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Peak Design Travel Tripod

Peak Design Travel Tripod Review

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Solid and reliable are the words that best explain the Peak Design Travel Tripod. With that, this manufacturer is known for providing tripods for the different niches to serve every need of the photographers.

Peak Design Travel Tripod Review

This compact, portable, and easy-to-set-up professional gear can be used for any photography needs but works perfectly for night photography. Peak Design took into account everything.

For decades, traditional tripods have had a significant defect: excessive weight and wasted space due to an inefficient spatial design. Peak Design specializes in creating the world’s most compact travel tripod that can pack as small as the water bottle without compromising height, stability, or capacity to carry loads by rethinking the tripod from scratch.

This Peak Design Travel Tripod also met the expectations of photographers and raised $12 Million (on Kickstart) even before it was launched. But is it worth all the hype, and can it meet your photography needs? Here are all the details and features breakdown to assist you in your purchase decision.

Peak Design Travel Tripod – Revolutionary and Compact

Peak Design is relatively a new brand, but instead of establishing itself as a brand that produces knockoffs, they adapted to bring innovation in the mainstream designs of tripods. Peak Design Travel Tripod, their signature product, features the best of what this company has to offer.

Peak Design Travel Tripod Folded

Backed with The Peak Design lifetime guarantee, this tripod is designed to perform even during the most challenging conditions in the field, has one of the best ergonomic features, has built mobile compatibility, is super-compact, offers the value of money, and is worthy of becoming the photographer’s reliable buddy in the field.

After checking every aspect of this tripod, we can confidently say that if you are the owner of Peak Design Travel Tripod, you do not need any other tripod or monopod in your photography accessory kit.

Built and Design

Very lightweight, exceptionally compact, solid built, and easy to carry around!

Peak Design Travel Tripod Size

When a photographer chooses a camera tripod for professional needs, especially for the outdoors, there is a dilemma commonly faced by him. Extremely lightweight tripods are more prone to damage, and with that, they can shake under different circumstances, which kills the purpose of investing in a tripod.

And those which are very stable on the ground fall in the category of ‘heavier,’ which sometimes gets extremely difficult to carry around in the field. Peak Design considered this dilemma and then came up with their Travel Tripod.

The product is released in two versions: one with aluminum built and carbon fiber. The commonly available one is made with aluminum (our focus in review) weighs only 3.44 lbs, whereas the slightly expensive one is made up of carbon fiber which weighs 2.81 lbs.

Peak Design Travel Tripod is extremely easy to open and set up. Controls, knobs, and clips on the tripod’s body are straightforward to operate, and they stay firm in their place.

Peak Design Travel Tripod Leg Clips

Besides that, the tripod comprises all standard parts, i.e., outstretched legs, rubber feet, center column, low profile ball head, arca swiss plate, legs & cam locks. These elements of this tripod are enhanced to provide the best user experience every time.

With the tripod, every user receives a pretty nifty tripod bag. Made with excellent material, it is further easy to carry around in the field. It provides the accessory additional protection from scratches, bumps, and other elements.

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The Tripod Legs

Tripod legs are one of two main elements, so the manufacturer put a remarkable amount of detail in designing the legs.

When the tripod is closed, the size can look quite deceptive but overall, the legs stretch to a perfect length. The five sectioned legs are fully stretched, and the tripod stands at 60 inches, which is pretty good.

But in contrast, the closed length is merely 15.5″ or 39.4 cm. It packs down to the size of the diameter of a water bottle with no knobs that protrude out.

Besides the legs, in terms of height, Peak Design Travel Tripod offers:

Max Height without Center Column:51.25″ / 130.18 cm

Minimum Working Height: 5.5″ / 14 cm

There is a wrench on the tripod leg, especially for mounting the ball head plate to the camera.

Peak Design Travel Tripod wrench


To make sure that the tripod stays perfectly in place, the legs of the tripod are secured with a rubberized foot.

