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Nikon D3500

Nikon D3500 digital camera review

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To capture the right moment or an impressive landscape, you don’t have to be a professional photographer. It would help if you had a camera that offers quality images and videos you want to take.

Nikon D3500 digital camera review

That is why Nikon shows you its D3500 model, an easy-to-use compact camera. This device will provide images in great detail in any situation. It has a large sensor and a wide range of light sensitivity to get full HD photos and videos.

It is a compact 24.2 MP DSRL camera where quality and performance come together in one device. The D3500 camera is fast and easy to handle, and it also has a high capacity of response. With the Nikon Snapbridge application, you will have the option to share your photos and videos through any smartphone or tablet.

With this post, you will know the most relevant aspects of the Nikon D3500 digital camera:

Product overview:

It has a 24.2 megapixel CMOS sensor and a Nikon Expeed 4 image processor to capture sharp details and vivid colors. Its ISO range is from 100 to 25600, which will guarantee you sharp and quality photos.

Guide mode gives users the tools to use the Nikon D3500 camera’s various functions easily.

Nikon D3500 flash up

11-point AF focus system

This system will allow you to focus on the subjects you have in the shot. In that way, you can have a clear image of all the things that are part of the picture you want to take. It also includes built-in effect modes for those who want to add a touch of creativity to their photos.

If you need to freeze time in certain circumstances or capture fleeting moments, it can shoot bursts of up to five frames per minute.

Full HD video at 60 fps

It can record videos in full HD quality at 60 fps. The new controls of this camera make its use more practical than before.


Nikon D3500 includes Bluetooth for sharing photos and videos through connection with compatible smartphones. You can share 2 Megapixels images on social networks.

You can also use the camera remotely from your smartphone by downloading the Nikon Snapbridge app. With this application, you can access Nikon Image Space, a free online image storage service.

Nikon D3500 screen

Nikon D3500 specifications:

  • Camera type: digital single-lens reflex.
  • Lens mount: F mount.
  • Effective angle view: Nikon Dx format.
  • Image sensor: DX, CMOS.
  • Total pixels: 24.78 million.
  • Effective pixels: 24.2 million.
  • Magnification: approximately 0.85 magnification.
  • Point of view: 18 mm
  • Reflex mirror: quick return.
  • Target aperture: instant return with electronic control.
  • Shutter Type: Focal Plane and Vertical Path Shutter.
  • Stabilization axes: only on the target.
  • Shutter speed: 1/4000 to 30 s.
  • Flash sync speed: 1/200 s.
  • Focus points: 11.
  • Video: Full HD.
  • Measurement modes: matrix or center-weighted and spot.
  • Shooting mode: S, Continuous, QC, and self-timer.
  • ISO Sensibility: ISO 100-25600.
  • Shooting modes: auto, programmed auto, shutter-priority auto, aperture-priority auto.
  • Scene modes: portrait, sports, close-up, night return.
  • Battery: rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • Dimensions: 124x97x69,5 mm approximately.
  • Weight: approximately 415 grams.
  • Accessories: strap, body cap, eyepiece cap, battery, battery charger.

Ergonomics and design

D3500 camera body design is ergonomic, which means that the camera exceeds at the moment of taking a picture or recording a video. The grip section is broader, and the rear has changed for this model.

The buttons have been placed on the right side, leaving a wide margin to be manipulated with the thumb while holding the camera. The integration of the mode dials and exposure control on the top adds elegance and class touch.

Who can get the best out of it?

This camera is for those looking for their first SLR camera or, as another good alternative, a small and light SLR camera to take it everywhere. It is ideal if you are looking to have a compact camera that is not uncomfortable to move around, especially for travel photography.

It is an excellent alternative if you are looking for sharper and better quality photos than you can capture with your smartphone, without neglecting the comfort of having light and compact equipment that you can take anywhere.

The camera sensor can help those who are the most experienced people in this field since they can generate exposure photographs. If they consider the option of exchanging lenses for some of the highest levels, they will take high-quality shots.


It has a guide mode included, which is very useful for those who require a little help when taking a picture. If you are entering the photography world, this compact camera is your perfect companion for the photographs you will take.

We must also refer to the autonomy of this camera battery life. Nikon D3500 has approximately 1,550 shots. So, if you are looking for a camera that allows you to take several shots simultaneously before recharging the battery, this is your best option. It has an optimized design, and its buttons are better distributed, and they have the right size.

The body of this camera is light and has less volume. That is why it is straightforward and comfortable to take to any place where you expect to take some pictures. And, at the moment of showing everyone your photographs, you can share photos through Bluetooth.

Nikon D3500 top view


A disadvantage of this camera is that it is very similar to the previous Nikon 3400, and the differences between them are just a few. If you are very strict at recording videos and their sound, it is good to know that the Nikon D3500 does not count with an external mic.

Complement of accessories

By being a camera with interchangeable optics, you have the option to purchase additional lenses if you are looking for more light or shorter or wider focal lengths.

Another complement can be a memory card-type SD card. There are different options and capabilities.

A high-speed, minimal 32 GB card is best. If you are only going to shoot in JPE format, then a 16 GB memory card will be enough.

However, it would help if you considered the speed, so a general recommendation would be to use an SDXC compatible with UHS-1 and class 10, with a capacity of at least 32 GB, which would be ideal.

Some accessories that you can include are protection, in this case, a UV filter for the lens and a protective case or backpack to transport the camera more safely.

Having a second opinion never hurts, and this is why I am inviting you to watch Chris Turner’s YouTube video review:

If you want to find out more about Chris, here is his photography website.

Excellent image quality

Nikon D3500 camera gives you an excellent presentation when it comes to image quality for photos. In the input range, they are cameras that, in addition to providing you exceptional image quality, offer better performance and less noise at high ISO.

It is a compact and very light 5fps burst SLR camera, making your move easy and comfortable. The quality parameters of the Nikon D3500 sensor meet the highest standards.

The guide mode of this camera is handy for beginners who are entering the world of photography. Battery life is another strength of this model, which features approximately 1,550 shots.

You can also share your photos with friends and family using the Nikon Snapbridge application for free to place these incredible photos on the networks. Also, through this application, you have the option to operate the camera remotely with your smartphone.

Its focus on photography is fast and accurate. The distribution of focus points is correct for most situations around the zone where you want to take pictures. It is possible thanks to an independent sensor used only for this task.

In terms of video recording, Nikon D3500 has some features that are limited mainly due to the video focus system, which is a little slow in comparison with other similar devices.

To make occasional videos of meetings with friends and family, the quality of the camera’s features is acceptable. If you use the camera with manual focus, you can achieve better results; however, you have some experience in shooting moving scenes.


Nikon brings you a compact and lightweight SLR camera that you can take anywhere to take incredible shots quickly and accurately with this model. It comes with an excellent option for those looking to have higher quality photos <-Affiliate Link 🙂 than those you can take with your smartphone, but without having compact and light equipment for those pictures and videos.

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