, a waterproof body, amazing modes of slo-mo/time-lapse/burst mode, et cetera for videos/images, remote control, connectivity feature of Wi-Fi, good battery life, and several other features.

With all these features, the manufacturer also sends numerous accessories with Dragon Touch 4k 20MP cameras.

Dragon Touch 4K 20MP EIS Anti-shake camera features:

Design and Built

As an alternative to GoPro in the market, it shouldn’t come to you as a surprise that this camera’s design is somehow similar to the hero series from GoPro. It is made up of plastic and all black. Plastic is of high-quality, which can resist damage caused by drops and bumps.

The camera weighs only 500 grams with ergonomic physical dimensions. At the very front of the camera, the most prominent feature is the zoom lens. This lens is made up of glass. It is of good quality, but it is glass after all.

Avoid cleaning it roughly and with methods other than recommended by the manufacturer to avoid scratches on its surface. A scratch on the front of the lens or a dust particle inside cannot ruin all footage, no matter how perfect the camera settings are.

Though Dragon Touch 4k is small, but it has comparatively large, easy-to-use buttons compared to the usual action cameras. The most prominent one is the two buttons on the right side of the camera, which controls almost all the device settings.

Settings and footages are displayed on two inches screen. The screen is not touched control but is more than good for this price range of the camera. The batteries are not integrated within the body and can be removed and replaced.

Electronic Image Stabilization (EIS) / Anti-shake

Shooting at 4k at 30fps that too in action photography might come with the worries about blur footages. But Dragon Touch 4k 20MP got it covered for you. It comes with the modern-day stabilization technology of EIS found in high-end action cameras. Capture fast-moving objects in highly defined and super-smooth images!

No matter how shaky circumstances are, electronic image stabilization ensures consistent framing between multiple video frames. It reduces the blur caused when the object is fast-moving and eliminates the blurs caused by camera shakes.

EIS is mainly used for videos only, showing manufacturers intended to make a reasonably priced action camera to shoot smooth and super stable action videos.

See what others have to say about this camera.

4K Videos

As the name shows, 4k is the highlight of the Dragon Touch 4k action camera specification. Captured videos have a resolution of 4k (3840 x 2160) with 30 frames per second (fps). Though footage results are not as good as delivered by the 4k capable high-end action cameras, the results are rather surprising for the camera’s price.

Videos are smooth and vibrant. And above all, there are multiple video modes when making the shooting experience even better.

Though results are excellent on the ground reality, Dragon touch 4k action camera offers fake 4k. Results are 4k, but these are resized and interpolated. Actual videos are captured in the output resolution of 1080p or 1920×1080.

The camera stretches the resolution inside the camera, resulting in 3840 x 2160, making it 4K. Besides 4k, other resolutions are 2.7K at 30fps and 1080P at 60FPS.

Images quality

With the 20MP resolution for still images, capture all your adventures and exciting moments. Like shooting modes for video shooting, Dragon Touch 4K action camera offers several still photography modes. Images are saved in JPG format.

A micro SD card is required to store both images and videos, which isn’t included in the package.

Performance in low-light

Unfortunately, just like all other low-end action cameras, this camera doesn’t offer impressive low-light photography results. Footages captured in low lightning comes with an annoying grainy effect.


Place your camera inside the waterproof casing (included in the package) and forget all worries about diving, swimming, etc.

Please do not take the camera inside water without a casing, or it will get damaged instantly. Besides making the camera waterproof, the protective casing also provides the camera with additional protection.

Other amazing features:

  • To make the audio more clearer, the camera supports the external microphone.
  • It makes sharing easy via a Wi-Fi connection. Captured footage can be live viewed on a smartphone. To enjoy this feature, you have to download the Dragon Touch app first.
  • It comes with several modes, i.e., car mode, upside down, time-lapse video, time-lapse photo, loop recording, slow motion, and burst photo mode.
  • Comes with a remote controller. It makes it easy to control the camera hands-free. The Remote is designed to wear on the wrist. (Do not wear it inside the water; not waterproof).
  • Has an adjustable angle of 170 degrees, unlike other action cameras in this price range.
  • Dragon Touch 4k camera can serve as a webcam camera by connecting it with lead to a computer.
  • A bundle of accessories is sent with the package.
  • Electronic zooming

Dragon Touch 4K 20MP EIS Specifications:

  • Brand: Dragon Touch
  • Highest video Capture Resolution: 4K at 30 fps
  • Lens: Zoom
  • Stabilization: Yes. Electronic Image Stabilization
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium Polymer batteries required. (Included)
  • Waterproof: Yes. Up to 30M
  • Remote control: yes
  • Wi-Fi: Yes
  • Slow-motion: Yes
  • Time-lapse: Yes
  • Slo-mo: Yes
  • Adjustable view angle: Yes
  • Storage: Micro SD card. (Not included in the package)
  • Package Dimensions: 23.37 x 11.68 x 7.11 cm; 520 Grams
  • Date First Available: 15 Sept. 2019
  • ASIN: B07W7P1Y9V

What’s in the Box?

