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Potensic D85 review

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Potensic is an enterprise that assists you in exploring the boundless world and achieves your flying dreams with its variety of drones. The competent and expert team of Potensic keeps on coming with high-tech drones for its customers.

These teams keep working to deliver high-quality yet affordable products backed up by friendly, responsive customer service. One great addition to the Potensic family is Potensic D85 FPV GPS Drone with a 2K HD Camera.

Potensic D85 review

D85 is an astounding and feature-rich 5G Wi-Fi GPS FPV Drone with Auto Return Home, 2K HD Camera, GPS Follow Me and Real-Time Transmission, Brushless Motor, Altitude Hold, and Sports Cameras, sophisticated design, long battery time, and all that in a very reasonable price.

What would you ask more in a drone? All these features combine to help you get the optimum experience of drone using. Offering such great drones in the market makes Potensic lie at the top of the list between drone leaders.

Features and qualities:

Potensic D85 GPS is packed with great and new features. There is a fair amount of positive reviews about this drone. Let’s take a look at the key features and technical details of D85.

Design and built-in

D85 gives a spidery look because of its high legs, yet it looks good. These legs are landing legs that provide a safe distance from the ground for its action camera. The weight of the drone is 525g, which adds it to the category of weighty drones.

The size of this drone is 25cmx25cmx35cm. There is a strong casing made with premium quality ABS plastic material around the body, which protects it from damages in any collision. There are four propellers on the body of it, and underneath them, there are legs of the drone.

Potensic GPS Drone with 2k camera

There are built-in brushless motors inside D85. Potensic D85 is designed in a way that you can easily replace its existing action camera with any of your favorite cameras.

Brushless motors

If you are into drones, you must know how brush motors are known for being loud and how they require more care and maintenance. D85 has built-in 1500KV long-lasting and brushless motors.

The Brushless motors featuring durable, lower consumption, flight dynamics up to 10M/s. These brushless motors play a big role in the Ultra-efficient, quieter, durable, and better performance of the Potensic D85 GPS Drone.

Flight performance

Little to no amount of effort is required to fly this drone. Its features are straightforward to learn and control, making it a feasible choice for new drone users. During the flight, D85 is easily controlled with its built-in GPS and GLONASS features.

These features provide improved positioning with communicating via satellite. The GPS and GLONASS also add smart features such as Custom Waypoint, Follow Me, and Orbit Mode. The maximum flight speed for the drone is up to 50Km/h.


Potensic D85 comes with a fixed 1080P HD camera with a wide field of view of 130 degrees. There are very positive customer reviews about the action camera of this drone. These reviews include that it shoots wonderful videos and delivers stunning quality optical results.

Potensic itself manufactures this camera. As the camera is fixed, the video results are still outstanding in distortions and flight turbulence. The action camera of this quadcopter is capable of delivering aerial and sharp footage results at a 1080P setting.

It is also capable of giving out good footage at 30 frames per second. You are going to need an SD card to store all the footage of the action camera.

Battery timing

2800mAh 7.4V Lithium supports this drone. At full charging, the flight time is of 20 minutes. The package D85 comes with a balance-equipped charger. This charger enables fast and safe charging.

Multiple flight options:

This drone can be controlled via different flight perspectives with a 5g first-person view video transmission. You can use this drone in multiple ways, such as attaching it with the phone, mounting on a remote, wearing it on a compatible VR Google headset, or getting the true flight experience.

To reap the benefit of FYP (first-person view mode), one must connect it with a smartphone. It runs on a 5.8GHz frequency.

Remote controller

Remote control for D85 is designed user-friendly way, keeping in view the ergonomics. It can be easily used and fits in hand very well. This remote control range is 1500 meters, whereas the 5G Wi-Fi range is 800 meters.

There is a spring-loaded smartphone e holder on the remote. This holder holds the smartphone in place and angle, whereas the spring prevents the chances that unnecessary buttons are pressed.

Dual GPS and return home

Dual GPS is used by D85, enabling it to return home under various circumstances such as low power return, signal loss return, and one key return. In case your drone battery runs low during the flight, it will head back home automatically.

For one key return, there is a key on the controller named “head home.” When you want your controller to come back, all you have to do is press the head home key. The GPS positioning system is very accurate in this drone as compared to others of its category.

