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Handheld action camera

Purpose of Action Cameras

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All type of cameras have their pros and cons but compare to the standard point to shot and DSLR cameras, action cameras are rapidly becoming popular among photography lovers. Now, the sales of action cameras are higher than ever as the popularity of action cameras grow.

It is designed as a gadget accessory for especially thrill-seeking adventures or sports, but it is equally popular among different photography sections. The prime reason behind this is that these cameras are also equally capable of performing everything a standard camera does. Action cameras are unbeatable in bringing the photos and videos a bit more life.

What can action cameras do?

Why suddenly these cameras are more popular than ever? There are many reasons behind it, i.e., durability, highest image stability, UHD 4k shooting, et cetera.

Handheld gopro camera

Culminant features of action cameras that serve multiple purposes are:

Lightweight and durable

These are small and lightweight gadgets but can do wonders. Imagine hiking or cycling or driving and with this capturing every moment in a 4k video. Pretty nifty, right?

With being light-weight, these devices are also very durable. Action camera bodies are shock-resistant, and little shocks are unable to dent them. All thanks to polycarbonate and fiberglass built; very strong and very durable.

Features to make it the best choice for outdoors

All cameras can perform their jobs, but nothing can be better than an action camera when it comes to a traveling buddy. As these are designed for outdoors, action photography, and adventures, certain features help you enjoy every bit of your adventure or job.

Attach them to handlebars, helmets, or even taking them underwater, unlike regular cameras. They help you get more width of images due to a wider lens. The best thing is the portability as most of them are small and can easily fit into the palm of your hand.

Unlike other types of cameras, action cameras are neither fragile nor bulky. You never have to worry about carrying them around. One can easily prop up the action camera with any monopod or standard tripod.

GoPro hero 8 on small tripod

Better footages and image stabilization

Action cameras capture excellent photographs because of their large sensors. Besides, little shakes and jolts are not capable of ruining your image with these devices. The image stabilization in action cameras is highly effective in reducing the blurs associated with a camera’s motion.

No matter how bumpy your ride or shooting condition is, you are going to get HD footage without any frame loss!


While buying it, you get several accessories from the manufacturer with the package. The most common and even popular are the underwater cover, several mounts/attachments (handlebar attachment, headcam attachment, windscreen attachment), and remote control.

These all are there to make your experience with action cameras even better. And don’t you worry! Either you get a low-cost action camera or an expensive one, basics accessories are coming with the package.

There is also a wide-window to do experiments with it. For example, if you think of taking a wide panoramic image, you can attach a fisheye lens with your action camera, a very wide-angle lens.


Mostly the action cameras are Box-shaped, which makes them ideal for the chest mounting. Many have the bullet-shaped design, which is mostly preferred for helmet mounting. Its size and weight can be placed in different areas while shooting, which will offer an exciting and immersive video to your peer, family, and friends.

Action camera attached on hand


Action cameras are usually water-proof. This makes them a perfect choice for underwater photography. The majority of action cameras are also dust-resistant.

No matter what are conditions are, there will be a very minimum stake of damaging your camera because of any environmental factor.

All these are just the basics highlights of the core functions of the camera. Now it is up to the photographer how he uses it to serve his purpose best. Some of the purposes which an action camera can serve are discussed in the upcoming section.

Purposes which can be served by action cameras:

4k videos and photos

Action cameras can record the 4k videos without any hassle that too in a top-notch quality. Though other cameras also offer 4k, those images aren’t as stabilized as the one from these. Either you are hiking or diving, the quality of the video won’t be affected.

To record extreme sports

It serves the purpose of recording extreme sports, i.e., surfing and skiing. High-level action cameras are used as professional sports cameras.

These enable you to capture sporting actions from different angles. In sports, these cameras are practically being used on-field, too, such as in cricket. Action cameras are mounted on a cricket bat, which helps to get a unique video perspective.

In this way, videos can be used to understand your mistake and improve your game.

Recording from unique places

Action cameras enable you to record videos and photos from unique places.

For example, they are used on a kite, a skateboard, or a balloon to get videos from various angles. Also, a waterproof casing is used to record swimming, snorkeling, and driving sessions. These recordings cannot be risked with regular cameras because of their vulnerability.


Action cameras are used widely by the divers. Action cameras can be taken pretty far underwater once you have put them in their waterproof cases. Action cameras have now become the staple ingredient in the diver’s kitbag.

Action camera underwater

Outdoor activities

A bulky camera use during vacations requires more attention than the other activities. It is so annoying to carry it around all the time that too with no guarantee that weather and shakes aren’t going to affect your camera and footages, respectively.

Action cameras can be taken anywhere and mounted on anything easily. They are easy to navigate n carry around hence allowing you to enjoy your vacations without being worried about the bulky cameras.

With this, you also don’t have to worry about damaging your camera because of any natural or accidental scenario. Weather resistance will save it from the damages of water, rain, and dust, et cetera. Whereas the strong built will make sure that there isn’t much damage if the camera falls or gets hit.

Capture with Point of view Angle

Adventure junkies use action cameras because of the point of view angle. This feature has made an action camera a must thing for those who want to record the moments and bring life to videos and photos in their adventure shoots. It provides a dramatic point of view of the recorder along with functioning as a regular camera.

It records high definition videos from the point of view angle on the go without compromising the quality.

Action camera on Mavic Mini

As a normal camera

Action cameras can be used as a normal camera to point and shoot pictures and videos. This is not much different than any other video camera. It is different because of all the additional features and durability it offers. This is the core reason behind more the ever people buying action cameras today.

To bring life

Unlike Normal cameras, action cameras bring life to photos and videos. You can know in a better way the adventure by looking at the photos and videos taken through an action camera. There is no doubt that action cameras cannot be beaten to bring life to photos or videos. That’s why most people buy them.

Thrill-seekers use the action cameras for recording the adventures. Similarly, sports enthusiasts use the action camera to show off their skills as the video quality is high, so it automatically brings life.

It allows you to capture footage that is much crisp and clear as compared to a normal camera. Action cameras allow us to get immersive footage or still pictures.

To record in difficult situations

Normal cameras cannot record in difficult positions, but an action camera can do it from a different point of view or angles. They are ideal for shooting videos either in difficult locations, on the move, or at high speeds.

This is because action cameras are made of materials that can withstand bumps, jolts, and knocks. These features make them a heart-favorite choice of photographers and adventurers while skydiving, cycling, or climbing.

Action camera attached on helmet


They are useful for tourists and sightseeing travelers all over the world. However, handheld cameras and smartphones allow tourists to record their adventures and share them with their loved ones.

But obviously, they do need to be held. This is where the action camera can play a role in the best way. You have to strap it on, hit the record, and forget about it. In this way, you do not have to worry about the camera recording along with other activities.

In this way, you can immerse yourself in the culture and history of the area you visited. Simultaneously, the action camera records every moment in stunning high definition or 4K quality. With action cameras, it is easy to film your adventures in foreign countries and at distant landmarks.

Car dashcams

Action cameras are recording the entire view in front of the car because they have a wide-angle lens.

Few other purposes

You can put an action camera on the lawnmower, on a skateboard, on a kite, on the outside of a car, tethered helium balloon, or on a room chandelier to get videos from different angles and point of view. Other cameras, unlike action ones, cannot serve the same purpose.


Action cameras are budget-friendly, durable, and above all, guaranteed to deliver the best results. If you plan to get your hands on an action camera <-Affiliate link 🙂 sooner or later, go for it! No-way that you are going to regret it.

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