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If you aren’t a professional photographer but pursuing photography as your passion, what else can be better than making passive income from your shots?

Stock Creators is a platform that will provide you with this opportunity. It is a group of passionate photographers selling their images and videos under stock photography.

These clicks are used by blogs, agencies, and several companies worldwide. Numerous reviewers rated Stock Creators among the top sites to sell your stock photography.

If you don’t know about it or you only heard about it, many questions must be flooding your mind. How do Stock Creators work?

Is it worth all the hype? Let’s explore its different aspects and find the answer.

What is the idea behind Stock Creators?

The basic idea behind it is simple: Learn as well as Earn. Stock Creators intended to target all the creative photographers worldwide and help them make passive money.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a photographer because you are only capturing with your mobile, drone, or travel photography, there is still good news.

You can even make a good income by selling such photos/videos to stock creators.

How do Stock Creators work?

As a user, there are two ways you can utilize the services of the stock creators.

First, you can upload your clicks on the network, potential buyers will buy it, and the cycle continues.

Secondly, you can be a purchaser from the site.

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There are many agencies on the stock creators looking for creators willing to sell their photos, videos, and design files.

These agencies are looking at these things for all types of work. As a creator, uploading your work on Stock Creators is as simple as making a post on Facebook or tweeting a tweet.

Upload your work. Follow the simple instructions on the webpage. There is no limitation about the type of work you are uploading, i.e., You can upload simple pics captured via your mobile phone.

Once you upload, your work is display to potential buyers across the globe.

If anyone purchases your image, you will get your money.

It doesn’t end here. There is no limit on how many times an image can be sold to buyers. One photo/video can be sold multiple times. Whenever anyone makes a purchase, you will get your share.


As per the idea behind; earning and learning, here is how the learning part works. Gui Seibert, the owner of Stock Creators, sells his stock images and makes passive earnings for eight years.

After making passive income successfully for years, he decided to return to society. Now, he teaches as an instructor on Stock Creators to both professionals and beginners about making more passive income with minimum efforts.

The Stock Creators course has all which Gui learned after eight years of experience. There are more than a thousand people enrolled and learning. The salient feature of this course are:

  • 40+ high-quality video lessons.
  • All videos are 1080p with HD audio and Subtitles.
  • An exclusive community where creators can share their experiences
  • Constant updates with changing trends in the market
  • 60 days money-back guarantee

Stock Creator’s course is designed for every segment of people looking to earn via stock photography. It is divided into several steps:

  • Introduction to stock photography and Stock footages
  • Guiding a stock creator to upload his photo on stock agencies
  • Hot topics on stock agencies
  • How to shoot the best stock photos? How to get model releases
  • How to edit your photos and videos as per stock agencies requirement
  • Uploading and submitting footages
  • Advanced techniques and strategies to increase your stock footage & stock photography sales
  • Course conclusion. What are your opportunities as a stock photographer?
  • Mastering top-notch stock footages agencies

This learning is not limited to these specific categories. There are several contemporary categories and sub-categories under these.

Besides that, if you sign-up for an exclusive community, you can directly hear from other creators and learn from their experience.

It is available at 147$ with 60 days money-back guarantee. If you feel that you are not learning, you can claim back your money without any questions.

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The salient features of Stock Creators

Multiple features of stock creators grabbed our attention immediately. Here are some of those.

Multiple sales:

This feature has all the magic of Stock creators. When you upload your work and someone purchases it, that’s not the end but the beginning.

There is no limit on how many times one image can be purchase by multiple buyers. Every time a single file is sold, you will get the amount for it.

In case you stop uploading your work, the money will still keep flowing into your account upon each sale of your work.

Passive Income:

Stock creators club’s foundation is passive income—no limit of minimum time, uploads, sales, or any other thing.

Unlike active income, this income would not stop if you are not working actively. Until there are customers in the market, your income is there. There is little to no effort to earn and maintain.

Opportunity for all:

It does not matter if you are a professional photographer with all the equipment or a person capturing things with his iPhone. Stock Creator is for everyone.

Everyone has an opportunity to earn and learn from it. Beginners will start learning from the basics, i.e., how to upload to a stock agency within the initial 30 minutes, of course.

Advanced level creators will teach the advanced techniques of stock photography to speed up the industry’s workflow and increase earnings.

Besides, you don’t need to own a camera for this. People made and successfully making a handsome amount through stock photos captured to iPhones and Android phones.

Earning opportunity of 10x-100x against the cost

This is especially for people interested in Travel photography. It is considered one expensive sort of photography, i.e., the trip’s cost, traveling equipment, et cetera.

Uploading your trip photos on Stock Creators can make you more money than your trip’s actual cost and every other thing.

Gui, The owner, states his personal experience on the official website: “13 files of a trip I made to the Amazon got me more than U$1,500. That’s even more than what the trip costed to me.”

Give a new life to your skills

The guidance of professionals on Stock Creators will polish your creativity with every passing day. You can directly interact with other creators and learn from them and ask them for tips and solutions.

In the course, skills polishing is especially focused. Market tricks, trends, and techniques are taught to the creators.

Uploading new shoots is not necessary at all

If you are shooting for 5 years, uploading a 5-year-old photo will also work. You can make all of your images and videos and videos useful by selling them to several buyer agencies on Stock Creators.


All the positive reviews and features make Stock Creator worth trying. Besides, 60 days money-back guarantee without any question asked is proof that no way it is a scam!

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