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Sony WX500 camera

Sony WX500 Review

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Creating vlogs turned out to be one of the best ways to draw income in the digital era. It started to stir pure entertainment but has gradually found its way to become a job for many people.

A significant shift began in 2005 when vlogging overpowered blogging and the existence of YouTube as one of the biggest social media platforms. Practically 5 billion videos are viewed on YouTube a day, which makes vlogging a serious deal to venture with.

All this popularity and craze over vlogging makes one wonder how to wisely start making an income within the comfort of your social media skills. Vlogging skill is essential, but without the aid of technology, the work could be frustrating.

It seems there’s a lot to consider in making a visually attractive and practically cost-efficient vlog. One is a handy compact camera that can quickly transfer the pictures to our phones/iPads for editing and sharing.

Sony WX500 Review

It is one of the best options to start your vlogging career. With its incredible features, you can make your vlogs the fastest way possible. Sony DSC-WX500 has a high-resolution LCD monitor at the back that can tilt up to 180 degrees.

In addition to its user-friendly features, it provides a “One-touch connection” to compatible Android smartphones and tablets. To get one is to get your vlogging job efficiently done.

Check out more of its amazing features and start making a difference.

Sony WX500 camera view

Sony WX500 Specifications:

Brand Name Sony
Item Package Dimensions L x W x H 15.7 x 12.1 x 7.7 cm
Package Weight 422 Grams
Item Dimensions L x W x H 10.2 x 5.8 x 3.5 cm
Item Weight 236 Grams
Color Name Black
Has Image Stabilization Yes
Included Components Operating Instructions
ISO Range 80-12800
Memory Slots Available 1
Model Year 2015
Part Number DSCWX500B.CEH
Size Name WX500
Zoom Type Optical Zoom
Style Camera
Effective Still Resolution 18.2 megapixels

Product Overview

Bring your selfies to the next level, be a vlogger, and take it easy. Sony DSC-WX500 has a 180-degree tiltable LCD feature that drives you to take action in all positions. The new Sony WX500 is dubbed to be the world’s smallest camera to have a 30x optical zoom lens’s exceptional performance.

With its incredible creative capability at hand to shoot for fun, you’ll capture excellence in every image.

It is equipped with a brilliant collaboration of a higher-performance image sensor, lightning-quick image processor, and exceptional lens pack the latest optical and engineering developments into an amazingly compact form.

Now, it’s more comfortable than ever to take photos and videos for a look that you like in selfies, portraits, and everything else with the flexibility that a full-tilt LCD monitor, customizable operations, and natural photo retouching provide.

Sony WX500 screen

Compact with enhanced spatial object detection procedures creates a more ideal and accurate lens drive to make it operate even faster. It is reliable in capturing more fleeting moments with ease. Whether you want to send action immediately or save it at a higher resolution for editing, it’s easy to make format, mode, exposure, and other settings, then start to record.

Easy to share

Connectivity for mobile sharing and smart, compact design is never an issue. The Sony WX500 is remarkably easy to take and have fun with over the long run, wherever you go, with its high-battery capacity. Even when capturing movie footage, you will not miss a good chance to shoot.

It enables you to take around 400 stills or record a video for 75 minutes with a full battery.

It provides so much ease sharing to iOS and Android smartphones for remote camera control and still/video with Wi-fi connectivity. It gives a “One-touch connection” to any compatible devices making it more efficient for sharing, especially Wi-Fi support.

Users surely will not find a hard time operating this but only need to touch devices to connect; no complicated set-up is required.

This camera is your best partner for adding brightening and softening effects to the skin and sparkling catch-light effects to eyes in selfies and portraits. A complimentary accessory set of lens jackets, soft body cases, and shoulder keeps the camera in style.

The body case need not be removed during filming.

Sony WX500 Features:

With its expertise, Sony, one of the leading brands in providing superior digital technology, has been working over a century and a half to develop high-precision optics. A 24-720 mm lens renders images, landscapes, close shots so close to the original from every viewpoint, with intense sharpness and contrasts the is intact.

This modified technology offers a multi-layer anti-reflective coating, effectively eliminates surface ghosting and flare.

Sensor for extra sensitivity

With a more light striking sensor, it provides a more brilliant image.

With 18.2 effective megapixels, it employs a back-illuminated design to let four times more light in than a more conventional sensor. It is twice as sensitive to light, and it even gives additional incredible features of the technology to reduce image noise.

One-touch remote and one-touch sharing

In most still cameras, there is an elaborate set-up of sequences in establishing a wireless connection. Using your Android smartphone or portable tablets, you can avoid these difficulties. One-touch remote allows you to use your smartphones or tablets as a viewfinder.

It can also be used as a remote control for a digital camera. Also, one-touch sharing provides you the comfort to transfer your files of photos and videos from your camera.

You can now control your camera using your smartphone to capture a picture from a previously out-of-reach spot or be in your group shot, as well as share them instantly to your smartphone.

You can also pair the devices manually.

180-degree tiltable LCD monitor for easy framing

An exceptional feature of this camera allows you to take photos in almost all directions. The 180-degree high-resolution LCD monitor can be tilted in your most convenient position. You can easily view your frames, whether you operate your camera from the back or in front.

