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Sony A1

Sony A1 Review

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Sony’s A-series cameras are exceptional. There’s no match for this series in terms of performance, especially regarding the videos. Sony A1 combines all the features Sony had introduced before it.

And the most impressive aspect of the series is that the cameras are jam-packed with specs that serve the photography needs of both beginners and professionals.

From abstract photography to professional videography to sports photography, it is an all-in-one camera for all different photography niches. It also provides professional-level high-resolution landscape photography and wildlife photography.

Sony A1 Review – Sony’s Mirrorless Flagship

Sony has set the benchmark with this flagship full 35mm mirrorless model Alpha 1( A in A1 stands for Alpha). Generally used for stills, it also captures high-resolution and good-quality videos. With outstanding photography and videography, the high resolution and brilliant speed have attracted many customers worldwide.

It is small, compact, and lightweight, making it super convenient to handle and use. Its full screen is also great for vlogging and self-portraits. However, you can use the Image Edge Mobile App for filming yourself.

With a 50MP sensor that can capture bursts of images at 30 fps and record 8K video, and a modern-day Autofocus system with machine learning-derived algorithms, interchangeable lens capabilities, and many other features, Sony A1 is worth all the hype and praises it receives.

Sony A1 Review

If you are willing to invest in a high-end camera that can do anything you want, it is the perfect choice for you.

We dived deep into every aspect of this camera and its performance to bring you a comprehensive review. The salient features of the Sony A1 camera are discussed in detail in the following section.

Salient Features of Sony A1:


Camera designing has always been a strong suit of Sony’s manufacturing, and for their flagship mirrorless model, they did a pretty good job. The physical dimensions of the Sony A1 are 5.1 x 3.8 x 3.2 inches. Its sensor size is 35.9 x 24 mm.

A1 is a relatively large camera with much physical control through buttons and dials. It makes camera use easy by allowing you to control a setting via a button press instead of manual settings. Still, the number of switches can be overwhelming for absolute photography beginners.

But overall, additional features in physical design improved the camera’s operability and made it easy to handle and use. For example, drive mode and autofocus options are on the top.

Dials and buttons occupy most of the space on the Sony A1’s body. The camera’s top has five dials and a pair of custom function buttons. Photographers can customize these buttons as per their needs.

There are mode and exposure compensation dials on the other side of A1’s top panel. You can now instantly use the option of exposure composition without looking at the viewfinder. There are also several customized buttons and a power switch around the shutter release.

Sony A1 has a 1.4 million dot 3-inch tilting touch screen. In contrast to Sony’s previous releases, this camera offers a much more robust touch interface. The touch is lag-free no matter what shooting circumstances. Though the screen size is small compared to other DSLRs, its large high-magnification viewfinder overcomes it.

Sony A1’s viewfinder and LCD are some of the best cameras. Its large OLED display provides a high magnification of 0.9x beating its competitors like Nikon D6 (0.7x).

It also offers a wide range of colors through the excellent color reproduction quality of the viewfinder. Its resolution is set to 120fps by default, producing high-quality images. You can also increase it up to 240fps depending upon the subject or decrease it to 60fps for picturing the clearest minute details.

You can shift between AF-C, AF-S, and DMC more easily without looking for menus and settings.

Its menu system is the best among all Sony cameras. It is fast, easy to use, and well-developed.

Sony A1 camera settings


Usually, camera manufacturers focus more on perfecting the camera’s video performance or still images. But Sony A1 is a hybrid shooter. It has all the core video features you need to obtain professional-level results without much effort.

The higher-resolution sensor allows the camera to shoot full-width 8K video at up to 30p, as 10-bit 4:2:0 H.265 footage at either 200 or 400mbps. With that, it offers the best 4K videos, whose results are comparatively better than cameras that are even more expensive than this one. It also has excellent Autofocus tracking during video shooting.

The A1 has a robust 50-megapixel CMOS sensor, enabling the system to integrate essential parts into the chip directly. This sequence allows the sensor to sense quickly, giving us super-high resolution and frame rates (up to 30 fps) and 8k video resolution.

Sometimes, your camera can overheat, especially shooting videos outdoors, but that is nothing to worry about. Just give the camera a break of 10-15 minutes, and it will return to normal. Also, no matter how much the camera heats, there’s no lagging.

Still images

RAWs or JPEGS, there’s no match of detail capture of Sony A1.

Its flagship camera offers a fast speed and can capture 30 raw images in a second. You may lose some image quality at this speed, but the resolution will remain the same. If you do not want to lose picture quality, you can make 20 fps raw images as long as your memory card can stand it.

Usually, JPEGs have a low detail, but with this camera, either shooting at a low ISO or higher, the results come out with the highest level of detail. Noise reduction is always at work, and colors are improved for the images. The still footage has richer yellows, less magenta-tainted blues, and warmer greens.

A1 has a 50.1MP full-frame Exmor R BSI CMOS sensor powered by dual Bionz XR image processors. This combination is the core reason behind detail-rich images and also allows the camera to shoot at up to 30fps with a buffer that can capture up to 155 compressed RAW or 165 JPEGs with the electronic shutter.

Image options

Regarding its image options, A1 has added HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File) alongside JPEG and RAW.

HEIF images offer 10-bit color-producing smoother gradation in tones, while JPEG images offer 8-bit sizes of both images that can be made the same using a compression algorithm.

Sony A1 RAW file type

You can compress the images into smaller file sizes with a new JPEG light compression mode. It makes sending photos easier wirelessly through mobile phones.