Several flight tests proved that it is accurate enough to keep the drone stable during mid-flight. This GPS positioning system of Potensic D85 enables the transmission range of 4900 feet.

Flexible mount holder

One of the greatest advantages offered by the Potensic D85 drone is its flexible action camera mount.

The drone does come with a high-quality 2K action camera, but you are fully capable of replacing this camera with any camera of your choice and preference. This drone mount holder is capable of supporting several action cameras.

If you are eager to find out even more about this drone, here’s a full flight test YouTube video by Donnie Hampton from the BIG DRONE FLYER77 R/C channel:

And if you want to know more about Donnie Hampton, here is his Facebook page.

Potensic D85 Specifications:

  • Weight: 525 g
  • Flight time: 20 minutes (at maximum)
  • Wi-Fi Distance: 5G 800m (maximum)
  • Remote distance: 1500m (maximum)
  • Camera: Lens 130°
  • Recording Modes: 2K (SD Card)
  • Sensors: dual GPS
  • Flight modes: 3 ( return to home, follow me, point of interest)
  • Controller Frequency: 2.4gHz
  • Size: 25cmx25cmx38cm

What’s inside the box?

Besides a drone, the packaging of D85 features an action camera, a remote controller, with a built-in mount holder. Upon opening your package, you’ll find the following:

  • Potensic D85 Drone
  • Remote Controller with Mount Holder
  • 5G Action Camera
  • Propeller Set
  • Charger Cable
  • 2800mAh 7.4V Lithium Battery
  • User Manual


  • Long flight control range
  • 130-degree wide-angle lens
  • Lost signals auto-return
  • Auto return home
  • High-speed flight
  • Safer and fast charging
  • Good built-in quality
  • Great wide-angle camera
  • High-quality brushless motors
  • Long video transmission range
  • Well-built remote controller


  • No obstacle detection during flight
  • Un-foldable design
  • Not capable of serial shots
  • Steep price
  • No RAW shoots
  • Controllers are challenging to handle for new and inexperienced drone users

Final Verdict:

Potensic D85 is no doubt capable of standing out in its category with its tons of features and excellent performance delivery. It is a smart-camera drone with substantial-quality built-in features to deliver an immersive flight experience.

This drone is very easy-go to even without prior knowledge of drone flight. If you are a beginner and want a radio controller drone of high quality but less costly and is easy to operate and learn, you should consider buying Potensic D85.<-Affiliate Link 🙂

130° wide-angle lens, 2k camera, 130 Nov 5G Wi-Fi transmission, 1500KV long-lasting brushless motor, the flight controlling system, 20 minutes flying time, Auto-return to where takes off, phone or transmitter command and many other great features are there in Potensic D85 in a meager price.

If you want a drone or quadcopter, it is no wonder that D85 can be a very significant and useful product.

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5 thoughts on “Potensic D85 review”

  1. Avatar of Deon Webber

    Thanks for the potensic d85 review. I have this drone and am puzzled by the glowing reviews of the camera? On every use I have found that video and stills have been of very poor resolution, almost cartoon like when zoomed. I have tried two different sd cards with no improvement. Could it be the card? I am not aware of any settings that would affect picture quality?

    1. Avatar of condruzmf

      Hi Deon,
      Thanks for reading the review. About your issue, I think is something wrong with your camera, or lens. I would check the lens first, to be sure it is clean and it is not messing with the focus. It is really difficult to understand where the problem is, without having my hands on your gadget. I suggest you go see a friend, if any, who’s comfortable playing with camera settings. That should solve it. Cheers

      1. Avatar of Deon

        Hi thanks for your reply. I have checked the lens and have to admit it could have been cleaner. Cleaned now and I have also sent for a new sd card. You mention camera settings? I would be happy to look at them but am unable how you would access any settings? Tried connecting the camera to my pc, it lit up but pc didn’t recognise it? Any advice?

      2. Avatar of condruzmf

        Sorry, I don’t have it anymore – I rented it for review. I don’t want to risk telling you bad advice… I am reviewing so many cameras, as it is near to impossible to remember exactly how I did proceed with a specific one after seven months (I reviewed this one in April, I think) Better ask someone who can have access to the camera, someone close to you. Cheers

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