Professional tripod review – Walimex WAL-6702

Walimex WAL-6702

Professional tripod review – Walimex WAL-6702

Walimex WAL-6702 is an extremely sturdy tripod made of top-notch materials. It has considerable height and can extend up to 156cm. It also comes with a turnable center column which includes a 1/4 inch thread to hold the heads and pan-heads.

It also boasts quick-release fasteners which enable users to adjust their tripod according to their requirements at any moment without requiring any effort.

This tripod also has a foam rubber coating which not only makes it stable but also makes it convenient to carry.

Walimex WAL-6702 compact

It is well suited for every need especially for underground shoots as it’s feet provide extreme support. The rubber feet can be used on rigid surfaces and the spikes can be used for soft grounds.

This if you are traveling you can take Walimex WAL-6702 with you and can shoot anywhere; be it Grassland, forest, sea or tunnels. It comes with a carrying bag that has an additional small pocket outside to make carrying convenient for you.

This tripod has become my traveling companion and is an essential component of my kit.

Let us look at it in detail so that you get to know the workings of this tripod so that you make the right choice as I did:

Product overview

The first feature we will discuss is the turnable center column this tripod is equipped with. It is notable and adjusts pretty quickly. It is user-friendly, very sturdy and provides excellent support. Next is the 1/4 inch thread which is there to hold the heads and pan-heads.

It also boasts an efficient release fastener which makes adjustments very easy so that you can set the tripod as per your needs. The adjusting doesn’t requires any tools not time. Moreover, it also comes with a foam rubber coating which makes it stable, easy to carry and also gives it a secure grip.

Additionally, it’s movability and flexibility is beyond ordinary. The precision of this walimex tripod is also commendable and makes it an ideal companion. It is also versatile as it can be used in all areas – be it studio photography, wildlife photography or macro photography.

Walimex WAL-6702 extend

As exact adjustment can be made through it, now you can use it to position your camera in any way you want which is very important, for shooting many subjects like architecture, landscapes, animal and portraits.

Next thing we will discuss is the built and quality of walimex WAL-6702-Pro and why it is regarded as an epitome of workmanship and is dubbed unbreakable. It is made from very good quality materials. The aluminum used in it’s construction is quite robust and make it sturdy and durable.

The design is also convenient and fully metal, making it easy to use and carry as well. The crimped closures are also made of metal. The appearance is also on point and it can be used in a rough environment as well as it is very durable and can survive harsh use.

As it is Extendable up to 156 cm it can be used for high angel shots as well. This walimex is ideal for both beginners and professionals as it is user-friendly but provide professional results. It is easy to set up as it’s adjusting mechanisms are swift, reliable and fast.

Walimex WAL-6702 heights

It facilitates an efficient change of camera as well as folding up. That is why it is excellent for traveling. Even though it is a bit heavy but the plethora of other features outweigh it.

The Performance of this tripod is also on point. It is a professional set made to perform in all conditions. The ball head of this WAL-6702-Pro and the height of 156 cm along with a very robust built, give this tripod a professional outlook.

The legs made of aluminum which have different angles and the adjustable swivel column make it one of the most versatile and flexible tripods in the market.

It also features rubber caps which can be removed. These rubber caps give it strong grip on rigid floor. They can be removed to adjust in other situations and the extra spikes can be used to provide support on soft floors like grass and mud.

Walimex WAL-6702 legs

This makes it optimally suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. As it can carry a maximum weight of approximately. 4 kg, it is perfect for medium-sized lenses like 35 mm SLR but will not support heavier lenses.

So summing it up this tripod is not only flexible, but is robust, versatile, durable, and highly functional

What more can one ask for and the price is also very reasonable. Unlike other brands, it provides the most features with the least cost without compromising on quality. That’s not all. You get stability along with convenience in a price which is nothing compared to the benefits you get. So don’t miss out on this tripod as this one is, without doubt, a profitable investment.

Product specifications

Material: Aluminum

Length: 650 mm

Width: 120 mm

Weight: 2740 g

Minimum Working Height: 370 mm

Maximum load capacity: 12000 g

Number of Tripod Legs: 3

Leg Locking: Clamp locking

Maximum Working Height: 1560 mm

Tripod height without the head: 1290 mm

Diameter 1st Leg Segment: 30 mm

The diameter of the 2nd Leg Segment: 26 mm

The diameter of the 3rd Leg Segment: 22 mm

No. of Gummed Leg Segments: 2

No.of Leg Segments: 3

Central Column Sections: 1

Length middle column: 35 cm

2nd Central Column included: No

Spreader Variation: None

Number of Spirit Levels on Ball-head: 0

Tripod Star Features: Spirit Level

Spikes: Yes

Wrist Strap: No

Camera connection: 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch thread

Tripod-head replaceable: Yes

What’s in the box?

· 1 x Walimex WAL-6702 Pro Tripod

· 1 x Instruction manual

· 1 x Bag


  • It is a very sturdy Tripod made of good quality aluminum
  • It is adjustable with different leg angles
  • It comes with a turnable center column which has 3/8 and ¼ inch thread
  • It has rubber caps on feet enabling it to turn upwards
  • It has additional spikes making it optimally suitable for outdoor use
  • It can carry lenses which have a maximum weight of approximately 5 kg


  • It cannot carry very heavy lenses
  • It is heavier than it’s competitors
  • It is not very compact

This tripod’s only downside is that is a bit hefty piece. Otherwise, it is pretty much awesome as all the other features make up for it. I tugged it along on my every photography journey and this sturdy baby fulfilled all my needs perfectly.

Walimex WAL-6702

It is a piece of durable equipment which is stronger than it looks. Walimex has succeeded in impressing us this time with this excellent piece of equipment. It feels s a bit flimsy but is indeed a quality item. I believe instead of going for big names you should try this out as it provides better functionality and performance than other price and that too at a lower price.

So it offers you a deal which you shouldn’t miss. I Highly recommended it – see on eBay – because the features justify it. I hope after reading this review you also agree with me.

So hurry up and grab this sophisticated tripod and do wonders with it!


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