This tilting flexibility allows you to comfortably maintain a stress-free posture while checking a scene that you are taking from a low position.

Sony WX500 tilted screen

Beauty Effect improves the appearance

For photo retouching, you can also easily retouch the image of people instantly and instinctively. Using the five ways of Beauty Effect, you can tone and smoothen skin, dull overly brightening skin, brighten teeth, and widen eyes- with no need for a desktop computer for editing, all in-camera.

Your subjects will love how they can look wonderfully enhanced in your portraits.

More flexible movie formats

The camera can also capture moving shoots with extra-smooth action details and high-quality sound with exceptional reliability to the sources to add to the high-definition format.

P/A/S/M exposure modes and Photo Creativity

You can make adjustments for more creative photos by intuitively changing the brightness, vividness, color, and other image characteristics. Manually operate and adjust background blur and control exposure.

You can express your vision of still images with Programmed AE (P) Aperture priority (A) Shutter-speed priority (S) Manual (M) exposure modes.

Keep running strong

While on the road, don’t worry about draining your camera battery.

The fully charged lithium-ion battery of the Sony WX500 gives enough power to shoot about 400 stills or record approximately 75 minutes of movie footage so that you won’t miss out on a great photo opportunity.

Match the color to suit your style

The Sony WX500 is available in white, black, or red. A soft Sony camera case/lens jacket/shoulder strap set is a practical, stylish optional accessory in your choice of three colors to suit your mood or camera.

Intelligent Active Mode keeps blur away

Do not hesitate to do a handheld movie shooting. Intelligent Active Mode, presenting Sony’s advanced frame-analysis technology and 5-axis image, makes your camera more stable, compensates for camera movement.

This feature lessens the blurriness in images when shooting on-hand or shooting while catching a subject in action.

Customizable settings for personal command

Focus mode, Picture Effect, White Balance, etc., are functions that are often used and that can be customized and keys for more comfortable, quicker access to such functions while taking pictures or videos. For example, you can assign 12 roles to the Function button, press it, choose a purpose, and adjust function parameters via the control ring or rear control wheel.

Sony WX500 flash

Extra-speedy & precise Fast Intelligent AF

An enhanced spatial object detection system produces a more optimal and precise lens drive to make AF even faster, for shooting more passing moments with ease.

Play Memories Camera Apps add personality

Expand your artistic expression with Play Memories Camera Apps, offering an increasing range of exciting applications that are easy to download. Not only do these apps give you better functionality — they are the ultimate means of personalizing your camera to fulfill your photographic aims.

Note: Services availability depends on region.

Product Maintenance

Create your vlogs and make a difference. A 180 degree tiltable LCD monitor makes it easier to get a perfect fit in the frame. Empowered with so many of its incredible features at hand to shoot for fun, you will have a more high-quality image with every click.

You can turn the power off when the lens is stuck and will not open, retract, or extend, then on message may appear if the camera detects over usage, dust, or any disturbance on the lens. If this happens, switch the power of the camera off and then turn it on again.

Always turn off the power when ejecting the battery pack and insert it back to the camera. Turn on the power and check if the drive part of the lens moves correctly. If the lens still will not open, retract or extend, reset the camera.

Protect your camera

Ensuring that your camera life lasts longer, employing regular cleaning and safe keeping should be done. Please keep it away from dirt, dust, marks or fingerprints, and exposure to heat. Always use a blower when removing possible dust and a dry-cleaning cloth.

Always be careful in opening the lens cover. There are two ways to make the lens visible on cameras. Switch the camera on and turn to shoot mode. The lens cover should be slid open. With the lens cover open, blow the dust off on the lens and then gently wipe it.

Sony WX500 zoom

Then turn off the camera and be sure the lens cover is closed. Wipe the entire camera with the dry cloth. Always remove the battery of the camera when not in use, especially for an extended period.

NOTE: Leaving the camera without charging for about a month will clear the Date/Time setup. Setting up the Date/Time again will allow you to use the camera again.

Box Contains:

  • WX500 Camera
  • Rechargeable Battery NP-BX1
  • AC Adaptor
  • Power Cable with UK Plug
  • Micro USB Cable
  • Wrist Strap
  • Instruction Manual


  • Compact Camera/Portable
  • Tiltable LCD features
  • Clear Filters
  • Zoom
  • Image stabilization
  • Face recognition
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • High Battery Capacity
  • Ease of use


  • Limited performance in low light


Photography is significant because it empowers people to see the world from different perspectives and to admire the most diverse scenarios and situations taken in a still moment. It is so powerful because it allows you to bring experiences to others in the form of images, and it enables the dissemination of information about things as they are.

It is when blogging and vlogging find their way into the limelight. It has taken the world to be at the highest point of fascination. It doesn’t just only satisfy the need to be entertain but also the need to earn.

Sony DSC-WX500 can make things happen. <-Affiliate link 🙂 It has exceptional features suitable for beginners and those who prefer portable cameras.

It will significantly help you capture exclusive moments worth sharing with the world with a simple click.

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