  • 1x Dragon Touch Vision 4 Lite Action Camera
  • 2x 1050mAh Battery
  • 1x Waterproof Case
  • 1x Remote Control
  • 1x Bicycle Stand
  • 5x Mount
  • 2x Helmet Mount
  • 1x Bandages
  • 5x Tethers
  • 2x Clip
  • 1 x Protective Backdoor
  • 1x USB Cable
  • 1x Lens Cloth
  • 1x Quick users Guide


  • Very reasonable price
  • The great value of money
  • 4k video and good image quality
  • Electronic image stabilization
  • Numerous accessories with package
  • Easy to use
  • Remote controlled
  • Waterproof up to 30 meters


  • A lot of complaints about Wi-Fi not connecting at all
  • Disappointing results for low-light situations
  • The microphone stops working at times
  • Battery time is much lower if not using the camera in ideal conditions


Despite the low price, Dragon Stone 4k 20mp is such a brilliant performing camera. Highly recommended <-Affiliate link 🙂 if you are looking for a reasonably priced camera with features of expensive action cameras!

Apeman A80 action camera review

The Apeman A80 action camera is one of the best offered by the manufacturers. It has more than what an entry-level photographer or an adventurer expects from an action camera within this price range.

The Apeman action cameras are top-rated among adventurers and action photographers as entry-level action cameras. One of the core reasons behind this is Apeman capable everyone to purchase a nifty action camera without spending some 300$ or 400$.

It is a brilliant tiny gadget with 4k video resolution, 170° Wide-angle Lens, 20MP images resolution, multiple photo/video modes, connectivity features, electronic stabilization, long battery life, ergonomic durable built, and much more.

Salient features of Apeman A80:

Design and built

Strong built is one of the prominent features of Apeman’s action cameras. A80 weighs only 61 grams, but it is strong enough to take usual bumps and falls without external or internal damage. It is a small camera that can easily fit in the palm of a hand or pocket with the physical dimensions of 60 x 30 x 41 mm (L x W x H).

The whole body of A80 is made up of high-quality plastic. The camera’s design is so elegant, and the controls are rather simple, which makes it the best choice for beginners.

The A80 has a 2 inches LCD screen, few buttons, and ports about the physical features. A plain LCD screen shows vibrant colors, and it is apparent. All settings and live videos are displayed on it. It is a cheap camera, but not a single aspect of this one feels cheap.

Take, for example, buttons. Cheap-camera manufacturers usually compromise the quality, but Apeman didn’t do so. Buttons are easy to press and do not stick. On the front of the camera, there is a lens and power button. LCD screen at the backside.

Recording button on the top. Micro USB slot, Micro SD slot, and HDMI port on the left side. And Wi-Fi and speakers buttons are on the right side.

Apeman A80 is waterproof up to 40 meters or 131.2ft once placed in a waterproof casing. GoPro and high-end cameras offer waterproofing without any casing but keeping the price of the camera in mind. It isn’t a drawback. This waterproof case can also provide the camera with additional protection from dust, dents, scratches, et cetera.

4k video

Camera specifications say that A80 can capture 4k videos, but in reality, it isn’t the true resolution. The actual recording is in 2k resolution (2880 x 2160), then interpolated to 4k by the camera.

The digital processes upgrade the actual 2k video to meet the standards of video with 4k resolution. Despite this, it produces super clear images. All thanks to Novatek 96660 processor and the popular Sony IMX078 sensor.

At 4k resolution, fps is 24. Resolutions below this support the higher frame rates per second (fps). The resolution and fps of this camera are:

  • 4k/24fps
  • 1440/30fps
  • 1080p/30,60fps
  • 720p/30,60,120fps

Still images

Take high-quality, clear, and vibrant images up to 20MP with Apeman A80. Lower resolutions up to 3Mp are also supported. All the images are taken with the widest field of view (FOV) of the lens of 170 degrees. It is good for the outdoors, but the con about it is that it cannot be changed.

