Nikon Speedlight SB-11 Hammerhead flashgun

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This beauty can capture illuminated images even when dark. This Nikon Speedlight SB-11 camera flash sports a guide number of 118 ft, ensuring that a distant subject is sufficiently illuminated.

It also boasts a recycle time of 8 seconds, and the flash also facilitates very high-speed shooting in faintly lit spaces. It comprises swivel and bounce adjustment, which softens the light as it reflects it off ceilings, walls, and reflectors.

It is equipped with 8 AA batteries, which power this Nikon camera flash to be used for more extended periods.

All in all, this camera flash by Nikon will be a great addition to your camera kit. It will be perfect for all the photography sessions you conduct. Here are the details about this phenomenal flash that will undoubtedly push you to buy it:

Product overview

The SB-11 is one earliest flash unit which comprises TTL flash control capability, but it’s not going out of fashion. SB-11 is a handle flash explicitly designed for professional applications.

It is not portable and is large and bulky, as it has the most potent flash unit guide number of 36. Nikon produced it for their manual focus SLRs.

Nikon Speedlight SB-11

The great news is that it is compatible with all Nikon SLR cameras. Additionally, this bracket mounting Nikon SB-11 boasts automatic control to match flash exposure to flash-to-subject distance.

The new design uses a series of circuitry and silicon-controlled rectifiers, which enables it to conserve excess energy, thus minimizing recycling time and increasing the number of flashes for each battery set.

Moreover, Nikon Speedlight SB-11 sports a tilting flash head, which allows you to bounce the light off the walls and ceilings to gives more diffused lighting. This technique is advantageous when taking snapshots and portraits.

It is an old model, but a sturdy one, so don’t hesitate to purchase this SB-11. It might not be considered a fashionable or up to date flash unit, but it is built to last and produces such a powerful output that it will leave you in awe.

It comes with a TTL function that is suitable for all your photographic needs. It is primarily dedicated to act as a master flash for numerous TTL flash setup. The best of all is its ease of use and accessibility.

Once you familiarize yourself with the unit’s basic operation, you will master photography within no time.

Summing it up, this flash highlights its multi-sensor balanced fill-flash with F100, F90x, and F5, AI-P Nikon lenses, and AF.

Then comes it Matrix-balanced fill-flash and the fantastic and versatile tilting 90° flash head, which provides an angle of coverage 70° horizontally and 53° vertically. It also comes with a Nikon Wide Flash Adapter SW-3, Bracket SK-4, Sensor Unit SU-2, and Sync Cord SC-11, which supplement it.

The Guide 118; 82 number (ISO 100 in feet) and the extensive flash adopter SW-3 makes it even more attractive for photographers. The recycling time is also minimized to only 8 seconds, which makes it very efficient.

So this is an old product but is still a must-have. It is sturdy and is made of the best quality material. That is why it can last long and give excellent performance throughout its life!

Product specifications

  • Brand: Nikon
  • Model: SB-11
  • Type: Handheld Mount
  • Camera Type: Film Camera
  • Weight Approximately: 860g / 30.3oz.
  • Guide No: 117
  • The angle of Coverage: 40° vertical / 56° horizontal
  • Vari-Power: Manual (full output)
  • TTL Dedication: Yes
  • Zoom Head: No
  • Bounce Head: No
  • Swivel Head: No
  • Recycle Time: Auto: depends on the shooting distance
  • Manual: Approximately 8 seconds
  • Power Source: penlight batteries 8 – 1.5v AA
  • Dimensions (h) x (w) x(d): 276mm x 104mm x 118mm

What’s in the box?

  • 1 x Wide Angle Flash Adapter SW-3
  • 1 x Sensor Unit SU-2
  • 1 x Mounting Bracket SK4
  • 1 x Flash Sync Cord SC-11 for SB-11
  • 1 x C-Cell Battery Pack SD-7 with an SC-16 Power Cord
  • 1 x High-Performance Battery Pack SD-8
  • 1 x AA Battery Holder

So this Nikon SB-11 Handle Mount Flash might be one of the earliest flash units, but it hasn’t lost its appeal. Its TTL flash control capability is excellent, and the automatic control to match the flash exposure to the flash-to-subject is commendable.

The reduced recycling time and increased number of flashes per battery are also very beneficial. The silicon-controlled rectifier, together with a series circuitry, also helps the flash unit preserve energy for the next shoot.

And the best thing is that this unit is compatible with Nikon’s SLR models, which comprise the TTL flash feature. So there is nothing to dislike, and I will highly recommend it to everyone!

It is time to gear up and carry out some quality shooting!