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Potensic D58 Review

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Keeping the consistency, Potensic came up with another impressive yet reasonably priced drone in the form of the Potensic D58 GPS drone with a 2k camera. Surprisingly, Potensic drones’ prices fall in low-end drones, but their features and performance are pretty much similar to the high-end ones.

D58 comes with many features for beginners and people who want to get creative with their shooting. From 2k camera to 36 minutes of max battery timings, 500 meters signal range to smart flying modes, Wi-Fi to altitude hold feature, Potensic d58 has a lot more to offer that too at a surprisingly low price compared to its rival’s offerings with same features.

Potensic D58 2k Drone Review

If you are looking forward to getting a drone, either as a photographer with mid-level expertise or as a beginner who isn’t aware much of drones, Potensic d58 can be the best option for you. How?! Details about the specifications of this gadget in the next section will support our claim.

Salient Features of Potensic D58:

2k camera

The first nifty feature, which is even the drone’s official name, is the 2k camera. Honestly, the cameras of Potensic drones are one of the reasons people prefer these drones.

Potensic D58 has a high-definition camera that can record in 2k. The footage quality is impressive, with clearly defined and vibrant results. The lens is adjustable in between the field of view of 90 degrees to 120 degrees.

There can be a little blur in your images because of the camera drone missing any built-in image stabilization system. Instead, there are some rubber dampeners attached to the body to minimize the jello effects in videos. But it is justifiable for the price of the camera. With little care, this can be avoided.

Real-time transmission

Thanks to the Wi-Fi connectivity feature and supported transmission of 5G, Potensic d58 can stream live video footage. Share your flying experience directly on social media and with friends and family.

The live stream is only supported when shooting in 720p and lower formats. Unfortunately, this feature doesn’t work with the full resolution of the camera.

Potensic D58 2k Drone

Built of Potensic D58

Most of the body comprises high-quality plastic with the physical dimensions of 25 cm, 25 cm, 38 cm (length x width x height). The total weight of the drone is 0.233 kilograms, which is great.

Usually, the drones in the price range are pretty light-weight, which sounds fascinating in the product description. When it comes to flying those, a little blow of breeze can shake their whole body or take them to totally another place without the user’s instructions.

The drone’s two legs aren’t foldable, making it take more storage space than foldable drones. Just beside the legs, there are LED lights that come in handy, especially in low-light situations.

Fly with GPS assistance

To enhance the GPS accuracy and functionality, d58 comes with a GPS + GLONASS combination, a feature popular in high-end action cameras. These two connect it with 24 orbiting satellites making readouts via smartphones and remote control more efficient and making drones smart enough to follow the path accurately.

Another benefit offered by this combination is that if any of the modules fails during flight, the other instantly works as its backup, ensuring the smooth flight and safety of the gadget.

Battery and flying timings

1120 mAh lithium polymer battery offers a flying time of 14-18 minutes. There is also an additional battery with the package, so both batteries collectively provide the average flying time of 32-36 minutes. But it is always a good thing to keep additional batteries with you whenever you fly Potensic D85 outdoors.

By connecting the drone with your smartphone via a mobile app, you can check the battery left.

Potensic D58 2k Drone battery and case

Flying performance

Generally, the flying performance is pretty satisfactory and surprising. Several smart flying modes made the flying experience even better. Some worth mentioning flight features are:

Return to home: This feature works both manually and automatically. The d58 flies back home whenever the battery gets low or loses the remote controller’s signals. These features better works with automatic settings.

Waypoint mode: determine the flying path for flight before even flying the drone. It can be done via smartphone by connecting it to the drone.

Follow me: your Potensic D58 will follow you automatically using the follow-me feature. Just lock the controller on this setting, and your drone will be right behind you, giving you a hands-free experience.

Orbit mode: Set height and distance for your drone around an object, and it will orbit around it, providing you with 360 degrees panoramic shoot.

Potensic D58 Specs:

  • Manufacturer: Potensic
  • Weight Unloaded: 233 grams
  • Size: Length: 25 cm, Width: 25 cm, Height: 38 cm
  • Speed Max: 50 kilometers per hour
  • Signal Range: up to 500 meters
  • Operational Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Flying time: up to 32-36 minutes (collective timings of both batteries that come with the package)
  • Capacity: 1120 mAh
  • Recording Camera: with drone
  • Camera resolution: 2k
  • Camera field of view (FOV): 120° to 90° adjustable
  • Connectivity features: Wi-Fi
  • Transmission: 5G
  • GPS: Yes
  • Altitude hold: Standard
  • Motor: standard

Potensic D58 2k Drone controller


  • Smart fight modes
  • D58 automatically returns home when the battery gets low
  • Value of money
  • 15-18 minutes battery time provided by each battery.
  • Wi-Fi and 5G
  • Built-in Rubber Dampeners Image Stabilization for clear footages


  • Complaints about trouble in connecting phone with the drone (Slow and ineffective Wi-Fi connectivity)
  • Battery timing usually does not go up to standard 15 to 18 minutes, even in the ideal conditions.


Among the ginormous amount of cheaply priced, cheap quality, and cheap performing drones, Potensic d58 and its performance come as a pleasant surprise. Its value of money and features both are excellent. Highly recommended, so why not make it yours today!<-Affiliate link 🙂

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