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Nikon D500 product view

Nikon D500 digital camera review

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Nikon D500 camera is designed for those who are looking for quick response equipment that, at the same time, offers image quality in any situation that arises. It has the power and pressure levels required to meet the highest photography standards. It is today one of the best options offered in the market.

Its AF system has 153 focus points and 99 cross sensors. So it can offer you a wide range that covers the entire frame of the viewfinder. The AF sensitivity of up to -4 EV in the center point and -3 EV (ISO 100) for the rest of the points will give you high performance to take photos, even in low light conditions.

To capture subjects suddenly changing direction when taking a shot, the Nikon D500 has refined AF tracking and the viewfinder visibility. The faster sequencing mechanisms of the shutter and mirror decrease mainly the viewfinder shutdown time during high-speed bursts.

Nikon D500 review

D500’s high-performance intermediate level storage will help you to capture up to 200 images during a burst. Its USB 3.0 port allows a high-speed transfer of a large volume of data; In turn, the integrated Wi-Fi connection available in this camera provides a high-speed transfer of images wirelessly. So you can share your files directly from your camera to other devices.

We will show you in this post what aspects you should know about this equipment designed to meet professional schemes:

To whom is intended the Nikon D500?

If you are a professional photographer who needs a piece of quality equipment that gives you an immediate response, Nikon D500 is what you were looking for. On the other hand, if you are an amateur who has invested time and effort in photography, this camera has great potential, which you can take full advantage of to reach the professional level.

Nikon D500 with tilted screen

Relevant aspects:

This model has a great design and robust body. It provides excellent image quality, a wide sensitivity range, and a high level of pressure, so the shots you take will be incredible in any situation.

CMOS image sensor

The D500 has a CMOS image sensor with a DX-format of 20.9 megapixels and an RGB measurement sensor of 180000 pixels, which makes easier the subject recognition with high quality, detail, and precision. These sensors are DX, CMOS of 23.5 mm x 15.7 mm.

ISO range

Due to its wide ISO range, this equipment shows new shooting options in dark situations, and the areas of high light in the shots can be handled correctly.

The image processing System EXPEED 5 comes with the Nikon camera, high image quality in the ISO range, which varies from 100 to 51200.

Touch screen

Nikon D500 camera has a fast response vertical flip-up LCD touch screen. Its size is 3.2 inches and 2359000 points, which will give you the freedom to shoot from high and low angles. With this, you can cover the entire environment in just one photo.

When you take a shot in live view mode, you can use the touching function to adjust the focus point, open the shutter and acquire the preset data for spot white balance based on the area selected in the frame.

Nikon D500 screen side view


You can take videos of 4K / UHD (3840×2160 pixel) videos lasting up to 29 minutes 59 seconds at 30p / 25p / 24p with native dot-by-dot pixel cropping. This guarantees maximum image quality in the recordings you can make.

You can record maximum definition videos at speeds up to 50p / 60p in various formats. The decreasing of Nikon’s electronic vibration can dramatically reduce the shake effects that the camera may have when recording high-definition video. This means you will have a video with great visual quality.


Through the Nikon Snapbride application, you can keep your smartphone connected to the D500 camera through Bluetooth technology. That means you can sync photos on your device as you shoot without reconnecting the camera for every occasion. Certainly, this is a great advantage.

You will also have the alternative of transferring videos manually through the Wi-Fi connection, which is integrated with this camera. The Snapbride app gives you the option to control key camera functions using your smart mobile device, as well as tagging the image geographically, so all your friends can know where you are taking your photos.

The connection with smart devices will help you transfer files easily without cables, which will take time for transfer, so forget those times when you needed a computer to download your files; welcome to the digital and practical world!

Nikon D500 specifications:

  • Type: single-lens reflex digital camera.
  • Objective mount: Nikon F mount.
  • Effective vision angle: DX-format, focal length with 35 mm format.
  • Image sensor: DX, CMOS; 23,5 mm x 15,7 mm.
  • ISO sensitivity: 100 to 51200 in steps of 1/3, 1/2, or 1 EV.
  • Total pixels: 21,51 million.
  • Effective pixels: 20,9 million.
  • Control picture system: standard, neutral, portrait, monochrome, landscape, flat.
  • Viewfinder: single-lens reflex viewfinder.
  • Frame coverage: DX image area (24X16).
  • Reflex mirror: quick return type.
  • Shutter type: mechanical focal plane and vertical travel shutter.
  • Shutter speed: 1/8000 s to 30 s.
  • Forward speed: 10 fps, Cl: 1 to 9 fps, CH: 10 fps, Qc: 3 fps.
  • Focus points: 153 points.
  • Video metering: TTL exposure metering by using the main image.
  • Monitor: vertical folding TFT LCD and touch-sensitive.
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Dimensions: 147x115x 81 mm approximately.
  • Temperature: from 0 ° C to 40 ° C.


Among the advantages that you can find in this camera are the next:

The 153-points focusing system is one of this camera’s greatest strengths. It is accurate, fast, and possess high quality either in automatic or manual mode. High-quality results are obtained even in low-light situations and with moving subjects. You will obtain the best image even if you are moving while you take the photo.

The Nikon D500’s sensor sensitivity is another point of relevance. It has an ISO range of 100 to 51200.

Recording of videos in high definition and excellent quality with 4k format (UHD).

Visor with good design.

Flip-up, touch-sensitive, high-resolution screen.

Robust and comfortable body design with good finishes. The body is completely closed; this is good if you take photos outside in high humidity environments and dust.


This camera’s connectivity works through Bluetooth and the Snapbride application, which allows us to control the camera from the mobile device more; however, this system is not having a high speed of operation.

Before taking the photos, you have to try several times the best resolution for you because sometimes you can see a good picture on the screen, but you can find noise at the edition moment.

A semi-professional camera

If you are an intermediate or professional photographer, you will take the best features from this camera. Even when Nikon’s official site doesn’t consider this camera as a professional one, it is considering many photographers as a professional camera.

You can use this camera to take amazing photos, especially at parties like weddings, graduations, proms, and more. If you are a wildlife lover, this camera will capture incredible images. You can take ten frames per second in a burst. With this, you can take all the sequences in just one shot.

Nikon D500 sensor view


Nikon D500 is a camera with many advantages to offers for the user. It is an ideal camera for outside environments. The body offers many buttons intended to help you automatically adjust the white balance and the ISO while you are taking photos, which is one of the features that many professional loves.

The 20.19 megapixels provide a good quality of image, even when there are many cameras with more megapixels; however, the D500 provides a good performance in high ISO, which guarantee the best picture.

The lens of many cameras changes the picture in the environment that you are taking, which is not what people want; however, with the Nikon D500, <- Affiliate Link 🙂 the photo you take is the same as what you see, which means the lens of the camera possesses a great quality.

The focus system is one of the best that you can find in comparison to other cameras. You can cover the entire environment in one shot with the high range angle available.

As a lover of photographs, you have to use the best tool to capture the best images, with this camera you can take pictures in any conditions. It doesn’t matter if you are in an environment with low light or too much brightness. You will be able to automatically adjust the visor and the balance with the options available in the camera’s body.

Remember to keep your camera’s maintenance to avoid any failure, as this is the heart of your professional set of photography!

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