Also, images cannot be stored in RAW format. Only JPG image format is supported.

Camera stabilization

To avoid the blurry footages caused by shakes and jolts, there is electronic Gyro Stabilization. It comes in handy in adventurous situations and action photography. It is the improved version of stabilization compared to predecessors, yet it only works for video shooting at Full HD resolution or below, not 4K or QHD.

For still photography, there is an anti-shaking mode that works from all resolutions from 3MP to 20MP.

Performance in low-light situations

Apeman A80 is the best camera for outdoors, but when it comes to low-light performance in either outdoors or indoors, the results aren’t copasetic.

Shooting modes

The camera offers numerous modes and options to make the experience even better. Some of these odes are loop recording, anti-shake mode, WDR, Driving Mode, Night Scene, Self-Timer, Image Size, Quality, Sharpness, Motion Detection, Record Audio, Data Stamp, White Balance, Color, ISO, and EV Exposure Value.

All these are easy to use but make images a lot better and artistic.

Battery life

The camera’s price offers the best battery life compared to action cameras of a similar price category. It uses the 1050mAh lithium-ion battery, which provides around 60 minutes in 4k shooting and 120 minutes* for 1080 p shooting.

*This battery time is for an ideal situation, i.e., when screen and connectivity features are off. In other cases, this battery time can be quite less as compared to these ideal timings.

Connectivity features

Apeman A80 supports Wi-Fi connections. It can establish a stable connection with both iOS and Android smartphones.

To access the Wi-Fi, it is necessary to install Apeman’s OKCam app on your smartphone first. It is available on the play store and apple store for free of cost. With this, you can control the camera through a smartphone and transfer footage instantly to a mobile phone for quick sharing on social media and with friends and family.

It sounds like a dandy feature, but reviews about it aren’t excellent. Many users complain that either the app takes ages to connect with the smartphone or connect with it at all.

Apeman A80 Specs:

  • Camera Size: L x W x H: 60 x 30 x 41 mm
  • Weight: 61g (with battery)
  • Video Resolution: 4K@24fps, 1440P@30fps, 1080P@30fps/60fps, 720P@30fps/60fps/120fps
  • Image Resolution: 20M; 16M; 12M; 10M; 8M; 5M; 3M
  • Screen: 2 inches LCD Screen
  • Lens: 170° Wide-angle Lens (Adjustable)
  • Lens type: 6 layer glass lens with an IR filter
  • Video Format/Compression Format: MP4/H.264
  • Image Format: JPG
  • Chipset: Novatek 96660
  • Sensor: Sony IMX078
  • ISO: Auto 100-400
  • Camera stabilization: Yes. Ice and Gyro Stabilization
  • Modes: Single Shot, Burst, Time-Lapse, FPV output, Motion Detection, Diving
  • Wi-Fi Connection: available. Android/IOS Supported
  • Wi-Fi app: OKCam
  • SD Card Class: 10 Micro SD Card up to 64G (not included in the package)
  • Ports: Micro USB, Micro HDMI, Micro SD card slot
  • Charging Time: About 3 hours
  • Recording Time: 120 minutes (1080P) or 60 minutes (4K)
  • Battery: Rechargeable 1050mAh Li-ion Battery
  • Power Input: 5V/1A
  • Waterproof Case Depth Rating: 40 meters or 131.2ft

Inside the package:

  • APEMAN A80
  • 1050 mAh Battery
  • Waterproof Housing up to 40 m / 130 ft.
  • Bicycle stand
  • Helmet mount
  • Fixed base
  • 2x base
  • Clip, ribbon, bandage, adhesive tape
  • MicroUSB to USB cable


  • A reliable performer
  • Offers the best value of money
  • Durable built
  • 4k video and stabilization for blur-free results
  • 20MP images
  • Numerous accessories and mounts come with the package


  • 4k isn’t the true one
  • Requires a water casing to be fully waterproof
  • Low-light results are disappointing at times
  • Smartphone connectivity doesn’t always work


Though there are few cons, by all means, it is a highly recommended camera. <-Affiliate link 🙂 No competitor of Apeman A80 is offering as much value of money as it is. If you are looking for a durable, easy-to-use, and with all the features of a modern camera without spending a handful of currency notes, Apeman A80 might be the best for you!