These non-slip feet with shock-absorbing soles are easily replaceable and prevent the aluminum/carbon fiber legs from damage.

The Centre Column

It is made of Anodized Aluminum Alloy on both models. To raise it, pull out the detachable center column knob located on the uppermost part of the legs, loosen it by turning, lift the head, turn the knob tight, and push back into. If you wish to move the tripod’s ball head, you’ll have to raise the center column by a small amount.

Every time the tripod is folded, this center column dovetails precisely. If you are a user of the traditional designs of the tripod, you might require a while to get used to this one, mainly because of its upside-down design.

Using this tripod, the user needs to raise the center column to get the proper articulation. But once you get used to it, it isn’t a big deal at all. After all, it’s the performance that matters.

There are two anchor points with the center column if you wish to connect a strap and carry the tripod out of the bag. The first is on the bottom of the hook on the center column, and the other is located on the collar near the bottom of the Center Column.

They are made to be used in conjunction with one of the Peak Design Anchors to attach to a Slide and Leash Strap, neither of which is included by the tripod.

Ball Tripod Head

The distinctive ball head design of Peak Design Travel Tripod provides a fair degree of precision and ease of operation.

Peak Design Travel Tripod Ball Head arca plate

This low-profile ball head is constructed in a very subtle manner and fits perfectly with the tripod’s body. It has an Adjustment Ring that needs to be pulled loose to allow the ball head to turn. When the ball head is in the correct position, you can lock it in place by tightening up the Adjustment Ring.

Peak Design Travel Tripod Ball Head

To mount your camera, you’ll need to attach the Quick Release plate to the camera or attach an L Bracket to the camera. Then turn the Locking Ring to unlock position and hold on to the Quick Release Tab while inserting the camera until it clicks into the proper position. Once it is in place, rotate the Locking Ring to the locked position.

Peak Design Travel Tripod Ball Head camera on

Why is it the best for AstroPhotography?

Astrophotography, commonly known as Night Light Photography, involves heavy lenses such as TelePhoto lenses. The heavier cameras and lenses in this niche demand solid but lightweight tripods with a good weight-bearing capacity.

Peak Design Travel Tripod fulfills all of these criteria. It weighs just 2.8 lb but can support 20 lb / 9.07 kg of weight quickly, making it the perfect companion for Astrophotographers.

Peak Design Travel Tripod Specifications:

  • Load Capacity: 20 lb
  • Maximum Height: 60″
  • Minimum Height: 5.5″
  • Folded Length: 15.5″
  • Leg Sections: 5
  • Packed Height: 39.4 cm / 15.5 in
  • Packed Width: 7.9 cm / 3.1 in
  • Height: 130.2 cm / 51.3 in with Centre Column down or 152.4 cm / 60 in with the Centre Column extended
  • Weight: Carbon: 1.27 kgs (2.81 lbs), Alloy: 1.56 kg (3.44 lbs)
  • Load: 9.1 kgs (20 lbs)
  • Leg Material: Carbon Fiber
  • Primary Leg Angle: 23.0 deg
  • Top Tube Diameter: 36.3 mm
  • Second Tube Diameter: 30.5 mm
  • Third Tube Diameter: 24.8 mm
  • Fourth Tube Diameter: 19.2 mm
  • Fifth Tube Diameter: 11.7 mm


  • Choose from Carbon Fibre or Aluminium Construction
  • Innovative Compact, Lightweight Design
  • Perfect for Travel and Day Trips
  • 152cm Maximum Height / 14cm Minimum Height
  • Innovative Omnidirectional Ball Head
  • Convenient 5-Section Leg locks
  • Hidden Smartphone Mount

Peak Design Travel Tripod Phone Mount


  • Much expensive
  • The carbon fiber version could be lighter
  • Not the tallest
  • No panning


If you’re willing to invest in a good tripod <– Affiliate Link 🙂 the Peak Design Travel Tripod is an excellent option to go with. Very lightweight but with great stability.

Once you invest in this tripod, it will come in handy no matter the shooting requirements.

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