Electronic Shutter

Most of the typical mirrorless cameras use a mechanical shutter. A1 has an impressive record for its electronic shutter.

Electronic shutters read an image from top to bottom, and the electronic sensor reads out at one by two sixtieth seconds.

Sony A1 shutter type

Image Sensor

The most critical component of A1 is its sensor. It is a full-frame 50MP image sensor that produces images of high quality and resolution. It can go as high as ISO 3200 and beyond.

But there is nothing to worry about the visible noise. Yes, it is there. But you can reduce the noise during post-processing while preserving the sharpness.


Sony A1 has a unique and outstanding autofocus system. It is adept and fast. A1’s ‘Real-time Tracking’ autofocus is its specialty. In addition, the eye-detect autofocus and tracking also work efficiently.

Crop Capability

Sony has always incorporated the crop mode capability in its cameras, but A1it has moved it to the next level. Its crop mode produces a very usable 21 megapixels image size while maintaining the same pixel dimensions.

For sports and wildlife photography, this feature enables you to quickly slide back and forth between the full-frame and crop mode reaching a longer focal lens when necessary.


A1 has all the features of a fully equipped modern camera with Bluetooth, an FC, and dual-band wifi as well as gigabit ethernet for comprehensive communication. You can also connect it to Android and iOS devices by using Sony imaging edge mobile app.

It also includes micro USB 2.0 and USB-C ports for charging and data transfer. They are placed on the left side panel along with a full-size HDMI port with microphone and headphone connections.

Sony A1 connection ports

On the right panel, dual memory card slots are present. Along with SD cards, it also supports UHS-II SDXC cards and CFexpress type A. you can access all video features using CFexpress cards, but only limited options are available when using SD cards.

The speed of A1 expects a good performance of CFexpress A. They are not readily available in the market, so they are expensive. A larger storage SD card is a better option if you are an average photographer.

But you will need to invest in at least one good quality CFexpress A for high-quality video shooting, such as sports and wildlife photography. It will lower the risk of unnecessary issues such as low storage or dropped frames and increase the speed and quality of your videos.

Battery and Power

Power is provided by the Sony NP-FZ100 battery. A fully charged battery has a working time of about 80 minutes for 8k video or an hour for slow motion at 4k 120 or CIPA-rated 530 shots per charge using the LCD panel or 430 shots per charge with the electronic viewfinder.

Under ideal shooting circumstances, this battery can last a lot longer.

Sony A1 Key Specifications:

  • 1-megapixel full-frame stacked
  • Dimensions: 5.08 x 3.82 x 3.19”
  • Battery description: NP-FZ100 lithium-ion battery and charger
  • Battery life: 530 shots (CIPA)
  • Screen:
    • Articulated LCD: Tilting
    • Screen size: 3”
    • Screen dots: 1,440,000
    • Touchscreen
    • Live-view
    • Screen type: TFT LCD
    • Viewfinder magnification: 0.9x
    • Viewfinder type: Electronic
    • Viewfinder resolution: 9,437,184
  • Body type: SLR-style mirror-less
  • Photography features:
    • Minimum shutter speed: 30 sec
    • Maximum shutter speed: 1/8000 sec
    • Aperture priority
    • Shutter priority
    • Manual exposure mode
    • External flash
    • Self-timer
  • Sensor:
    • Max resolution: 8640 x 5760
    • Sensor photo detectors: 51 megapixels
    • Sensor size: full-frame (35.9 x 24 mm)
    • Sensor type: Stacked CMOS
    • Processor: Dual Bionz XR
  • Image:
    • ISO (auto): 100-32000
    • Boosted ISO (minimum): 50
    • Boosted ISO (maximum): 102400
    • Uncompressed format: RAW
    • JPEG quality levels: Extra fine, fine, standard, light
  • White balance: Auto, Cloudy, Color temperature, Color temperature filter, Custom, Daylight, Flash, Fluorescent (cool white), Fluorescent (day-white), Shade, Underwater
  • 8K/30p video recording with log and 4K Raw video out over HDMI
  • 1/400 sec flash sync with mechanical shutter
  • 44M-dot OLED electronic viewfinder with 0.9x magnification
  • Full-size HDMI port, headphone/mic ports, USB-C port with 10 Gb/s transfer speeds, Ethernet port
  • Autofocus: Contrast-detect, Phase Detect, Multi-area, Tracking, Face Detection, Live view, Selective single-point
  • Dual UHS-II / CFexpress Type A card slots

Sony A1 card slots

  • CIPA rated to 530 shots with rear LCD (430 through the viewfinder)
  • Weather-sealed body


  • Excellent and high-resolution images
  • Superb autofocus
  • High-magnified viewfinder
  • Outstanding battery timing
  • Fast processor


  • Expensive


If you want to invest in a high-quality camera to help you excel in your photography experience, then Sony A1 is the appropriate choice. Its hi h resolution, super-fast processor, excellent videography features, and outstanding battery timing make it stand out.

It is a bit pricey, but your one significant investment will make your photography experience worthwhile.

Sony A1 is easy to use and handy. It offers 30 frames p r second of continuous shooting. It’s the only camera that can shoot at or near 50 MP raw files at or near 30fps. It also has an edge in resolution and speed.

The camera focuses extremely fast, even in dim light, and the image quality is as high as ISO 3200, 6400, and beyond. The burst shooting performance also ensures that you never miss any shot, even if you cannot reach the camera’s top end. The auto-focus and tracking performance makes the portraits great.

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The performance of this camera is awe-inspiring and doesn’t create any friction. It is a super-fast camera and probably one of the best offerings of Sony.

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