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Potensic T25 drone

Potensic T25 Drone with 1080p HD Camera Review

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Potensic differentiated itself from others by offering intelligent features in their very low priced drones. Potensic T25 is one of the recently engineered drones to keep up this market positioning.

It is very low-priced but outfitted with modern features, i.e., a nifty 1080p camera, geo-fencing, Dual GPS with return home feature, live streaming, follow me mode, and a lot more.

Numerous features make it almost difficult to grasp details of all Potensic T25 has to offer.

Here are the details about the highlight features of this versatile quadcopter:

Potensic T25 Drone Review

All white/black body gives Potensic T25 such an elegant look. From propellers to the body, everything is made up of plastic. This quadcopter’s physical dimensions (10.3 x 5.4 x 16.3 inches) are nothing different from the drones’ usual size.

The weight is around 2.2 pounds; it will be mandatory to register this drone for flying in some countries as per FAA laws. Usually, for slightly heavy drones, their weight works as a pro by adding stability in flight somehow and resisting shakes to some extent. Unfortunately, even the T25 drone falls in heavy drones, yet its flight isn’t very stable.

The flight and other settings can be controlled using the remote controller. For ease of use, Potensic T25 can also be connected to the smartphone using the official app. Once connected, your smartphone will act as the flight/settings controller of your quadcopter.

Potensic T25 Drone with 1080p HD Camera

Camera performance

For the price of the drone, the 1080p camera of T25 is pretty impressive. The videos have sharp quality and clarity. The 120-degree wide-angle lens with 90-degree tilt provides wider coverage and even better results. Besides, this camera is easily detachable. Almost any action camera of your choice can easily fix with the body of Potensic T25.

FPV (First Person View) and the combination of live streaming is somehow a new feature in Potensic’s drones introduced via this model. Now live steam your HD footage on social media platforms to help share the experience you’re living with friends and family.

Lack of flight stability is the feature that is fully capable of ruining your footage’s quality. But if you are using your action camera, their built-in stabilization will make sure no-blur even if there are flight shakes. It is recommended not to fly drones very high.

Flight performance

Potensic T25 can fly up to 120m at the speed of 25km per hour and control (catch signals from the controller) up to 980m. Multiple intelligent flight modes give this quadcopter a true edge compared to its competitors’ flying performance.

Follow me is one of the modes which makes flying drones fun. With this mode, T25 flies right behind you wherever you go. This feature is made possible with a built-in dual GPS. All you have to do is turn-on this mode via an app on your smartphone.

No power and no signal return is a flying feature usually found inexpensive drones. With this mode, Potensic T25 automatically starts flying back to the flight starting point whenever the battery is about to die or signals from the controller/smartphone are lost. Forget to worry about losing your drone!

Altitude hold is another feature offered by this nifty gadget. T25 automatically holds your desired altitude during flight regardless of flying circumstances around it.

To make the gadget beginners friendly, one key takeoff button is there on the controller. Press this single key, and your drone will start flying.

With the flight feature of Custom flight, you can fly your drone without actively controlling it. All you have to do is to draw a path before the flight using the app. Fly drones and will follow the same path using the GPS.

Potensic T25 remote controller

Dual GPS

No signal return, low battery return, customary flights, follow me, et cetera are made possible because of the dual GPS. Regular GPS positioning and GLONASS positioning are both integrated into Potensic T25.

Battery life

Ten minutes of the flying time is the best Potensic T25 can offer under the ideal circumstances. The average flying time is limited to 8 minutes. Honestly, this is disappointing even when it is compared to the other quadcopters of Potensic itself.

The battery used is a 1000 mAh lithium polymer battery. Two batteries are sent with the package.

Potensic T25 Drone Specs:

  • Manufacturer: Potensic
  • Product Dimensions: 10.3 x 5.4 x 16.3 inches (L x W x H)
  • Item Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Camera: 1080p high-definition
  • Lens: 75º to 120º wide-angle lens
  • GPS: Dual (GPS positioning + GLONASS positioning)
  • Max Height: Up to 120 meters
  • Max Speed: Up to 25km per hour
  • Control distance: 980 feet
  • Flight time: 10 minutes
  • Motors: Regular
  • Batteries: 1 Lithium-ion battery required. (Included with the package)
  • Battery capacity: 1000 mAh
  • Manufacturer recommended age: 14 years and up

Package Include:

  • Potensic T25 Drone with 1080P removable HD camera
  • Transmitter
  • 2 x 3.7V 1000mAH Battery
  • User Manual
  • USB Battery Charger
  • Screwdriver
  • 2 x Extra Landing Gears
  • 4 x Extra Propeller Blades
  • 4 x Extra Protection Guards


  • 1080p camera
  • GPS with several GPS related controls
  • Altitude hold and return home
  • 9x gyroscope


  • Very low battery timings
  • Lack of stability even in slightly windy conditions
  • Complaints from a few users about software getting hanged or slow after a while


As per the general perception about Potensic drones, T25 is also a drone perfect for beginners <- Affiliate Link 🙂 who do not want to spend a hand full of dollars on a modern quadcopter capable of performing complex operations.

It is a perfect choice for you as a beginner, but if you are looking for a drone with long battery life or for high-end flight performance, T25 isn’t for you.

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